BKids Bars – a Yummy Treat for the Kids (and mom & dad)

From the makers of the Balance Bar, BKids Bars are yummy snack bars for the kids that are filled with all sorts of goodness.  They come in two varieties, chocolate chip and peanut butter and the Ohana Mama family was able to give them a try for a review!

First, a bit more about these nutritious and delicious snacks, from the BKids team..

“The makers of BALANCE BAR introduce the BALANCE B KIDS bar, a nutritious kids’ snack bar to help fuel their active lives.   With a yummy combination of whole grain oats, wheat and rice, the bars contain vitamins like Iron, Zinc and B1, B6, and B12 to help feed their growing brains and bodies.”

My take…

These are YUMMY! My picky son LOVED the chocolate chip one and my husband and I liked the peanut butter one (my son hasn’t yet caught on to the goodness that is peanut butter …weird, huh?).  I love that they taste good and are good for my son and I’d love to add these as snack for my kids this summer and in his lunch box next school year.  If I can find them… they are being sold exclusively at Target stores for $3.99 for a box of 6.  I’m hoping they will be sold online so I can get them here on Maui (Yet ANOTHER reason I sooooooooooo wish we had a Target on island!).

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