Hell Yes!

I received the book “Hell Yes” to review from The Family Review Network and I have to say, I LOVE it!  It’s a small book with a powerful message…everything you encounter, whether an invitation to a play date, a thought in your head for another piece of cheesecake (or another coke a cola, in my case) or even a BIG event, such as “should we have another child?” …ask yourself, is this a HELL YES event?  If not, then it’s a HELL NO!

This book arrived at the perfect time for me, when it seems I am being pulled in every direction in life right now (just call me gumby!).  Between work (two real jobs and one business I am trying to get going), the kid’s schedules and all the many parties and events they have to go to AND other life decisions, I have a hard time saying no.  It’s tough when you feel spread too thin but you don’t want to let people down. I love that two simple words or a simple thought of asking yourself, “is it a hell yes moment?”, can help me battle that internal angst of wanting to do it all.

From Hell Yes…

“The basic premise of H**l Yes!, is that when something comes up that you will need to commit yourself to, ask if it’s a “H**l Yes.” If it is, do it! If it’s not, it’s a “H** No!” This one simple question cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing you to focus on what’s most important to you and your family, and compels you to say no to things that fall in the gray area, where you aren’t excited about them, but they aren’t heinous to you either.”

The message behind the book isn’t to be a slacker.  It’s to do what you really want to do.  Do what makes you feel the best, that gets a fire lit under you.  THEN you will do your best work.  I love this book!

“Hell Yes!” would make a perfect college graduation gift or Father’s Day gift or just a gift to anyone who is faced with choice after choice and feels bogged down by it all (hello? that’s everyone, right?!).  The book is a quick read…about 5 minutes really, but it will leave you energized to go and do what you really SHOULD be doing!  I now have “Hell Yes” on my bookshelf and plan to go back to it whenever I need help remembering, if it’s not a “Hell Yes!” then it’s a “Hell No!”

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  1. Sarah, thanks so much for your review of my Hell Yes book. I’m so glad you found it helpful! Sounds like you’ve got plenty of Hell Yesses on your plate. I hope you can say no to a few things every day — so you can focus on all those important big Yes projects. Here’s to a (slightly) simpler life!

  2. This sounds like a book I need to read. I have a really, really hard time saying no to people.

  3. Courtney V says:

    I want it! Great review Sarah! I could feel your passion!

  4. ok my eyes are tired thats a book not a award my bad. I guess I should go to bed lol

  5. can’t find the linky for the blog link athon or much less remember if I’ve stopped by before. Wanted to send a big hello from #85
    congrat’s on your award woo who

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