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Tutu’s Take…Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Review

My mom, aka Tutu (that's Hawaiian for Grandma) and I were both able to try two great skincare products, Meaningful Beauty & In an Instant. Here is my mom's review of Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford.  Look for my review of In An Instant by Heidi Klum, soon! This is Tutu's Take on Meaningful Beauty Skin Care... Well, it has been about 3 weeks now since the magic little box arrived from Guthy-Renker.   It was just the beginning!  Inside the box I found samples of most of the … [Read more...]

Can Single Mama’s & Married Mamas Be Friends?

That's the convo over at today and I was lucky to get to chat about it with some single mama's over there and put my two cents in. As we all hear, it's estimated that 50% (is it more now?) of marriages end in divorce so chances are we're going to be effected by it, whether it's you or your friend going through the "BIG D." I think this is a great topic for us to all talk about and learn from each other about how us married mama's can be there for our single mama friends and … [Read more...]

Plan Your Trip to Paradise with

It's Summer, schools are out, and the weather is a perfect 85 degrees here in Maui.  The tradewinds are blowing to offer us a bit of relief from the hot Lahaina sun and the ocean invites us to take a plunge to cool off every afternoon.  I have a bag full of ripe mangos to quench our thirst and one of our favorite things to do is go and grab a ginormous shaved ice in the afternoon.  Sounds, nice, huh?  Wanna be in Hawaii too?! We had about 2.5 million visitors to just Maui last year!  It truly … [Read more...]

Ed, Farrah and Michael…thanks for the memories!

Here on The Ohana Mama, I write about cool finds, I host giveaways, I write reviews and work with companies to get the word out and help them in learning what's great and what's not so great abut their product. And I write about my life in Hawaii.  But today is such a huge day in so many of our lives that I can't NOT write about it... In a period of almost 24 hours we lost three huge icons, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  In a world addicted to pop culture, and many times … [Read more...]

Keep Your Cool This Summer with MommyTrack’d!

Between having the kids out of school, vacation planning, family parties, home projects, etc., summer can sometimes feel anything but relaxing. Now, a great resource is available to help Moms manage the whirlwind of summer and be cool, calm and collected! Check it out from Mommy Track'd... For the first time, the parenting site Mommy Track'd is offering its wildly popular organizational supplies for FREE!  These thrifty, hip and convenient downloads will kick your clunky organizer to … [Read more...]