It’s Summer! Don’t Sweat it! {giveaway}

It is H.O.T. in Maui right now!  And I’ll share a little secret, just between you and me, I sweat. {gasp!} Yup, I do and I HATE it!  Sorry, I know that’s too much information, but it’s a reality, unfortunately. And there’s nothing worse than having sweat marks on your clothes.  Actually, scratch that…there is something worse, it’s wearing a tank, being out and suddenly realizing that A) you forgot deodorant (ick…but it happens) and worse yet, B) you are wearing a tank top and forgot to shave your under arms…now that’s mortifying and calls for a trip home to shave or grab a t-shirt.

Well, the makers at Dove have come up with a fantastic product that will help with sweating, stinking and shaving!  The three S’s any armpit woman wants to avoid. Dove’s new Visibly Smooth deodorant and antiperspirant not only leaves you dry and smelling fresh but over time it’s supposed to actually make your under arm hair less visible!  That is a home run for this busy mom!

A bit about Dove’s Visibly Smooth Deodorant/Antiperspirant…

“Dove Visibly Smooth is NOT a depilatory. It combines a unique Pro-Epil Complex with natural extracts and Dove 1/4 Translucent Moisturizers™ to help you feel stubble free for longer. Please check our epilator reviews here.

Dove Visibly Smooth also delivers all of the benefits of Dove anti-perspirant/deodorants, like 24-hour odor and wetness protection and underarm care.”

Dove didn’t stop there.  To give women even more underarm confidence, they developed a new at-home beauty treatment called The PitiCure™. Let us paint you a picture – a PitiCure is to your underarms as a pedicure is to your feet. It removes dead skin that can trap impurities, cleanses the underarms and minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair over time in three simple steps:
Step 1: Use gentle exfoliating scrub or wipes to cleanse underarms helping to draw out impurities
–          Impurities in the underarm area can cause unwanted underarm irritation (e.g., folliculitis/ingrown hair); exfoliation and cleansing will help to relieve this
Step 2: Rinse off and gently dry underarms with towel
Step 3: Apply Dove Visibly Smooth anti-perspirant/deodorant

Ohana Mama’s Take

My Two Scents…I was able to try both scents, Wild Rose and Nature Fresh, and surprisingly, they are nice, soft, delicate and not overwhelming.  I actually really liked them.  I tend to stay away from scents or go with my fave, baby powder scent, but I am a changed woman with these two.

The hairy story…I have been using Visibly Smooth for about 2 weeks. Their website states that it could take a couple of months of continued use to see the results of less hair in your pits.  So I wait, and we shall see!

The water works…it keeps my underarms dry. Period.  And in Hawaii, that is FANTASTIC!

My sensitive skin…I’ve used other deodorants that caused chaffing on my skin…eww.  It seemed they were too strong.  With Dove Visibly Smooth I had had no skin issues.  Just soft, dry, non-smelling pits.

What I would improve…Visibly Smooth does leave a white residue.  So it can get on your clothes or be seen.  If it was invisible, it would be a grand slam for me!

Two Hula Shakes…Over-all, I do like Dove’s Visibly Smooth! I’m hoping and praying it will make my hair less visible or not grow as fast – that would be awesome since I wear a tank 99% of the time all year round.


Head on over to Dove and grab yourself a coupon for $2 off!


One Ohana Mama reader will win TWO sticks of the new Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant, in Wild Rose and Nature Fresh.

How to enter:

Let’s make it easy…tell me, what’s your deodorant gripe? Or do you have a story of when you forgot to shave the pits or forgot your deodorant?  Let’s chat about it and have fun!

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  1. Amanda R says:

    I work on a farm, and my deodorant never seems to last long enough in the heat. I’d like to try this!
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  2. i hate how some of them smell like deodorant rather than a nice subtle smell.

  3. Courtney says:

    I hate getting white stains on the ends of my shirts!

  4. Kimberly says:

    My biggest gripe is when the deodorant crumbles all over my skin when I use it.

  5. My biggest gripe is already mentioned- residue left behind from “invisible” deodorants.
    My story- I almost forgot to shave before my brother’s wedding when I would be wearing a sleeveless dress! I had taken a shower the night before to save on time in the morning and was about to head out the door when my sister told me to check my underarms just to be sure they were fine. I’m glad she reminded me because that could have been bad!

  6. I twittered about the giveaway!

  7. My biggest gripe is the residue that deodorant leaves on my clothes…SO annoying!

  8. Jennifer M says:

    I hate deodorants that smell TOO MUCH! Over-perfumed!

  9. Barbara Leatham says:

    I tweeted for you at

  10. Barbara Leatham says:

    I hate getting a deodorant that has a scent that is so overwhelming that other people can smell it…like perfume. I tried (a sample) a Vanilla scented deodorant once, and all I (or anyone else) could smell was the stupid vanilla scent…UGH!

  11. The worst is when a deodorant claims to be invisible or clear yet leaves white marks on your dark clothes. ARGH!!!!

  12. Jentry Day says:

    White deodorant marks on clothes is always a bummer!

  13. I had purchased a product from Aveda that comes in a stick that looks like deodorant. After my shower, without my glasses, I grabbed that instead of my deodorant. When I did get warm, I smelled like the hair product, which wasn’t bad, and my underarm hair stayed well-behaved all day.

  14. Yvonne Butler says:

    The worst I felt was one Sunday I was running late for church and rushed through my bath and getting ready. About the time I arrived at church I realized I had not used any deodorant, It was hot weather even though it was cool in church I had got hot before arriving there. I was so misable because I was sure someone might smell me. It was so embrassing. When I got home I could not smell myself and realized I probably didn’t smell but I NEVER for got anymore. I use Dove and would love to win these. Thank you for letting me enter. I also subcribe although I don’t think it counts for this giveaway.

  15. I like Dove deoderant. My body is so weird though… I have to switch off between brands. Like if I use Dove, when that is all gone I have to switch to something else like Secret or whatever. If I use the same kind for awhile, it stops working. So strange I know!

  16. Karen R says:

    I’ve made the mistake of putting on deodorant right after shaving my underarm and I felt the burn.

  17. I have your button..

  18. I hate the nasty white residue it leaves.

  19. The first time I forgot my deodorant was in high school. I realized on the way to school when the whole school bus was stinking to high heaven and I realized it was me. LOL. Since that day, I have never forgotten my deodorant again. It was a miserable day! But it taught me a good lesson! :)

  20. Yikes! This is a horrible subject – I have the terrible condition where I’m always sweating, no kidding. It will literally be 30 degrees outside, I’ll be shivering and of course, I’ll be sweating. I’m still looking for a deodorant that will work, maybe Dove will come through? I already printed off the $2 coupon because I’m interested in trying it after your great review! But, I’d rather win ;) Thanks!

  21. I don’t like deodorants that feel sticky.

    janetfaye (at( gmail (dot) com

  22. I HATE it when it leaves ‘clumpies’, ya know?!?

  23. Vickie Couturier says:

    I follow on twitter an tweeted;vickiecouturier

  24. Vickie Couturier says:

    It appears as I get older Im having to apply my deodrant more than once a day,so this would be great to be able to use it just once a day,thanks

  25. I hate the white residue left on clothes

  26. Lisette says:

    A few years ago I went to a party and forgot to shave, I was wearing a sleeveless dress :( Gosh it was so awful! When I figured it out it was most likely too late, I’m sure people saw. It was SO embarrassing you have no idea. You’d think I’d have remembered about that and tried to keep my arms down, but nope, I kept forgetting. :(

  27. I have your button on my sidebar! :o)

  28. I entered some of my contests into the Mamasphere’s Mr. Linky & have the banner on my site!


  29. I entered some of my contests into the Mamasphere’s Mr. Linky & have the banner on my site!


  30. I entered some of my contests into the Mamasphere’s Mr. Linky & have the banner on my site!


  31. I have to be the hairiest woman ever (sorry for the tmi!) and I hate having to shave 900 times a week, so this deodorant would be a dream come true, if it works as they claim!

    My worse forgot my deodorant story happened on my wedding day. One of my friends grabbed me one and met me at the church with it so I could slap some on before I walked into the church! {doh!} In my defense, I completely left my makeup bag at my house when I went to get my makeup done, and the deodorant was in the bag!

    Thanks for the entry!!

  32. I tweeted:

    samanthajocampen at gmail dot com

  33. Oh yes I HATE HATE HATE getting the residue on my clothes! Luckily a baby wipe gets it off most of the time.

    What a great product–I was excited to learn about it!

    samanthajocampen at gmail dot com

  34. Ah, mine is the most common (I imagine): getting deodorent on your clothes!!!

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