Cool Mom-Created Finds!

Moms think of the coolest things! Check out some new products made by moms, for moms!

picture-19From Wow Baby…

“Bibs N Burps line. These stylish modern bibs (in an array of colors and patters) are stylish and completely organic. But they are also uniquely functional. This line features Wow Baby’s patented DriBaby Bib Liners. These disposable liners ensure that no spills land on baby’s clothes. Just peel off the back and stick it behind any bib. It turns any soft bib into a waterproof bib! DriBaby Bib Liners will keep baby dry and their clothes clean and free from drool, food and drink stains that occur because they provide a water-proof barrier between the bib and your child’s clothing.”

picture-20From Potty Pony Pals…

“Moms of toddlers will love this – there’s a revolutionary new product that makes potty training a breeze.
Potty Pony Pals is innovative training underwear with animal graphics on the inside of the garment. It comes with a DVD that shows toddlers how to watch over their new potty underwear and keep the ‘pal’ on the inside – dry – brilliant!”

picture-21From Bees-Tees…

“Who will your child be today?
A new line of adorable t-shirts encourages good character with its innovative ‘bee’ design. Bee-Tees are t-shirts that teach. Each one is adorned with a bumble bee image and a saying – bee unique, bee patient, bee good, bee yourself, etc. The line enables children to carry out their spirit and helps encourage positive character. It gives parents the opportunity to discuss character issues as they are helping their child get dressed in the morning.”


  1. Thanks for the Potty Pony Pals tip.. We skeptically bought the set and were surprised at how well it worked for our twin boys. They both took to it and loved the pony thing..We are all done with the potty training and it was painless!!


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