Stressed out Working Mom. Who me?!

The ladies at momversation posed the question, “Are YOU a stressed out working mom?”

To me, the lovely ladies at momversation seemed waaaaaaay to calm to me to be working moms.  Can I please have whatever it is they are taking because I would buy stock!

I also wondered what sort of support group they have? Babysitters, mommy’s helpers, grandparents, are their children in school?  Because I have yet to find a support system and am trying to conquer it all, just my hubby and me.

I was happy when Heather brought up that she can compartmentalize her duties because her daughter is in school.  What to do when you have kids younger than school age and are a work from home mom? It’s probably the hardest route of any “mommy” situation.

Working outside the home you can focus on your work. Being a SAHM you can focus on kids. Doing both at home? Well you have one hand in a diaper the other on a keyboard and you pray that sh*t doesn’t end up on the return key. It’s H.A.R.D!

Here is my answer. What do YOU think? Stressed? Yeah, just a wee bit.

I have, however, done things lately to combat this…I always like a little resolution/solution/tips/tricks with a question like this, so here you go…

Tips to Help Fight Being a Stressed-Out Working mom…

Get a schedule – plan your day(s) so that you know and your kids know what is coming next.  Oh I put up a fight with the idea of a schedule thinking my life would be too regimented, but chaos is not freedom, it’s chaos and it’s stressful. So far this has helped me enormously!

Get an iphone or another smart phone – you can multi task.  The risk of being to connected all.the.time is there but overall, it has helped me not stress out thinking that my inbox was being filled to the brim while I was pushing the swing for my daughter.  Yeah the emails still come but I can scroll through them quickly while sitting in the parking lot heading back home so I know what we are in for when we return and plan accordingly.

Live in the moment. You cannot do it all…at all the same time.  Yes you can accomplish a crap load in one day but it ain’t gonna happen if you try to do it all at the same time.  So put each thing you need to do into its own slot during the day and focus on that one thing and do it, get it done and move on.

Turn off the email. I used to get a ding with each new message.  I was constantly hearing it and running to check email.  That would eventually lead me on a long long stint at my computer – too long and usually unnecessary. Now, I turn off the email when I need to get writing done or other tasks for my job or be a mom.

So far these small things have helped me. I have also realized that I can turn of my computer, email, or phone BUT I can’t turn off being a mom.  The emails WILL wait but my child with a dirty diaper or running naked throughout the house peeing on the carpet, will not…for anyone or anything. I´m glad I got these Carpets instead of the one I saw at the store.

In any case, life is a bit of a circus act right at this moment and I am the juggler.  But a circus means FUN!  Right?

Are you a stressed out working mom? Share! Leave me a comment!


  1. Maui girl says:

    I totally get it and I can totally relate. I’m a mother of three and helping my husband run our business. I love the tips and I’m pretty good at managing the kids, the schedule, the family. My issue lies in how do i make friends and get out of the house for a bit? I feel like spending a little time away weekly visiting a friend would and has done wonders for my stress level. But how do I make friends? Everyone acts like it’s so easy but I find it quite difficult to make friends, company that I enjoy and resonate with. Any tips or advice? What I am looking for is a friend I can go on hikes with. I love spending time in nature. I’d like a friend that enjoys having spiritual discussions and who is interested in self growth. Any support groups, friend making websites, etc for Maui. I’d love some feed back. Tried of not having quality friends. Thanks. Aloha.

  2. OH YES a schedule and a smart phone are a MUST!! I try to limit myself to only checking emails when my phone alerts me…every 10 minutes if there are new emails and then I just check them really quickly with my phone and if need be, I log on and respond. Another great helper–a gadget to put your laptop into a hibernation mode so that you don’t have to completely shut it off! I have the eco-button! wonderful lil thing…

  3. You just explained my life, but it’s nice to see a friendly face on a vlog talking about it, it makes me feel much better!

  4. I am all about my iPod Touch – I couldn’t live without it as I use it for games, calender, email, quick websites, and most importantly cartoon videos to keep the kiddos occupied!

  5. NanaTutu4r says:

    Somethings never change and span generations. With three children and trying to either be a WAHM and at times also having a second job outside the home, (in addition to being a MOM) I always wanted to have a custom hat made just for me, one that read, “Zoo Keeper!” Forever striving to tame the “lions and the tigers” in our jungle! In retrospect, I wouldn’t trade a single day of it for ANYTHING else.
    I thing all Moms are destined to juggle. These are great suggestions Sarah. Mahalo for passing them on.

  6. Sarah, I know exactly what you mean. It is stressful to do it all. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. :) You have some great tips! Thanks!

  7. It helps to know I am not the only one – not the only one stressed out working mama :)


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