Getting Maui’d

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photo courtesy of Olowalu Plantation

No, not me…no, this time it was our dear friends from California.  They flew out to Maui, along with 50 family and friends, to get Maui’d! And it was gorgeous.  These pictures do not convey the beauty of where they said “I Do”, Olowalu Plantation.

Set on a gorgeous, vast lawn that rests right next to the amazingly beautiful Pacific Ocean and a beach full of white coral and rocks, the location is breathtaking!

The bride got ready in the historic house that anchors this slice of west Maui, filled with pictures of days long past…it was amazing to see the history and culture that happened right at this very location.

The house itself is my dream house – tall ceilings, gorgeous built-ins, a claw foot tub…this is a magical and special place… truly a perfect location to get Maui’d!

Here are some pics taken from my iPhone…

My husband is a good foot taller than me so he bends down in pics, the poor fella. But what is with me, the small lady, carrying the BIG(ger) kid while the big hubby gets the petite girl…my son is about to pass me by in height…I CAN wait for that day!

For the reception we all headed to the Royal Lahaina Luau.  My husband and I had gone before but this was the kid’s first luau experience. They absolutely LOVED it! Especially my little wahine, hula girl! Not the best picture but it catches her in action…

So that was our Getting Maui’d experience yesterday.  Maui brings all sorts of lovers to the islands…those newly married, those getting Maui’d and those that fall in love all over again with each gorgeous sunset…

(you see this view a lot on The Ohana Mama…it’s the view from my hale (house))

Did you get married in Hawaii? Or on Maui? Leave a comment!


  1. I want to get married all over again in Hawaii. It’s so beautiful! I’ve only (unfortunately) seen the inside of the airport in Hawaii, during a lay-over back to Texas. But even that was beautiful and relaxing. One day…

  2. We got Maui’d in 1998 at The Sheraton on Black Rock. Beautiful, memorable and perfect! The roadside pineapples in Maui are so heavenly and the diving is incredible. Thank you for bringing back some fantastic memories.

  3. My husband and I were married on the Big Island where we lived at the time and honeymooned on Maui. We recently relocated to Massachusetts but long for the islands again. Hopefully, we will be moving to Maui next as we really loved it. Though, the Big Island holds an extremely special place in my heart, :)

  4. Great family pic =) Never been to Hawaii, maybe one day! The photos are great!

  5. YES! We got Maui’d on Makena beach! It was magical and breath taking. We loved eveything about it. My husband and I can’t wait to go back to the same spot again and take our little ones! We even named our little girl Makena!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. I got “Maui’d ” on Kauai in Poipu! It was amazing and we go back nearly every year and celebrate! We wanted to have our daughter’s baptism at the beach there as well but our parents didn’t really go for that!

  7. Didn’t get married in Maui, but would love to renew our vows there. I went over about 8 years ago for a work conference and would have loved to have stayed!

  8. That looks amazing!

  9. I would love to visit Maui. Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun.

    Dropping by from MomDot Linky.

  10. I had a hard time leaving the comment.

    I definitely didn’t get married in Maui…in fact, I’ve never been, but it sure is beautiful.

  11. I didn’t get married in Maui but I would have liked to. I visited in 1996 and I swear Maui is the most beautiful, breath-taking place on earth! You are sooo lucky! i still get out my photos and look at them! Thanks for the memories!

  12. I want to see the pic of your fam bigger! Leah looks too cute in her little dress.

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