Cutting the cord…

My heart was racing.  I was excited, terrified, felt guilty over feeling so giddy.  I felt like I was back in high school and about to go out for a fun night…one my parents didn’t know about.  I was so nervous but knew I had to do it. For ME. For my husband. For our friends that were in town just this week.  Oh and did I mention, for ME?!

I did it.  I cut the cord and left my two kids, who have never been left with anyone other than family, with two friends to watch them for a few hours as we headed out for a drink with our friends visiting from out of town. And you know what? We had a great time and THE KIDS had an even better time!

So….we did what any parent would do who (finally) discovered that leaving the kids with a babysitter is probably harder on the parents than it is on the kids…

We did it again! The very next night! Two nights in a row…imagine that?!

Yesterday we got Auntie Pam to watch our keiki while my husband and I headed out on a dinner cruise with our friends. We went on The Quicksilver out of Malaea Harbor

Now, this wasn’t white linens and chinette (you are on a boat so no glass) dining, no this was a “dixie cups and paper plates” sort of “dinner cruise.” Complete with food that was still on the Costco plastic tray they bought it on, probably just hours before, and a captain that reminded me of someone out of the 80’s classic movie “One Crazy Summer”. But what made this “cruise” special and really made the trip was A) the amazing view B) being on the water (it’s always a good time being on a boat in the Pacific…or any ocean I imagine) and best of all…Being with friends.

looking towards Kihei

The only down side was having another couple (not with our group), most likely parents themselves who were so overly excited that they {gasp!} had a night out or maybe even a vacation on their own, that they proceeded to make-out. Like teenagers. They were far from being teenagers. And they perched themselves right in the front of the boat…so yeah…we HAD to see them, flying tongues and all. NOTE: if you should find yourself without kids and enjoying a night out (to.the.fullest.), do take it to the back of the boat so that all around you don’t have to see a rated X movie when we are looking for an adventure, romantic, thriller movie. Thank you.

Back to the trip…The crew was fantastic, the musician filled the music void quite nicely and the potatoes in the buffet were yummy (probably all of the butter they were drenched in). With a group of about 25 people in our party and only a total of 36 people on the boat, we seemingly had it all to ourselves. The wind was in our hair, the sun was setting in the distance and the kids were safe and having fun on their own…HEY! this date night thing isn’t so bad.

We may just have to look into finding a babysitter that lives here permanently. I could get used to this dating thing all over again.

If you go out on date nights…How did you find your babysitter? Through friends, family? Share and tell me in a comment…this is my next mission.

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  1. I know how you feel. I don’t have kids but we have 2 puppies, a kitten and a cat in our apartment. My fiance’s sister is watching our pets for 2 days. I feel like I’m in Heaven not having to worry about anything and knowing that they’re having a good time running around her yard. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me (the animals were my fiance’s idea. I grew up without pets.) if even for a little bit. I know it’s a little different with kids (they’re not a burden, they’re kids.) but not having wild chihuahuas at home for a night will be fabulous.
    .-= Bella´s last blog ..When "for sake of tradition" heaps on costs =-.

  2. carol l~ says:

    Well, I only let my Mom or family watch them. I just can’t do it with anyone else and I feel they are safe this way. I don’t feel bad about it, either.

    By the way, you are a beautiful couple! I love all your pictures!

  3. NanaTutu says:

    From the “older” Tutu – who married a very wise and 4 yr older man. With the birth of our first of three children, my wise “Jr year college student” husband, put a fantastic plan into motion. No matter our financial situation (student loans, FT student & PT job with wife and new baby), EVERY Saturday was “date night!” It could be a dinner picnic, free concert in the park, walk along the beach and bring some vino, a drive-in movie (now I’ve aged myself) or even art museum, or just any sort of dinner (with)out children. Made room for adult philosophical conversation and laughter and just allowed us to still remain “us” and not just our children’s parents. Just like when we had dated before marriage, my husband would call me from a payphone at school (pre cellphones) or after graduating, from the office on Wednesday and ask me out for the upcoming Saturday. Get a sitter, ask at church, local school, neighbor, relative, and give each other the gift of at least once a month, preferably 1 x week, or bi-weekly date night – it is imperative to the sanity and health of your relationship, esp with children. Goes without saying, this teenage wife/mom, now Tutu has been with the same wise man for 40 yrs this August! It works! And… that is this Tutu’s Take!

  4. We found our first nanny (W/F) through a friend who used her on T/Th. I loved the freedom so much I sought a T/Th nanny. Went through It is a great site! You can post an ad and ladies respond who are interested in the position. you can access their resumes, work experience, and photos. I interviewed 9 and found several I thought I would try out. The last girl of the day ended up being the first I tried out, and we LOVED her! She is a registered nurse, has been a nanny for a collicky baby before, and was exactly what we were looking for. We couldn’t be happy with both of our nannies!

  5. Well, I have yet to leave the kids with anyone besides family and one of two very close friends but if I did need a sitter I’d probably find one through my Moms Club. Not everyone is lucky enough to have family living so close.

    Lee :)

  6. Oop, didn’t answer your question… We found our current sitter through word of mouth. Recommendations from other mom friends are the best!

  7. Wait till your kids go to camp… if they go. Parents have a much harder time than their kids. Believe me, I know. ;) Glad y’all had a great time!


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