Ed, Farrah and Michael…thanks for the memories!

Here on The Ohana Mama, I write about cool finds, I host giveaways, I write reviews and work with companies to get the word out and help them in learning what’s great and what’s not so great abut their product. And I write about my life in Hawaii.  But today is such a huge day in so many of our lives that I can’t NOT write about it…

In a period of almost 24 hours we lost three huge icons, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  In a world addicted to pop culture, and many times formed by it, this is HUGE!  What was so magnificent of these particular three passing in all of 24 hours of each other was their careers spanned across so many generations. The passing of these three particular celebrities, actors, entertainers brings us back to days past whether you are 60, 40, 30 or 20.

farrah_fawcettI was sad to hear of Farrah’s passing.  She was an icon and such a brave woman to share with us her battle against cancer.  Her documentary was life changing for many. I didn’t have a Farrah poster on my wall, I was a bit too young and not a teenage boy when that poster was most popular ;),  BUT, my mom always talked about “Farrah Fawcett hair” you know with the flying wings…I loved that hair and so wanted it when I was little. My mom had it for a bit…I think all of our moms (or maybe YOU!) had it at one time.  I knew her from of course Charlie’s Angels, The Burning Bed {chils} and later for being loopy and doing art in the nude.  She always seemed a free spirit. And now she is truly free.

And then I was sad to hear that Ed McMahon had passed.  Ed wasn’t Johnny’s sidekick to me, I was too young to really remember that.  No, to me, he was the host of one of my absolute favorite Saturday night shows, Star Search.  My best fiend, Elizabeth and I would watch it every single week at 7 o’clock on the dot! We’d pretend to be contestants and be interviewed by Ed. I had dreams of being on that show!

thriller25thamazon2ie8And lastly, MJ or Michael Jackson, The King of Pop.  Now, during the MJ craze of the 80s, in all honesty I wasn’t into it.  My sister was 8 years older than me and she was more of a Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Adam Ant kind of gal, than a Michael Jackson lover, so I listened to that music since we shared a room all of our life.  But when I think of Michael Jackson I am instantly taken back to my cousin’s house in the Los Angeles Valley.  The memory is as clear as day! They LOVED Michael Jackson.  I mean LOVED him! We’d listen to his music over and over and we watched the making of Thriller the day it came out on BETA (I don’t think VHS was out yet…not so sure). It scared the crap out of me, but I loved it! But when ever I think of MJ that is where I am instantly taken back to, as if by time travel, and it makes me smile seeing my cousins and remembering my cousin that passed away two years ago, now.

That is the beauty and sadness of having iconic figures leave this earth.  We are taken back to times that maybe were sad, fun, happy, special, hard, but we are taken back none-the-less.  And with their passing it seems that that memory gets even more permanently imprinted on our mind and stuck in time.

What’s so wonderful is that these entertainers made such marks on society so we can still enjoy them over and over and over again.  My children can watch Farrah, learn about her famed hair style (she was a style icon, that is for sure, so my daughter will know Farrah!) and when anyone does a loooooong “heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeees Johnny!” we can tell them that Ed McMahon lives on.  And when we boogie to MJ, sing his lyrics (yeah I know almost all of the words to almost every one of his songs… who doesn’t?!)  and teach them about music in general, he will be listed as one of the most influential musicians and entertainers ever! Love him or hate him I dare you not to boogie or sing along to his songs…I dare you..I’d say it’s damn near impossible.

So thanks to Ed, Farrah, and Michael for being such amazing entertainers.  They have literally formed so many of my greatest memories as a child. And they will live on for generations to come.


  1. Sarah, that was awesome. Very well-written and evoked all sorts of memories for me. Yeah, I was more into Duran Duran, but I learned that whole Thriller dance – in the living room. And our brother learned to moonwalk courtesy of Michael Jackson. Someone recently said that there is an entire generation of dancers (and wanna-be dancers like myself) who were influenced by Michael. I’d count myself in that bunch. Thanks for this Sarah. It was great and I think all three of these icons would love reading it.

  2. NanaTutu says:

    A well written tribute Sarah. Yep, all three, Ed, Farrah and Michael definitely touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Whether you liked them or not, you were changed just by their celebrity and familiarity to us all. Their deaths will definitely leave a void in the world as we knew it.

    Here’s to memories and legacies……

  3. I loved Charlie’s Angels and as a teenager I had the Farrah hair. :-) But both Farrah and Ed McMahon weren’t total shocks. Michael’s death was a… shock. I always think of him as the Michael from the 80s (early 90s). He was truly a brilliant performer,singer,writer and dancer. They will all be greatly missed!

  4. Yeah she was her own paint brush..wacky, crazy, cool. :)

  5. You know she actually used her body as the art. She’d get herself all covered in paint and then rub all over a canvas or a sheet. It was odd.

    I’m a bit sad that Farrah basically set us up for her death by recording her dying..only to be upstaged by Michael. I mean come on Michael!

    This is a great post Sarah, I think we have very similar memories. Except for the house in the Valley, I’ve never been. LOL.


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