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It’s Summer, schools are out, and the weather is a perfect 85 degrees here in Maui.  The tradewinds are blowing to offer us a bit of relief from the hot Lahaina sun and the ocean invites us to take a plunge to cool off every afternoon.  I have a bag full of ripe mangos to quench our thirst and one of our favorite things to do is go and grab a ginormous shaved ice in the afternoon.  Sounds, nice, huh?  Wanna be in Hawaii too?!

We had about 2.5 million visitors to just Maui last year!  It truly is paradise! But our island isn’t the only one in the Hawaiian chain for you to visit.  Oh no, you have Oahu, The Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai, Lanai and Molokai.  Each island brings a different experience to a visit to Hawaii.  I actually get emails from friends and readers asking about where they should go, which island to stay on, where to find a place to stay, quite frequently.  Well I have found a one stop shop that can help them, and YOU, find your perfect Hawaiian Holiday.

At you can research each island and learn all about Maui and Hawaii to figure out which island you want to visit.  If Maui is your pick, you can research and book your lodging using their vacation rental list of condos and hotels.  When we used to visit Hawaii before moving here many times we stayed in a house or condo.  Condos are perfect for families and for saving money.  You can cook some meals at home and have everyone in your party in one spot rather than spread out in hotels rooms.

There are TONS of activities to do in Hawaii! From lounging on the beach, to parasailing, to going on a bike tour down Haleakala crater (our volcano here on Maui) you can research and book whatever you’d liked to do all through!

I haven’t used this service other than to research places for my mother-in-law, who comes in TODAY! But I think it’s a great place to start when you are thinking you need an escape to Hawaii! So go check them out, check out their Maui, Hawaii vacation rentals and let me know if you’ll be on the Valley Island any time soon!

If you’ve been to Hawaii, what island did you visit or which is your favorite? Leave a comment!

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  1. I’ve been planning to visit Hawaii this summer, but had an accident so couldn’t go anywhere. Hopefully, next year I’ll be lucky enough to go there. I won’t go out of my apartment for a week before the trip so nothing goes wrong. :)

  2. The real nice thing about living in Hawaii is you can always go to another island and get a completely different experience


  3. I lived on Oahu for five years and still miss it. But Maui was my favorite island. Back then it seemed so quiet and not at all touristy.

  4. Thank you for hotel cheap prices

  5. We had a whole trip planned for Hawaii this summer, extenuating circumstances changed the plans to Florida (during the summer??? crazy huh?). Still bummed!!!

    Next year!

  6. My husband and I have been several times and always live like a local on the Northshore of Oahu. We are selling off our big stuff and getting our finances in order to make the move over there in a year or so. So we are looking foreword to living the dream :)

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