Can Single Mama’s & Married Mamas Be Friends?

divorceThat’s the convo over at today and I was lucky to get to chat about it with some single mama’s over there and put my two cents in.

As we all hear, it’s estimated that 50% (is it more now?) of marriages end in divorce so chances are we’re going to be effected by it, whether it’s you or your friend going through the “BIG D.” I think this is a great topic for us to all talk about and learn from each other about how us married mama’s can be there for our single mama friends and how we can continue to grow as life throws us curve balls. Take a look see…

So what do you think? Can we all be friends? Are you divorced or have friends that have gotten divorced since you met? Did your friendships change through such a huge life change and evolve or did you lose contact? Continue the conversation and leave a comment!


  1. Sarah, I am friends with married women, divorced and single women… what they all have in common is they’re moms. I hadn’t thought about it, really, but for years – even before I got married my friends have been moms (with the exception of one and she was married).

    Oh, and you did a great job!

  2. I’ve been married for over 30 years and went through a separation myself but have been happily married since then. I have had many friends who divorced. It seems like the ones who are divorced start to distance themselves from the married ones even though us married have tried over and over again to stay close to them. Once they are remarried it seems they reconnect but sometimes not. I really wish people would work harder at staying married to their original spouse- the father of their children. Both need to work at it. It’s worth it. My mother used to tell me “When you get divorced you trade one set of problems for another” So true. I’ve seen women divorce a man for a particular issue-drinking, drugs, etc and then marry another man whose wife divorced him for the exact same reason same reason!

  3. Well said Sarah! I say a friend is a friend no matter what their ‘status’ is. BTW loved the steel the hubby part…too funny!

  4. Well I’m definitely all for keeping friends despite what happens to their marriages…that’s probably when you need a friend the most! But with any transition friendships can be hard to maintain (going from single to married, married to divorced, no kids to kids). Like with any relationship it takes work! :0)

  5. I would never stop being friends with someone just because they were going through the big “D” BUT….I’ve seen alot of women that once they start the “D” process they go wild: partying, leaving they’re kids with anyone that will keep them, staying out all weekend. I’m NOT AT ALL saying this is all single Moms. I know just as many that bust their heinies to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and come out on the other side a better Mommy/person. I just think it all depends on each person and situation. I say again, I’m not trying to offend anyone. I’ve never been through a divorce so I don’t know what you have to deal with or feel.

  6. I dont see why they cant be friends? That said – all of my mama friends are married. I think because mostly married moms have more time to do the same activities, since many are SAHMs. I prob. wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet many single moms ( i imagine) at Moms Club or the park during the day?

    But if one of those moms become single, I would be there for them

  7. I so agree! Why would we alienate a friend based on their marital status? I don’t know how single moms do it. I don’t think I ever could do what they do on my own and they definitely deserve our friendship and support! Great answer Sarah!:)

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