Tutu’s Take…Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Review


My mom, aka Tutu (that’s Hawaiian for Grandma) and I were both able to try two great skincare products, Meaningful Beauty & In an Instant.

Here is my mom’s review of Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford.  Look for my review of In An Instant by Heidi Klum, soon!

This is Tutu’s Take on Meaningful Beauty Skin Care…

Tutu with her 5th grandbaby

Well, it has been about 3 weeks now since the magic little box arrived from Guthy-Renker.   It was just the beginning!  Inside the box I found samples of most of the Meaningful Beauty skin care line from Cindy Crawford.

My first use of the products started the night the package arrived, so I initially was following the recommended regimen for nightly care.

Contents included:

Skin Softening Cleanser =  a silky smooth and light liquid that is applied to dry skin and gently rubbed all over the face neck.  It feels cool and creamy and when rinsed and wiped off with a warm, wet facecloth, it totally cleanses away all the old makeup, dirt and oils and residue to leave my face feeling soft, flexible and not tight or dry but squeaky clean and glowing.  I used this in the morning before jumping in the shower, and applying my moisturizer and makeup, and also at night before bed.

Then, I applied the Facial Masque =  this is a special once a week “facial” treatment to deep cleanse and purify with an infusion of antioxidants.  After layering on an not too thin but not too thick even layer of the masque, which is a bit like a fluid clay in a tube, but with a very soft and pleasant faint floral scent to it.   It appears white – and reminded me of the white base on Geisha Girl makeup.

After 20 minutes, it had dried out and was time for me to throughly rinse it off with warm water.   Dark blotches on my face had faded just a bit, and my overall appearance was that of a bright and light illuminating glow and felt as soft as that of a new baby but firmer.  It was an easy and fun treat.

I followed this with the Night Fluid = a deep moisturizing liquid that is at the same time light and soft feeling on your hands and face.  It soaked into my face easily, was not greasy at all and yet felt like I had much more going on there than I had applied.  I instantly knew it was going to replenish the natural moisture to my face while I slept yet not be a greasy mess all over my pillow.  When I awoke,  my face felt years younger and the pores and fine lines were already beginning to diminish. Something else that really helped was the new mattress that I got at http://www.mymattresspads.com/full-size-mattresses/ to help relieve my back pain.

Like everyone,  we all have certain areas of our face or neck that we worry about more than others.  For me, it is definitely the menopausal dark blotches that have suddenly appeared on my cheeks and the droopy double chin and early “chicken-neck” hanging skin at my neck.

Part of the Meaningful Beauty nighttime regimen is their Night Fluid for the face, followed by the Decollete’ and Neck Creme =  they suggest applying the neck creme in upward strokes.  It is like a little pot of pure white moose and smells incredible!  It is like smoothing on a layer of the finest richest cooling silk.  It makes my neck and decollete’ (upper chest) area toned and gently tightened.   No flab or chicken wrinkles for me!

I loved this item so much I also used it in the mornings  including up along my jawbone under the Day Moisture.   I think it helped to tighten and get rid of the mannequin-like lines running downward from the outer edges of my mouth to my jaw.  It is wonderful!

Mornings, after cleansing,  I would first apply the Skin Revitalizing Serum =  a tiny little pump bottle of pure gold!   This pale pink, creamy serum smells like sweet tangerines and goes on easily and lightly and provides a smooth, even textured surface as it tones and brightens your skin.  It actually has begun to fade out the dark blotches which three prior salon dermabrasions couldn’t do.

After the serum, I applied the Day Moisture =  talk about a refreshed, light diffusing glow to my face….WOW!   It was silky soft, with a light floral fresh fragrance.

Even before I applied ANY makeup,  the Day moisture seemed to make the texture and tone of my skin appear years younger.   Thus, I felt younger and re-energized.

After the Day Moisture and before my makeup,  I needed to also treat the drying and dark circles under my eyes and the crows feet at the outer corners of my eyes at my temples.

The Eye Creme is applied using the ring finger to more gently pat and smooth the delicate eye area.  It is highly condensed and was a bit too strong for my sensitive eye area.

Upon application I experienced a burning sensation similar to a strong exfoliant.  This may have been due to my current hormonal or acidity in my skin due to supplements I take daily like hyaluronic acid caplets, etc.   I am not sure,  so I just used the eye creme VERY sparingly and followed it with a tiny bit of the Day Moisture being VERY CAREFULLY applied so as not to get it into my eyes.   This seemed to work just fine for me.   And then I was ready to apply my usual makeup.

Overall, these are fantastic products.  The intent of the product line is to “smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, reduce redness and blotchiness and reveal smoother, softer and more radiant” skin.   It does do all of that, albeit not sufficiently for my present needs.   I think perhaps this product would be more suited to a woman in her early forties with pre-menopausal skin that isn’t yet totally effected with hormonal changes.    Inasmuch as I am now deep into my fifties,  and on low-dose HRT, all which makes my skin tone and texture more of a challenge right now,  the Meaningful Beauty line did offer a visible improvement to my skin, but also let me needing a bit more.


The Meaningful Beauty line is a high quality, high-end product that leaves your skin softer, smoother, more even textured and glowing all with a light, silky, wonderfully refreshing light floral scent that just makes you know you are doing something wonderful for your skin.

Thank you to Cindy Crawford for allowing me to sample this skin care line.


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  1. Hi tried and its just best cream i had.Great review between :)

  2. Wow going to try this! Thanks for the review!

  3. I called today to get the special offer for Meaningful Beauty. Only after I gave the sales person my information and charge card number, she told me I was automatically signed up for the monthly automatic reship. I had told her in the beginning I only wanted the one month supply for $29 or whatever it was – $29 – if I called within a certain amount of minutes. I figured Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertinelli wouldn’t cheat me.

    When I stopped the saleswomen during her speal.. as soon as I heard automatic reship for 3 months in a row, and told her STOP, I just want to try the offer I just saw Cindy talk about on the telly. Cindy didn’t mention a “bate and switch” tactic – that is to take your credit card and then tell you you have automatic reship every month. I said I would like to try the produce FIRST and then call back and sign up for the reship. The woman hung up on me! Now I will have to call the Better Business Bureau, and the Attorney General’s Office to tell them about Cindy’s BATE and SWITCH infomercial. Shame on you Cindy and Valerie. p.s. Having your family members on the program is good marketing. However, Bate and Switch? Shame, shame and shame. Mimi

  4. I have been reading alot about your products and would very much like to try them. Winning your giveaway would be most helpfull. Almost five years ago I had a car accident that severly swelled up my face. After I recovered, it looked like I had aged ten years. My skin changed drastically and after reading several of the reviews on your products, they seem to discribe exactly what I need. I will send a review after I try these priducts. I think the facial mask is what caught my eye but, I believe for the best results all the products need to be used together!

  5. Anonimoprimo says:

    I loved reading Tutu’s article about Cindy Crawford’s line. I am currently using Heidi Klum’s products but I would love to hear from anyone that could lead me in the right direction as to what products are good to try for a woman in her mid-50’s? Any help would be grateful. I am not expecting to be transformed back to my 30’s…that’s what plastic surgeons are for. Thanks


  6. I would like to try Decollete’ and Neck Creme

  7. Preethi says:

    Would love to try the Renew Glowing Serum

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    thanks! hope i win!!
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    .-= genevieve´s last blog ..giveaway =-.

  11. i would love the revitalize eye cream. with my little 8 mo running around, i could definitely use something that helps with the puffiness, bags, and tired eyes! looks so great- i would love love love to win and try these products!
    .-= genevieve´s last blog ..summer skirt =-.

  12. I’m a subscriber

  13. The Purify mask sounds amazing, and results in 20 minutes, wow!

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  15. Would love to try the Renew Glowing Serum. My skin could use a pick-me-up!

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