Kidless Friends…How’s it?

Earlier in the week I was on momversation talking about the question, “Can married mamas and single mamas be friends?”. We all seem to think that yeah, married or not we’re all moms so we love eachother (awww). But the question came up…can friendless folks be friends with those with kids?” Obviously the answer is yes, but these friendships are different, no matter how ya cut it. So I thought, let’s chat about it…here’s my take…what’s yours? Leave a comment and put in your two cents!

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  1. My friendships with kidless friends definitely changed. Our lives were very different. Things that were on my mind a lot were completely different from theirs. We had different values. I found that joining a Mother’s group helped a lot. I got to know other mom’s with kids the same age… And suddenly, you have so much in common and no end of things to talk about!
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  2. Most people I know have kids. Those that don’t are wonderful with kids. I think as long as there is understanding on both sides then it works out great. Obviously there are going to be different lifestyles going on. so the key is acceptance.
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  3. I am kidless, so I am giving some perspective from ‘the kidless’. It doesn’t make a difference to me personally. I love kids! I was an Aunt at 7 years old, so I have always been around children. I am 27 and Scott is 30, and we are in no rush to have children, we don’t mind being around them. Most of our friends, that are in our age group, are kidness as well. Some are even still single. I do have one girlfriend with two kids and one on the way. She will leave the kids with her awesome husband for the night to come out on girl’s night outs. So, I think a relationship can work between those with children and those without.
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  4. Well, I think they can but as you said, it is different. I think you can remain friends – but your friendship changes for sure. While they’re still living the kidless life of late night dinners and late night cocktails…you’re searching out the early bird specials and the cocktails consist of you and your husband on the porch after the kids are in bed AT 9pm! LOL!
    I went home to WV a couple of years ago with my then 18mo old and met up with my VERY BEST girlfriends of 15 years. We were amazingly close and still talked almost daily. My daughter isn’t the most outgoing child and was basically attached to me during the trip with all the new faces around…they didn’t understand. Didn’t understand why I couldn’t just hand my baby over to my husband and sit nicely on the porch and have a conversation about whatever drama was going on in their lives. Once I did get her to bed, they left to go to some party. We actually ended up in a small arguement over it all and I swear it hasn’t been the same since. It broke my heart and I was upset for a long time. I now feel like things have changed between us and I’m not sure it will change until they have children of their own.
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  5. Sarah, my kidless friends and I hardly have anything in common anymore and it’s sad! I swear when I do see them (the rare opportunity they are in town) it’s like getting to know them again. We’re both on different pages- they’re still trying to land a husband and I’m well on my way with a family and almost 5 kids. Our lives are complete opposites because I can’t go with them bar hopping chasing guys and I feel bad to have them go with me helping me with my kids (who are a handful, lol and probably not as cute to them as they are to me). I still love them regardless and hope that someday they’ll get married soon and have children so we can have more in common again. I’m glad you have a much more positive experience with your kidless and single friends.:)

  6. Back before I was married w/ 2 kids, I had a good friend that became married and had her children before me. I am godmother to both of them. We were great friends and still are. I would babysit and we would take vacations together.
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