Blogher Bust…tales of a weaning #blogher mama

Yeah not blogher OR bust but I’m talking about my actual Blogher BUST…you know, boobies, tatas or milk machines as they have been called over the past 22 months.  Yes I will be weaning, or hoping that my absence will get my boobie-aholic love of a girl, weaned from my bust.

I sense she knows that the doors will be closing to this milk bar, as she is wanting them 24/7 lately (we had been down to twice a day, what the heck!).

Which leads me to this post…if you see me at blogher and my mammos are HUGE, hard and squirting milk at you, take no offense and fret not… I have not gotten a recent boob job, no I’m just weaning. Fun times!

Now a question to all of you moms that have weaned…did you pump? Seems counter intuitive but I do not want to be adding my own cream to my coffee and have leakage going on in my cute sponsors shirts.  So should I bring a hand pump?  Think self expression would work?

I hope that little wahine is ok – I know she will be, she really is a daddy’s girl and an “out of sight out, of mind kind of lady”.  So I suppose the question really is…

Will I be ok?

I *think* I am ready to say adieu to breastfeeding but what if I have regrets once I am all dried up?  I think am almost positive that she is our last child and so this will be the end to my breastfeeding chapter.

I am caught between screaming with joy and excitement over getting my tatas back (and perhaps getting some sleep at night without a milk vampire on my nipple) and being sad to say goodbye to that part of my journey as a mother.

Please tell me I will be ok!

How did weaning go for you?  Did you do it cold turkey? Any advice?  PLEASE SHARE!!  I need it!

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  1. My babies weaned themselves at less than a year old. They just lost interest. That was many years ago as my youngest son will be twenty-eight next month.
    .-= Cathi ~ The Way I See It Too´s last blog .. =-.

  2. My daughter is now almost nine, but when she was 13 month’s she decided that after she was done BF she would find it amusing to bite my nipple, pull back with teeth clenched and THEN release. After 2 times like that and telling her not to do it, the 3rd time she drew blood (not much but still!) So after that I told her that no more! And I stopped BF since then. About a day or 2 after that, my breast hurt SOOOO much!!!!So I let her suck a little bit just to release the pressure and I stopped her when it didn’t hurt anymore. 2 days later the same thing. And that was it. So if you are going to be out of town I do suggest having a means of relieving the pressure, maybe a hand pump or something and only enough to stop the pain. After a few days you’ll be fine! :) Good Luck!!! And have fun on your trip to Blogher!

  3. You’re gonna be fine. My 1st son weaned himself at 4 months. Just didn’t want the boob or even a bottle. Only wanted a cup! You can imagine how fun that was! My 2nd son had to be weaned by his father as I landed in the hospital for gallbladder surgery when he was 6 months old. My daughter was 6 months old when good old dad had to wean her cause I was in the hospital for a week with the Russian flu! ME? I was fine all 3 times!
    .-= CATHY PARKER´s last blog ..When We Listen: It’s Friday Follow Again!! =-.

  4. I’m going through this right now with my 13mo old. You’ll have to check out my post on it from it last week.

    Andrew just decided that he wanted his dad to give him a bottle and poof! He’s taking it before naps and at bedtime. We had cut down nursing to naps and bedtime AND 3 times a night! But, now he’s only getting up once to nurse at night. There’s not much there – as I’m already drying up. He gets all mad and I feel bad…but I’m not going to start a bottle at night too! He too started wanted to nurse ALL DAY LONG just a month ago. Maybe they know it’s coming to end and are trying to get it while they can. I didn’t get too sore. It was strange. But, hey…I’m not complaining! I can tell that my hormones are all over the place though! Guess my body is adjusting.
    It is very exciting but sad too. Baby’s growing up! Good luck! Make sure to let us know how it goes and make sure to wear those pads at Blogher! LOL
    .-= Kasey´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  5. Good luck! I weaned my son very slowly over the course of several weeks and it was fine. Hopefully you can reduce the amount you nurse her until you leave so that it won’t be quite so abrupt. It’ll probably be harder on you than it is for her! Have fun at BlogHer! And have a couple glasses of wine for those of us still nursing who can’t!
    .-= The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Step2 Sand & Water Transportation Station Review + Giveaway! =-.

  6. Winning went fine for me also, don’t kid yourself it was hard (yes I mean the boobies) for the first couple of days but it went well after. Also I do not know if you have a breast pump, but that helped when I need to get the milk out, ooh and also hot showers.. I hope its goes good for you.

  7. Ah, I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one struggling to wean. My first daughter stopped by 11 months, no problem. This time around, my youngest, now 23 months, doesn’t want to stop at all. I had completely weaned her off day feedings, just nursing at night, but now she wants it all the time!!! I want my boobies back!! I, too, have a nipple vampire at night, and would love to have a decent night’s sleep. I’ve tried cold turkey, saying “No”, I guess I just need to be more firm. She just has such awful tantrums, hitting me, scratching me, etc, when I won’t give it up! Argh! I’m hoping she stops soon, but yes, it is bittersweet since she’s my last and I will miss the closeness.
    .-= Laura W´s last blog ..My First Quilt =-.

  8. Hi! I am currently weaning my 13 month old! I would love to get a god nights rest also without the “nipple vampire”..I loved that! I took away 1 feeding a week. Now I am down to nighttime/middle of the night/first thing in the morning..and I’m not sure where to go… I have not pumped at all, I just endure the pain…I say bring the pump with you in case you need immediate relief…I don’t think “self expression” will give you the relief you need! I also only wear the Lansonoh brand of nursing pads..I don’t leak through them! Good luck! I’m jeaous cause I’, not going to BlogHer! Have fun getting your body back, I know I’m ready to have mine back, but also sad to break the bond of nursing!!
    .-= Kristan´s last blog ..Throwback Thursday =-.

  9. I just weaned my 19 month old and she took to it VERY well…I really thought that she was going to freak…but at bedtime (I was feeding her at morning nap and bedtime) I just told her NO…Milk ALL GONE! I temporarily replaced my “tools” with a bottle and she latched right on to that (surprising because she never would take a bottle before). She asks for them still to this day (were a month into weaning) and I just tell her ALL GONE…then she just goes on with her little world. BTW…if your only nursing twice a day, they will hurt for 2-3 days,but it shouldn’t be horrifying. I wouldn’t pump unless you are absolutely dying in pain.. Hope this helps…GOOD LUCK…I hope it goes as well for you as it did for us ;)
    .-= candace´s last blog ..Bloggy Birthday Bash: I’m Having a Party…Wanna Join Me? =-.

  10. With my first he self weaned so it was pretty easy. My second did as well when i was 5 months away from having my daughter, yes I was nursing while pregnant LOL. With my daughter I used red wine vinegar LOL. I dabbed a bit on (after 4 straight years of nursing pretty much with a short break my body was tired) during the day and let the night feedings continue for several weeks then i did it at night and she stopped at 26 month old. It was bittersweet, i was glad to have my body to myself LOL but I still miss the sweet moments. Unfortunately she still does not sleep through the night so I still don’t remember what that is like LOL.

    Good luck and I hope it is as easy as can be for you both :)
    .-= Toni´s last blog ..Tuesday’s Tidbits: Spanx, Fireworks and BlogHer =-.

  11. I just did it cold turkey..after a few days of pain it was just fine!

    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Wow, are PR or Bloggers more Whiny? =-.

  12. The only thing that helped me was ice packs and iced cabbage leaves. Sounds odd but it really did work. Hand expression should help relieve some of the build up. I wouldn’t pump though as that will just make your body think you still need to make milk.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..It’s All About the Bag =-.

  13. weaning went well for me. I didn’t pump at all. I just gradually cut one feeding. I think you may have to pump though at BlogHer if she is still nursing twice or more a day… When I weaned I went down to once a day, then every other day, then every third day. Search breastfeeding on my blog for some great comments from other moms.
    .-= Jessica Turner´s last blog ..Fiction Book Winners =-.

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