Getting ready for #blogher and oozing with excitement!

It’s Monday night and I am going over and over in my head all the things I need to pack, do and schedule before my trip to Blogher on Wednesday. I am excited, a wee bit nervous (but that really good kind of nervous, the one that fills you up and explodes into excitement and usually ends in my face hurting from smiling too much…yeah, that kind of nervous) and I am really looking forward to being just me, “Sarah” for four days.  I can only handle that (losing my security blankets, otherwise known as my kids) because I know that my snugly security blankets will be right back at home when I return to comfort me.  I’m already looking forward to the hugs I’ll get when I come home on Sunday (they better hug me…eh?).

Anyhow, I couldn’t have made it to Blogher without the help of some incredible sponsors.  So I wanted to do a shout out!

I am very excited to represent Chicks-n-Chickens, Marie Forleo,, Go Natural Baby, Alexis Martin Neely and MomTv/!

All of these sponsors have one thing in common, they are all run by women entrepreneurs.  They are all women following their dreams and making things happen and they are all a huge inspiration to me!

Next year I pledge to sponsor someone else, once my own business is up on it’s feet (I was hoping to have launched by now but it will happen soon!). I can’t wait to give back and offer up some help so that another blogger, like me, gets to experience what is, Blogher.

I’m going to be introducing you to these awesome ladies through some intervews, so stick around, read about them and check out their awesome businesses. Go Women entrepreneurs!

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