Goin’ on a new adventure….and I don’t know what’s in store…

Quick! Name that song! (come on moms, it’s the “Zaboomafoo” theme song as heard on PBS, we all know that!) But it’s also how I feel right this very minute.

Here I am writing again at night, with my son sleeping next to me. It’s horrible, but true.  I put him to sleep then sneak in the computer and blog.  My husband has been known to send me an email from the family room, saying “Get your butt out here” so that we can have alone, adult time.

But here I am the night before I leave for Blogher.  I leave tomorrow, Wednesday on a red-eye to Los Angeles where I’ll change planes at 5 a.m. (to me it will feel like 2 a.m., kill me now) and head off to the windy city, Chicago!

I am so extremely excited.

I have a little secret…it’s not really a secret but it is the cherry on my gigantic Blogher sundae…

While in Chicago I am going to see my sister and her husband and my NEPHEW!  He, my nephew, most likely will have no idea who I am.  He’s two and I last saw him a whole year ago.  But I know in no-time, we’ll be buds.

See, they live in Michigan.  A long long long ways from Hawaii.  And they were planning a family trip to Chicago and when I told them I was going to Blogher, they decided to make their family trip coincide with mine!  I love how this worked out!

I know that I am going to be extremely busy so that’s why I am staying with them, so I can at least have late night chats with my older sis and wake up to cutie pie Wynn.

So off to Blogher and Chicago and to all the excitement, I go! All alone, with really no one, “in real life” that I know going to this conference, and I yet I can’t wait to meet friends.  Friends that I know from a face on twitter or a keystroke on their blog.

I can’t wait to connect with new people AND see the person I’ve know my entire life, my sister, again.  What an adventure I am on!

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  1. Sarah, how happy I am for you to be able to see family while attending Blogher! I don’t live close by family (not as far away as you do, though), so I know how difficult it can be.

    I hope you have tons of fun and I hope to be able to go to Blogher next year. And maybe I’ll see you there! :-)
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..What is your favorite thing about being a mom? =-.

  2. NanaTutu says:

    May this be a happy adventure you remember for ever! Meeting already dear friends but for the first time face-to-face – wow! Market yourself as yourself and your world will double in size. Have fun, enjoy and bring back tons of stories for us all to share with you. And most of all, travel safe and HYRDRATE, HYDRATE< HYDRATE (2 glasses of water for every 1 glass of vino, esp while flying!) Be care be!
    Nana Tutu xo

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