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logo_new-transNext week on my Hula Shake show I will have Carley Knobloch of Mothercraft on to talk about tips and tricks to help us moms with day to day dealings.  I can’t wait!  I met Carley in person when she visited Maui a few months ago and we clicked instantly! She’s so smart, cool, collected and full of awesome ideas on how to manage it all as a mom.

I hope you can join us next week, Wednesday, August 19th to hear Carley live on The Hula Shake show on Momtv!

Today Carley launched an awesome new email program, The Juicebox!  Here’s more information…from Carley…

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“In all my years coaching moms, I haven’t met one yet who doesn’t want to get more done in a day. Our schedules and to-do lists bursting with endless errands and commitments, and we’re so good at saying “yes” to stuff that before we know it, we can barely breathe, let alone pursue and achieve our goals. The way I see it, we all need help figuring out:

  • How to delete, delegate or defer the tasks that bog us down,
  • How to prioritize what’s important make it happen,
  • How to maximize our efficiency, and
  • How to enjoy each day, not just endure it!

And so, without further adieu–

I’m BEYOND excited to introduce you to my brand-new email program, The Juicebox!  It’s for overwhelmed moms who want to simplify their lives and get more done.   One simple idea, delivered to your Inbox every week for FREE.

Each week you’ll be learning one small change you can make to help your life run more smoothly– and then you can head to the Juicebox page on Facebook and talk with other moms about implementing your weekly task.”

I’ve signed up and can’t wait to receive these emails each week from Carley!  Hope you’ll join me! Sign up here!

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