To change or not to change…that is the question!

Let’s get real…

What do you do when your little one has fallen asleep in the car and when you go to transfer them to their crib, you smell it.  The ever-so-wonderful smell of a poopy diaper.

What do you do?  You don’t want to wake the baby for fear of interrupting their nap, but, YOU don’t want to sleep in poop so why should they. And you don’t want to deal with the wrath of a poop butt gone mad…aka, the dreaded diaper rash.

I’ve been part of an online mom group for a while now and it goes without failing that at one time or another almost every single one of us has asked, “To change or not to change, that is the question!”

I have successfully done a diaper change with my child sleeping right through it. And you bet damn well I then posted how I was super mom for doing so.  But today is not one of those days…

My husband moved our princess from the car into her crib.  “I think she has a poopy diaper,” he said as he came out of her room. “So she’s sleeping in poop?” I said.  He just shrugged.


The guilt (and rightfully so) of her sleeping right now in a poop-filled diaper is getting to me. But she needs her rest.  She isn’t crying for me to change her.  Perhaps it was only a passing of baby gas that he smelled.

I know I will get flamed for this but yes, there is a high probability that she is currently hosting a poop in her diaper while she dreams of whatever an almost-two year old dreams about. And I pray that she doesn’t get a rash…

Oh crap…nevermind…I’m going to go change her right now…wish me luck that she goes back to sleep or doesn’t wake up…

But real quick, while I do that…what would YOU do in this situation? Change her, right? No?! Do you go by the rule of “If she’s not crying, let her be?”

Hmmm, I have heard both sides before, but share with me…

Would you change a poopy diaper on a sleeping baby?

(that sounds like a no-brainer, BUT life is full of things we’re “supposed’ to do and things we really do.  So share, and tell me the truth!


  1. LOL, that has so happened to me so many times! I’d say I change it half of the time – depends on how “deep” of sleep he is in.
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  2. Honestly I have left my boys in their poop before. I try not to and I have also changed them successfully without waking them, but its hit or miss. If they were terrors and I couldn’t wait for them to fall asleep and then they need a diaper change when they do fall asleep. I leave them alone because I don’t want to risk waking them up!
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  3. I would change it. Hello diaper rashes if you dont!
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  4. To me it is a no brainer- change it no question. If there is even a question of maybe they did something in their diaper- poop, pee or other, they got changed.
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  5. Weirdly, my son has never had a poopy diaper while he slept. I have changed his wet diapers before even though he’s a light sleeper. I can’t stand the thought of him sleeping with a wet butt.

  6. I always change a poopy diaper no matter what–mostly because my son has super sensitive skin. He once had a rash so bad that we had to take him to the doctor to get a prescription cream for it. We lather him up with triple paste with each diaper change, but he will still get a rash for a dirty diaper if it is left on for any length of time.

    Glad she came out unscathed!
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  7. it depends: if I am holding sleeping baby I change her because I will probably disturb her putting her down anyway. if she is asleep in the crib already, I just let it go and if I have to change her outfit/wash the sheets later so be it. I have found that a rash that comes up within one nap will go away just as fast with liberal application of A&D
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  8. That is a tough call for sure. I’ve done both. With my daughter, she went through this stage where she was pooping every night in the middle of the night. She was light sleeper and not a very good sleeper. So, the 1st time I left her in it. I figured she would wake up soon anyway and I’d change her. Nope…she woke up with the worst rash ever. AND she’s not had one like that since. It’s like it just ate up her skin. It must have been some strong poop! LOL So, from there on out, I would change her in her bed. She barely woke up.
    Now, my son…I leave it! LOL He may get a little tiny red, but not much. I also coat with diaper cream before all naps and bedtime. But, I will say that my 14 MONTH OLD just started sleeping through the night consistently, so I really haven’t had to ever leave him in poopy pants for long!
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  9. Just today I had that same debate in my head. I’m always torn, and I will never understand how it is that they poop in their sleep. My 14 month old pooped while she was napping this morning, I knew because I went to check on her after she’d been napping a whopping 3.5 hours and I could smell it. At that point, I figured she’d already been sleeping long enough, I got her up.

  10. She’s up, indeed she had a small poop, no rash and she’s happy! Woo!

  11. Jenn Geddie says:

    I wake her up all the time when she has a poopy diaper. I rather have an upset sleepy girl then a bright RED rash any day.

  12. I’ve always changed my children’s poopy diapers. But then again, you know how they say that every child is different. If you have a light sleeper and you know your child needs their sleep, I would just leave them.
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  13. I never did. My daughter is such a light sleeper that it would definitely wake her. After she was about 6 months old, however, she would wake up even if you moved her, so I did tend to change her then. I never went in in the middle of the night to change her. Instead I would coat her with diaper rash cream before I put her down and let her be. She rarely had a diaper rash, and if she did it was extremely mild and was gone within a day. So I say coat them up and let them sleep!
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  14. Yep, I always wake them for poopies…our daughters have such sensitive skin that if it’s on there for more than 5 minutes they break out into terrible rashes.

    Now our son on the otherhand has slept through a few, fortunately he’s got daddy’s perfect skin and it was never a bother…but waking him from a nap was a nightmare.
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  15. Don’t you just hate when that happens?! Sadly, I am compelled to change the poopy diaper then pay for it…because she usually wakes up and won’t go back to sleep. Funny how she can fall asleep in the car with a poopy diaper but if she’s napping in her crib and poops, she wakes up crying and wants to be changed. Then she refuses to go back to sleep. You just can’t win!
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  16. lol! Melinda, you kill me!! hahahahaha!!! <3 you!

  17. leave her be! you’ve been trained better that this, never wake a sleeping child!
    the BTB/TMS girls taught you better LOL
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