Feeling nostalgic…belly pics! And I just may be losing my mind

Maybe it’s because my little girl (most likely our last born) will be 2 in about a month (holy sh*t!).  Or maybe because I just looked through my old pictures, but in any case, I am feeling nostalgic.

**Warning! Looking through old pictures of you pregnant may bring about feelings of wanting another baby. It somehow makes you lose all sense of reality and makes you forget that you live in a way too small house for the children you already have and makes you completely block-out all the aches and pains that came with being pregnant.  And that preterm labor you had at 32 weeks…it’s as if it never happened.  Yes, looking at old pics will make you temporarily insane!

Stay away from your old belly pictures! Instead, you can look a mine :)

Just moved to Maui with a little wahine in my belly Just moved to Maui with a little wahine in my belly
the startings of a little bumpthe startings of a little bump
at my baby sprinkleat my baby sprinkle
belly envy..yeah, I have it
belly envy..yeah, I have it
gosh, I loved being pregnantgosh, I loved being pregnant
ready to pop...whoa mamaready to pop…whoa mama

I am fairly positive we are done with having any kids. Two is good. One boy, one girl. But I do miss that belly…


  1. Beautiful Sarah… I rather look at yours any day:-))) You are so cute preggos!

  2. You look so cute. I would love looking at pics of myself if I looked like you did too.
    .-= maria´s last blog ..Blue Monday =-.

  3. You looked fabulous pregnant. Me just a bigger whale. Loved looking back with you.
    .-= Frantic Holly´s last blog ..Inside Curve=A Plus for Plus Size Women =-.

  4. You look SO fabulous pregnant. How about you have another one for kicks and giggles? Fun post!

  5. Cute belly pics! It kinda makes me miss being pregnant.
    .-= m´s last blog ..Adorable Children’s Oilcloth Aprons =-.

  6. I love that last photo. I think that pregnant women are so beautiful. I LOVE pregnant bellies. My ovaries are throbbing now. LOL. Ah-well. Maybe someday I’ll have one, we are most likely adopting, though. So, I may never know what being pregnant is like.

  7. I am 59 and would do anything if I could have another wee babe! I know I could even handle twins!

  8. How cute are you?? Those pictures are so adorable. I didn’t take any pictures while I was prego because I felt fat and ugly. Now I regret it. (Oh, and I’m not having anymore either.)
    .-= hairstyles for girls´s last blog ..Live Giveaway, Right Here, Right Now!! =-.

  9. Seriously, you just may be the cutest pregnant woman ever!! Did you even gain any weight?
    .-= Marianna´s last blog ..Lots of Winners! Dick’s, Reisenthel and YoBaby. =-.

  10. I think every pregnant woman is the epitome of beauty….true natural beauty – the real miracle. But, the first year can be daunting and with each milestone you feel a little tug at the Mommy umbilical cord as you are proud of your child(ren) but also a bit sad as this means they are becoming more independent and your maternal instincts for another little cuddly totally dependent ball of clay tugs at your heart. It is only when you can face the “daily realities” of caring for each of them and finding the equal quality time for each of them while still being a wife, CEO of the house and managing all the family extra curriculars (soccer, school cookies, business meetings, holidays, doc and dds appts, homework, school lunches, etc.) and be truly honest with yourself, say to yourself, this is my limit to give any semblance of “quality” to myself and my family, then you KNOW you are done! And then you can begin to totally “enjoy” the everyday. Take notes, keep a personal journal and lots of pics, because before you know it they will be married and having their own family – and then you REALLY get to have FUN and ONLY FUN with your grandbabies – this is the TRULY MAGICAL time of life and I think the full benefit of parenthood – being a grandparent or in my case “Nana Tutu” to 5 amazingly smart, adorable and loving little ones blessed upon us! Three children (girl-boy-girl) of our own was just enough to keep us living on the edge everyday – glad we were too young to know any better, but so very grateful for the five grand keikis our three have given to us – 4 bouys and 1 gull – to keep us young and remind us of the magic that is childhood! Being a Tutu is so awesome!!!

  11. I used cocoa butter on my belly. Any itch, I’d put more lotion on instead of scratching, but I also think I have good genes form my mom..thanks MOM!!

    Trisha – I don’t have the patience for more I have a hard enough tie with the two I have.

    That and our house is way too small or us now…another one would put us over the edge for sure (in so many ways!) So yeah, we’re done!

    I like babies but they turn into kids and well, that’s when it gets really hard for me.

  12. You looked fabulous, even at full term! I can’t blame you a bit for feeling nostalgic. My twins turn one in a couple of weeks and I’m feeling a little wistful myself, but we are definitely done. It’s a hard door to close!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Storytime: The Daddy Longlegs Blues =-.

  13. WOW! What did you put on your belly while you were pregnant????? You have NO stretch marks! I’m 30 weeks and 1 day and I already have stretch marks. I have been putting lotion and oil on my belly but they still showed up!!! All your pics are great! I need to be taking more pics of my pregnant belly!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..30 Weeks Pregnant!! =-.

  14. So cute sarah! why no more?

    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Small Talk Six: The Daze of Summer =-.

  15. Well good lord woman! I now have belly envy! You looked amazing!

  16. What a pretty pregnant woman you were! And I loved being pregnant too. I went 2 weeks past my due date and those last two weeks I was miserable…other than that I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy. :-)
    .-= Donna´s last blog ..How do you talk to your kids about death? =-.

  17. You are possibly the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen.
    .-= Stefanie @ Mommy Musings´s last blog ..Countdown to Kindergarten! =-.

  18. Good Lord you are one hot mama, Sarah! :) Every once in awhile I get belly envy…the joy, the excitement…and then I hear my three kids in the next room trying to kill each other and SNAP right out of it. ;)

    I’m 40, a mother of three and DONE with having children (endometrial ablation ensured that). But I do enjoy the occasional stroll down memory lane and the magic of each one of my pregnancies. :)

    .-= Heather Allard´s last blog ..Featured Mom Entrepreneur Sarah Wallace =-.

  19. OMG! I’m with the other ladies…if I looked like you when I was pregnant, I’d take tons of pics!!
    I was just looking at some old photos the other day and it is hard to not want to do it again. But, heck…I’m not even sleeping through the night yet! LOL

  20. Look at that cute belly!!!!
    Random question: how tall are you? You look so eensy!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Small Talk Six: So Long Summer! =-.

    • Sarah Burns says:

      I’m 5’2″. I am tiny. But taller than my mom =) Hoping the kids get Daddy’s height – he’s about 6’2″

  21. Oh hope and pray to look as good as you did preggo! You were all belly! Very cute pictures! :)
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..Late Birthday cake and cupcakes :) =-.

  22. I have to agree with Genevieve, if I looked that good I would have taken lots of photos.

    Time goes by so fast doesn’t it!?

  23. I’m pretty sure that if I’d looked that good I would have taken lots of pics too! You look fantastic!

    I know what you mean about loving that belly though (and the boobs!). I actually did a Demi Moore type photo shoot, boobs and all … my hubby and I paid a fair amount for them … and now I’m too embarrassed to even have a peek, let alone share them! Oh well.
    .-= Genevieve´s last blog ..Ohana Mama offers a break from "There’s NOTHING TO DO" =-.

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