Plan a Moms Night Out This Week! Come on, you can do it..

I posted this video a while back actually, however if honor of my momtv show this past week with Mom Coach, Carley Knobloch, talking about Mommy Guilt, I’m bringing it back.

Why not plan a Moms Night Out…Let go of the guilt and take some time for you and your girlfriends. Come on, you can do it!

Sadly, I believe my last Moms Night Out was when I first posted this video, back in April. Wow…yeah, I’d say it’s about time!

When was the last time you had a Mom’s night out? What did you do? Share with me!

Tips for having a successful Moms Night Out

  • If having moms night out at a house, make sure the kids are either fast asleep and that they are very sound sleepers.  OR better yet send said kids to grandma and grandpas for the night.  There’s nothing worse than the hostess being torn away mid glass of wine.
  • Be flexible.  Even if everyone can only go for an hour, enjoy it. Don’t add pressure to attendees with any time constraints.
  • Go cheap…some ideas to have fun, get out, and not break the bank
  1. Two words: Taco Tuesday.  Almost all (I think?) places have a Mexican restaurant that does Taco Tuesday.  In my neck of the woods our local joint is $1 tacos and $3.50 margaritas – for under ten bucks I can fill my belly and maybe get a buzz.
  2. Barnes & Noble or other book store: the best is when they have a coffee bar.  For under $5.00 you get a latte and you get to look through books and mags all while chatting with girlfriends. This is my FAVE, but I LOVE Barnes and Noble! (this is also great for a mom and dad cheap date night!)
  3. Pedicures: You could head out to a shop to get this or stay in and have everyone bring their own supplies.  It’ll bring you right back to being in 6th grade…and sometimes we all need that.
  4. Fondue: Yes Melting Pot is yummy but it’s expensive!  So why not do it at your house.  Cut up bread, fruit and grab a bottle of wine and have cheese fondue with your best girlfriends.

Fun ideas:

  • Have a jewelry making class – we did this and it was a blast and I left with some bling.  Look in your local yellow pages for a bead shop.  They are sure to offer classes.  Ask them if they do house calls and have it all set up at your house (again, send kids to g’ma and g’pa’s house).  For under $20 we got to make 2 pairs of earrings, had dessert and a glass of wine
  • Craft parties: I actually taught this one.  It was so fun and we did it before Christmas so we were able to get some presents made and have good girlfriend fun.
  • Last but not least – if you just can’t get out or your friends are clear across the country why not meet up in cyber land, just get an insurance from the My Cybersurance to make sure you are safe while doing it.  The trick is that you either have to head to a place that has wireless or do it at your house and lock yourself in your room – tell the kids mommy is NOT home and turn up some music so you don’t hear the kids and want to intervene.

In the end, have fun, and make getting out and taking time for yourself and connecting with other women a priority…a happy mom makes for a happy family!


  1. Smart tips on how to have a successful Moms Night Out. The last time I had a moms night out was last march of this year and it was fun.
    .-= Patrice´s last blog ..Moms Work at Home with Online Marketing =-.

  2. SO necessary… and so few and far between! Time is such a precious resource… it’s hard prioritize being social. And even if you see your girlfriends at pickups and dropoffs at school, it’s just not the same thing as leaving the kids with dad, meeting up somewhere and being “not mom” for an hour or two! You’ve inspired me to get it together, sarah!
    .-= Carley Knobloch´s last blog ..the sacrifices we make =-.

  3. My church’s men’s group is graciously sending out all the women to Claim Jumper for a night out- tonight actually! The guys all gave us cash (husbands to wives, and the single guys all pitched in for the single women), and then they are all having a BBQ with childcare while the moms/ladies go out! I can’t wait to get my piece of Mother Lode chocolate cake!! :)
    .-= Nicole aka Gidget´s last blog ..Family Fun =-.

    • Sarah Burns says:

      Oh wow Gidge – that’s so cool! Love it when they make it easy for us to go out an enjoy ourselves – and I bet the men will have a blast too! That’s so smart! HAVE FUN!! Hope you are doing well!!

  4. My mom’s night out is book club which meets once a month on a Sunday. We hang out for about 3 hours, eat, socialize and oh, yeah, talk about the book. I come back home so refreshed and ready to tackle the week. (Our club is over 11 years old!)
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Creekwalking… =-.

    • Sarah Burns says:

      That’s so great Karen! I’d love to find a book club or start one – that means I have to take time to read…AND plan a moms night out – love that!


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