My daughter is in love…With Dooce’s dogs

Yes, she’s head over heels infatuated with Coco and Chuck.  I mean really, really in love.  The type of love where she claws at me like a young girl claws to see the heartthrob at the moment.  She repeats,  “I see?!” “I see?!” “I see?!” 100 times until I put her on my lap and then she gets a millimeter away from the screen so she can goober all over it while she kisses the “puppies!” over and over.  Yes, she is in wuv.

I think we need a dog of our own. What do you think?


  1. I don’t blame your daughter for loving Dooce’s dogs!

    I came over to your website to tell you that I loved your scorpion story in your comment to Dooce about her washer story. I would SO have done the same thing! Yikes! I live in Wyoming where there aren’t many fearsome creatures hanging around the house. I hope you get your dream Bosch washer and dryer someday!

  2. Holly, yes, she’s almost two!

    We had a dog with my son so there was no infatuation like this, then. It’s all new to me. Babies and puppies…that’s what she loves and we all know there will be no more kiddos for me so we’re thinking a dog maybe for Christmas. We shall see!

  3. Your daughter must be close to two years old?

    My daughter is two and a half and she LOVES seeing animals on the computer! She’ll say, “I see?!” “I see?!” “I see?!”. She wants a dog, but we have a cat and he would not tolerate another animal in the house, let alone a dog!

    But you should totally get one!
    .-= Holly – The Work at Home Woman´s last blog ..Lovable Links – PR for Women & Moms =-.

  4. Pink Nothings says:

    oh my baby is the same way!! i just don’t know if i can handle a dog.

    • Sarah Burns says:

      Truth be told, I don’t think I can handle a dog either. :)

      Thankfully we are headed to CA to visit Nana Tutu so Leah can see Kona. Watch out Kona, Leah is going to gobble you up with kisses!

  5. PLEASE tell our little Wahine Princess there is a very loving and fun little curly tri-colored doggie just waiting for her and her big brother to come and play on the mainland! Kona Pua LOVES all children and will cover them both in love and kisses. It will be like she has her own little puppy dog! Perfect age and perfect timing! The little wire haired fox terrier is eager to play. Hooray!!

  6. Awww, so cute :)

  7. OH – get that baby a puppy! : ) My daughter asked and begged for MONTHS. I thought she would give up and never did. We finally gave in the day we saw her in her bedroom with all of her baby dolls lined up on the floor with each of them a puppy of some sort (stuffed, figure, picture) beside them. I asked what she was doing and she said…it’s adopt a pet day. Awww…..I felt so bad, like I was depriving her. 3 dogs later (yes, whole other story!) we have the perfect one!!
    Here’s a twitpic of them together
    .-= Kasey´s last blog ..Maybe A Little LESS Sprout? =-.


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