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Heading out for a getaway to Santa Barbara with my hubby! And ONLY my hubby!

We're about to head out to go up the coast to Santa Barbara for a couple days...JUST MY HUSBAND AND ME! Woohoo!  I can't wait to reconnect with my husband, sleep in and maybe take a nap in the middle of the afternoon! That would be heavenly! While up in Santa Barbara we're staying at the Canary Hotel. Click here to book a hotel night.  I'll be writing a review and sharing how it is on The Ohana Mama and on twitter, so stay tuned!  It looks fabulous! (see picture above) So, we've … [Read more...]

Hula Shake Around the Blogosphere {leave your link!} The “OMG my youngest is TWO!” Edition

Today my pick is....Miss Leah Marley Gray, my baby girl who turns TWO TODAY!!   Two years ago I gave birth to my little wahine on Maui this is after she gave us a huge scare and sent me into pre-term labor at 32 weeks. I had to be airlifted to Oahu and then spend 3 weeks there with my parents watching over the bed-ridden me, while my husband and son stayed back on Maui.  She did end up staying in and actually went PAST DUE, but since 32 weeks in my belly she's had us on an adventure...A … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Angels!

We went to an Angel's baseball game on Friday night. It was my children's first time at a major league game of any sort and it was awesome! One of the best parts was after half of the stadium had left in an attempt to avoid the mass exodus, they all missed probably THE BEST fireworks show I have ever seen. It was seriously better than any 4th of July show in my history of fireworks shows. Amazing! So if you have a chance to go to an Angel's game, you better stay for the fireworks show … [Read more...]

Damn you PMS

Damn you PMS and your wicked ways Damn you when you make me feel as if I am losing my mind and need to be locked up And when you make me crave all the chocolate a girl can eat, damn you to hell! The water retention, the moody ways, the way you make me feel not as pretty as I do the other 20 days on the month And the pimples?  What is with the pimples you bring?  It's worse than a then I had skin as soft as a baby's bum.  Now? Now during the PMS rendezvous that baby bum gets a … [Read more...]

Just another day in paradise….Southern California Paradise, that is…

Imagine this... I'm lying on a gently rocking sail boat. The sun is washing over me. I've got one arm thrown over my eyes to avoid the sun and a smile on my face. A gentle breeze comes every now and then offering just enough relief to keep me cool but not offer a chill. Reggae is spilling out from the speakers above me, filling my ears and making my foot move to the beat uncontrollably, I love me some good reggae. Did I mention I am smiling? Yes I am oozing with glee over just how relaxed … [Read more...]