OK, help me out…taking your child to the dentist

I know I know, my son is 4.5 and he has yet to go to the dentist! {gasp!}  But the good news is, he has an appointment coming up!  Yes you gotta do what cha gotta do!   Truth be told, I hate the dentist but I am trying my absolute best not to let any of that fear rub off on my kids. Fear or not I know that taking care of your teeth is really really important and I want to instill in them the importance of going to the dentist Houston clinic regularly. So late or not, it’s on!

I’m planning on acting like it’s the coolest thing since sliced birthday cake (cake is by far better than bread to a 4 year old…and a 31 year old (me)).  Anyhow, I’ll play it up and make it a fun day.  And of course I’ll probably bribe…seems like bribes are totally acceptable.  And I’m so freaking happy about that! :)

So take a listen to the latest Momversation, and let me know any tips or stories YOU have. All I know is that I’m looking up a dentist through Smile951 but I want your opinions!  Do share! I’ve only really been to my old LA Dental Town clinic so I don’t know what the norms are. And am I alone in the tardiness of this first dentist visit?  (hanging my head in dental shame)

From Momversation…

From Steve Martin as the sadistic Dr. Orin Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors to Ricky Gervais in Ghost Town, dentists don’t have the best reputations.  So it’s no wonder your kid might be scared of having metal instruments and whirring drills stuck in her mouth.  But dentists aren’t really deserving of their bad raps, and dental hygiene is crucial, so how do you counteract your child’s fear of the dentist?  And is it hard for you to put aside any of your own discomfort you have about the dentist?  Guest Sarah Burns ofThe Ohana Mama asks, “Is your child afraid to go to the dentist?”

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  1. Thanks Monica! That’s the next issue, oh lord please say Cam doesn’t have any cavities! His appointment got pushed back so it’s in two weeks and I heard the dentist uses a puppet to help with the exam so it should be fun! Think they’d let me vlogg it ? hmmm….. :)

  2. I linked here from momversation because I am taking my daughter to the dentist for the first time next week and she is 3.5 years old. I actually haven’t made too big of a deal of it yet. I asked my dentist at my last visit what they do for kids and she said the first visit is more of an introduction, look in the mouth, get them used to the office type of visit. My second question was do they charge a full price visit for that but I guess that is a different topic. :)

    Although, I have been using the upcoming dentist visit as a way to get my daughter to not fight brushing her teeth. Maybe this isn’t the best strategy for not making the dentist a scary thing but I try to say things like “You better brush your teeth so the dentist will say ‘wow, you have such clean teeth!'” And I’m not above bribes or treats either to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

    My nephew is 4.5 and has terrible teeth (genetic from his mom’s side, they do actually brush his teeth) and has already had to have 3 fillings and his front tooth PULLED! He is going to just have a big gap until his adult tooth grows in. And at that age they have to put him under general anesthesia. My poor little nephew, and although I don’t think my daughter has those sort of problems it was enough to finally convince me to make an appt. for her.

    Sorry, I know this wasn’t advice or tips, just sympathizing with your experience that I’m about to go through too. :)

  3. OMG – find a dentist/hygenist that has the ability to project a live video of the inside of the mouth while examining you. Many General DDS’s have this great equipment and it would just be so cool for the child (Cam) to be able to “see what the dentist sees.” (Kinda like the same type of fun of sitting on the fire truck). Also a pediatric dentist is available would be optimum but watch out for those “chain or franchise” types as they have been known to not allow a parent to be near the exam chair during the exam and to also use straps and restraints on children = all of which are against normal practices and not approved and just goes to set up mass panic and more fear. No back boards or retraints OF ANY KIND!!! And what do they have to fear by a parent being close by at all times and within visual eye contact of the child! I know I don’t go to the dentist (anymore) without having a close friend or family member with me to be my “witness.’ Unfortunately, the lidocaine to the brain (injecting even though they see spot of blood indicating they hit a vein which is a total “no-no”) happens more times than you’d care to know and comes with risidual complications in addition to trauma and fear.

    Make a happy experience – just a “look see” introduction visit. Get his own toothbrush and paste from the doc and maybe even a “treasure box” toy for being good! (If the DDS doesn’t have the toys, then the visit can immediately be followed up with a trip to a toy store for a mini-toy!) Let me know how it goes!

  4. My grandson turned 4 in june.He is a very strong ,self willed little boy and if he understands what is happening around him he deals great.He does not like surprizes at all.WELL…a few weeks ago he went for the 1st time and did great.Walking away with several stickers,and 2 small cavities.Yesterday was his trip to ”fix them boogers” and afterwards to go into their”treasure chest” and get a big boy tOY for being a big boy.He knew when he got through if he felt like it he could go play with a friend of his for a while ,that would be a little incentive..;)also he loved his origional visit and was looking forward to getting the ”boogers” out of his teeth there.He also knew if he did not sit still he would have to go to an unfamiliar place to do it.A small child dentist out of town.so..we go in and the assistant takes us back to his seat and he crawls right up and tells her how he is a big boy and will be good and get a toy.
    WELL…So she turns on the ”tickle gas” and places the little ”snout” on his nose.NO PROBLEM.i was not aware how long this would take!20 minutes later i am telling him stories to keep him still..yep 20 minutes for a 4 year old to lay still,keep arms and feet still..anyway we are doing ok and i see his eyes beginning to look tired and droopy.All at once he goes to pulling off the little mask with us trying to convince him to set still they are almost ready and he resist even more.To the point of defiantly setting up,taking it off and saying he is ready to GO!!!!
    after a few minutes we gave up on it and he walked proudly out of there not caring nothing about the toy he didn’t get…Yes my Kolby is walking proudly ,half loopey….We get in the truck,i call rita to tell her what happened and he says can i go to my friends house.I told him yes.
    We started driving over there and i said Kolby,you were happy about going,knew what they were doing and it was good with you…what happened..
    He said nannabee,,,She said i get tickle gas,but it was not..That lady was making me sleepy and i don’t want to go to bed.I want to play with my friend!!!!!!!! ;0
    SO……even after careful preparation..The 4 year old is still smarter than us..Reminding me that even when we try and make things ”better” for them so they want be afraid…Honesty is better.Had we said you will get sleepy,but it want last long .He would have been fine,because the thing in the front of his little mind was playing afterwards..Not going to sleep…
    hope our little story helps..lol..
    good luck..

  5. Don’t be antsy or show any amount of nerves when they take him back there without you. That is the NORM. Cam will do fine, he is an awesome kid.
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  6. I am going to the dentist tomorrow so your mom’s story has me freaking the heck out.

    Anyway, we took my son for the first time earlier this year. We read a couple books about going to the dentist over and over and over again. There are also some videos and stuff on YouTube. We just wanted him be familiar with it and reading books and talking about it like it was a really exciting adventure helped. And, I totally bribed him. With a milkshake, I think, that of course he couldn’t have immediately after because they’d cleaned his teeth. Ha. I like Tiff’s instant gratification bribery.

    Good luck.
    .-= The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: 4 Years =-.

  7. Oh god, I was such a failure at taking my son to the dentist before he went to kindergarten. FAIL! He cried and refused to open his mouth. He had oral aversions, though. My oldest was just fine. :)
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Cuddle Buddies =-.

  8. We took Chan just after he turned 3. We made him excited by talking it up. We made sure to go to a pediatric dentist and he’s really great. He showed Chan all of his tools, and told him really simply he wanted to look at his teeth. Everytime Chan did something well, he’d give him a cool sticker. We walked out with like 15 stickers. Come to find out, he had 2 huge cavities, we had to go back to get them filled and they had to use a sedative, versed. That second visit was hard for me and he couldn’t stand up straight all day. I feel bad that he inherited my crappy enamel, but after seeing his cavities I’m glad we took him.
    I think you got some good tips in the video. Bribery always works :)
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