It’s a big day…dentist time!

Picture 9Today is a HUGE day.  It’s the first of many many many many many many (you get the idea) visits to the dentist for my kids.  Hopefully all those many trips will consist of only check ups and teeth cleaning and no “vvvrreeeerrvv” of any drill will have to be heard.

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Today I must put on my big girl panties, err, I mean my big MOMMY panties and act as cool as a cucumber and pretend like this trip to our dentist in Syracuse is the coolest thing to do.  I have to act like I LIKE the dentist.  Mama, get your acting skills flowin’! (FYI, me NO LIKEY the dentist…here’s why…watch the video…)

I called the dentists office to be sure that…

a) I can go back with the kids …check 

b) that they don’t use restraints should they cry…check

For those that didn’t watch my Hula Shake Show where I talked about this, let me explain…the assistant at my own dentist office told me that the PEDIATRIC dentist I had made an appointment with doesn’t let parents go back with the kids and if the kids cry they will use restraints to keep them in the chair for the exam. This is a dentist that specializes in seeing KIDS…he’s a PEDIATRIC dentist.  Buddy, I’d say you’ve got some learning and new training to do to make it a more pleasant experience for your clientele…KIDS.

So anyhow, that about scared the crap out of me and had me on the phone frantically dialing a friend asking for a new recommendation.

My very sweet friend who has lived here all her life gave me the number of a dentist that has Nemo all over his office and uses either a dinosaur or dragon puppet (I can’t remember which one) to help with the exams. And yes, most definitely I can go back with both kids, if I’d like.  Although she said her son went without caring, it’s such a cool environment.

We shall see what today brings.  I am tempted to bring along a video camera and try to vlogg it.  Think the dentist will be into that?  Probably not.  And my kids might really not be into it. Maybe I can just get a little snippet for ya, before and after…to show that mama the kids, survived.  Wish me luck!

Off to practice my best “This is fun!” look in the mirror.

To be continued…da da da duhhhhh


  1. Good job! Keep up the good work, Mama!!

  2. I hope it went well. After watching your momversation…I can see why you’d be nervous! I normally don’t like going to the dentist either, but now I’m really not going to like it!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Are You Supermarket Savvy? =-.

  3. Crap, it didnt! so wierd.

    I said that my dentist office is all muraled and has a kids play room. Its really neat. They have the kids sit on their laps or stand up and do all the work. I generally stand in the playroom and watch. Its very friendly. I wish my dentist office was like that! They even have xbox games, etc.

  4. did my comment go through?
    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Speaker Dinner signup now open =-.

  5. I need to make the boys’ appts but the dang dentist is out till monday! R has not even been I’m such a slacker. I hope it all went well!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..PreggiePops Review & Giveaway =-.

  6. Good luck! I hope it goes well – I’m sure it will.
    .-= The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Quote the Walls Personalized Wall Decor Giveaway =-.

  7. Hope this went well! Our little Z just had her first tear-free (and “NOOOOOO!” + held down by daddy free) dentist visit Tuesday. Really just about had to pull my jaw up off the floor. Whole visit took 30 minutes, compared with the hour it has taken each time in the past. Made sure to point this out to the brave little lass.

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