My son’s moving out and my daughter likes freaky fish but we survived the dentist!

An update from our dentist saga….

The kids did WONDERULLY and all my worrying was for not! Granted there was no drill press or needles involved either.

Here is Cameron talking about the experience..

If you couldn’t hear, here is what he said…

  • He liked the dentist
  • They put bubblegum on his teeth but he couldn’t chew it (lol)
  • He went all by himself
  • And his favorite part was the toy afterwards…bribes…they always work!

So here’s how it went down..
Both kids were scheduled at the same time. So they called us in and said  “Cameron you are here” and showed him to a room and then they said “And Leah is down here.” Two doors down. My immediate thought was, “oh sh*t, I have to leave Cam.”  But I didn’t skip a beat and just said, “Ooh! Check out the cool chair Cam!” But, he didn’t even hear me as he was already so into whatever they were showing on the TV that sat directly in front of him. He was good to go it alone.  “That was easy.” I thought to myself.

And then I thought…”Holy crap my 1st born is so over me and doesn’t need me…oh my god!”  

I was trapped for a split second between thinking, “way to go big boy!” and “what a bummer, he’s so over me. He might as well move out of the house and go on his own and buy a beach house and have his little 4 year old buddies over and imbibe enormous amounts of milk until they fall in a stupor.” 

But then the “That’s my BIG BOY!”  angel on my other shoulder won out and I was again consumed with being a proud mama….way to go Cam! 

I went with Leah since she’s younger. She hung out in the big chair and found this fish with freakishly really big teeth. She was smitten. I was creeped out.  Then the doc came in. And the little miss ignored him. Yes she was, at not-quite age two, completely and purposefully ignoring the doctor.  She wouldn’t even look at him for a second, not even when he grabbed the freaky looking fish to show her how he was about to examine her teeth. It was if she was saying “If I don’t look at him maybe he will just go away.” Practicing her days to come of going to bars and avoiding any man that she deemed not worthy.  My little diva in training.

Then her check up commenced and the dentist at Kakar Dental Group started to move her chair. First up. She was ok. Then back. And this is when all hell broke loose and Leah lost it and went all “Leta” on him and freaked out. She sprung ot of that chair and clawed at me to get her the heck outta there.  We decided it’d be best if I sat in the chair with her on my lap – so here I am this dentist-phobe woman and I have to sit in the damn chair..where the f- is my husband?

Leah cried and screamed the entire exam but it was actually very convenient and allowed the doc to check her teeth all while she yelled in his face. 

It ended with Leah getting a stuffed toy, Cam getting a Wacky Sticky hand thing (that gets caught in hair, just an FYI, we found this out later) and me letting out a deep exhale.  It wasn’t so bad and actually went really well. Better than I thought it would!

Lessons learned…

Ya know, when I was asking for advice on taking your kids to the dentist some said “Take em when they are super young, so that they are used to the dentist and it’s not a big deal.” I know we’re supposed to go earlier than 4.5 years old, Cam’s age, but I do have to say that Cameron took it BY FAR better than Leah (who’s almost 2). I think he had no background of not liking it and was at the perfect age to be by himself and actually enjoyed the process. (and still he came home with me and didn’t move out to that beach house, phew…he still needs me …for now)

So no cavities. No fainting by Mom and we’ll do it again 6 months! Woo!

I think I learned the most in all this from Cameron. Simply said, the Drescher & Cohen DDS dentist ain’t so bad.

I do however wish at times it’d be ok for me to do as Leah did and go “all Leta” when I go to the dentist and am feeling the anxiety rush over me as they lay the seat back, but then I think they’d probably want to use the restraints on me…or send me to the loony bin. She gets a stuffed toy, I’d get admitted. Gosh, kids are so lucky like that…


  1. I am a terrible dentist patient, they have to give me Valium … my husband will probably have to take my kids to the dentist while I stay home and take a Valium to remain calm
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Define: Moment =-.

  2. WEll – at least it is over. LOL. I am not looking forward to the first appt with either boy.
    .-= erin´s last blog ..FreeCards & an Amazon Gift Card Give-Away =-.

  3. OMG! I felt like I was at the dentist with you. I hate the dentist. Cam was very brave. At least they were both cavity free.

  4. Congrats to Mommy! Very very proud of Cameron – this is the perfect age to expose him to all “Potential” phobia-type stuff, cause inside himself he’ll be excited at the adventure of checking out something new and also very proud of pulling it all off and doing it “by himself!” Leah will come along, I agree with Kasey, maybe you take Leah along for the next exam/cleaning for Cam, but don’t necessarily have Leah get into “the chair” (unless of course she asks to do it) but let her maybe “watch” how cool Cameron can be about it. She didn’t get to see all that this time. If Leah is anything like her Mom was as a toddler, Leah will want to do EVERYTHING that her big bro’ does! (Also, Cam knowing that he is setting the example for his little sis, will make him want to be very cool in doing a good job too!) I am very proud of them both! And, for that dental anxiety that comes to more “experienced” adults, esp. after witnessing (or living through) effects of lidocaine to the brain – they have anxiety pills to take the night before the dentist visit and little blue pills to take just 1/2 hour before the exam – to help you get back into the chair, open wide, close your eyes while saying a silent calming prayer, as they inject the anesthesia (which isn’t usually necessary for rountine cleanings). It helps me not react at Leah and get “all Leta” so I can get back into “that chair!” All in all – this first visit to the dentist gets a “Good Job!”

  5. I dread the day! Congrats to you:)

  6. I wondered about you guys today as you were heading to the dentist. I’m glad it went well for Cam. I so understand what you mean about him growing up and not needing you. My little girl decided she was going to be big this week and not cry when I left her at prek (her 1st week we had to peel her off my neck screaming for me – horrible!) So, on Monday, she walked in, stopped at her class door, gave me a kiss and off she went and has been doing it ever since. I cried everyday! LOL
    They grow up so quickly! I’m so glad Cam had a good experience so that he’ll want to go back!
    As for Leah..oh, she’s fine…let her wait till she’s 4 too! : )
    .-= Kasey@All Things Mamma´s last blog ..This Little Piggy Uses Piggy Paint! =-.
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

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