The Tale of a Dirty Dog…

Meet my daughter’s lovey, Puppy. Yeah, we are real original with the names of lovies in this house…Ellie the Elephant, Puppy, George (Curious George, my son’s pal) and Tiger who is, well, a tiger. Yes, real original, that’s us!

Anyhow, Puppy was dirty dirty dirty. So dirty I thought he was going to get up and walk out on his own and hitchhike to the laundromat, begging some stranger to please clean him.  Pleading, “I can’t take this muck anymore!”  I was betting he was gonna write  “wash me” on himself like a car that’s been tagged by friends who care deeply about your car’s well being (and want to embarrass the hell out of you with the friendly reminder) Yes he was D.I.R.T.Y!

I didn’t do the smart mom move and buy two when I got him.  He was actually an emergency replacement when Leah’s beloved Ellie went missing one night right before bed time.  Barnes and Noble was out of Elephants so I grabbed Puppy…the last stuffed animal of it’s kind that remotely resembled Ellie, all soft and squishy with beans in it’s butt.  I bet you know the kind.  She now LOVES puppy! 

So it’s been tough to get him pried out of her arms long enough for him to get a bath (aka wash in the washing machine) But yesterday she let me do it.  

And Puppy went from hitchhiking hobo…..


To Howlin’ HOTTIE!

Leah was reunited with the stud and they have not been separated since.

The End

(And yes I used my Tide Stain Release…this isn’t a promo post but just me, a mom telling you that Tide got Puppy sparkling clean. Oh and you can win a year’s supply of this stuff! Click here to enter.  Ok, so it’s a tad bit promo…kinda, sorta, but I bought this bag of Tide Stain Release all by myself…fyi. Promo or not, go enter…it’s free laundry stuff people!)


  1. That made me laugh about the name “puppy”… I was the same way with my stuffies when I was little and so is my Julia. She simply won’t name her toys.
    .-= Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)´s last blog ..Watch My Venice Videos on Facebook… =-.

  2. Could it be? Could it be? My son’s Doggy has an identical twin in Maui! Hm… ours looks more like picture #1. :)
    .-= Jennifer @ Kiddie Blanket´s last blog ..New designs for our toddler blankets =-.

  3. Wow he looks loveable again. My boy has a dog from Build a bear with a sound box in his paw I can’t throw him in the wash. He looks awful. Tide needs to make some tide cleaning clothes for that. :( Ppppst TIDE this is a REQUEST.

    Do you know of any way to clean him will a wash cloth surface wash do? I dont’ want to ruin him.
    .-= night owl mama´s last blog ..UPRINTING 18×24 Poster Print Totally Free Shipping Giveaway =-.

  4. Yay – Paci-Plushies….a mom created product!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..The Tale of a Dirty Dog… =-.

  5. The worse is when I put a lovie in the washing machine – and forget. Then I panic looking around the house for it. Our lovies are Paci-Plushies. :) Learned about them here on Ohana Mama!
    .-= erin´s last blog ..Hot Picks from Haute Mamas =-.

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