I’m traveling, so let’s take a poll! Kids on a plane…car seat or no car seat?

So we’re I’m finishing up packing. The dining room table has become my “packing zone” thus we will be eating on our laps tonight. There’s a buzz in the air that’s ringing with excitement.  I call it the “traveling buzz”. Oh how I love the traveling buzz…the night before we head out I usually stay up late finishing up last minute things. I have a feeling, the way it’s looking, tonight my late goings on will involve putting away all of the clean clothes that I washed today (holy cow we had a lot of laundry…it kept multiplying as I washed, I swear) and loading the dishwasher for one last sweep of our dishes. And ya know, I won’t mind being up until midnight doing it all because well, the “travel buzz” will be in the air.

More than likely you will be reading this when I am on the plane tomorrow (err, I mean today…We leave on Tuesday, I’m writing this on Monday nigh) And since I can’t be online for most of the day today, I thought, “let’s do a poll!”

So here goes…

Question: When you travel on the plane with a child that’s still in a car seat and is physically able to sit on their own in the plane seat, do you use their car seat on the plane or let them sit in the seat without a car seat? Or maybe you use another device like C.A.R.E.S.

Let’s chat about it…do you think that kids should always be in a car seat when flying? Are you cool with your little one going on as a lap child when they are under 2?

We’ve done it both ways actually.

I know this can be heated so let’s be nice. Ready, set, take.the.poll!

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  1. I use the car seat or CARES. I will need the carseat when i get there so use it. It helped my daughter stay in her seat since she was use to her car seat for traveling. I feel much safer with her in a seat or in the CARES unit.

  2. Carseat – esp. when I am traveling alone with 2.5 year old Winston. First, I do think it’s safer. Esp. since he’s tiny and I just don’t see a regular airplane seatbelt keeping him in the seat. Second, it keeps him contained when I need to take care of things. Third, my tiny guy needs a boost to see out the window. Finally, he likes his seat and is used to sleeping in it, which I want to encourage on a long flight.
    If my husband is with us, then maybe no seat, but most likely still yes.
    And we have the Gogo Kidz attachment that allows me to use the carseat as a stroller. Wheels come off before I put the seat in the plane. I LOVE my Gogo Kidz wheels and so does Winston. So no hassle hauling the carseat.

  3. The one time we flew with Moanna she was 4 months old. We didn’t take a car seat. She sat on our laps and I nursed her during take off and landing to keep her happy. The only reason we didn’t take the car seat was because we were visiting family that had a car seat waiting for us on the other side. Now that she is older and would need her own seat, I’d take a car seat. One to strap her down. Two to have a car seat at our destination.
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  4. I said sometimes because now that my daughter is 3 1/2 years old we don’t bring our car seat but the last time we had to make an international flight with her we totally brought the carseat more for the ability to strap her in and keep her in one place while we were trying to eat and so that she would sleep (she always falls asleep in her carseat in a moving vehicle). For regular domestic flights we never bring it, while it would be nice to have something that would keep her in one place, I hate schlepping that huge carseat through the airport.

    I have no problem with babies being a lap child. When they are that little, we bring the carseat (since the baby carseat snaps into the stroller anyway) and if the plane isn’t full and you ask really nice, the gate agent will put you next to an empty seat and let you bring it on. Otherwise we just check it at the gate.

  5. No seat!
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  6. I never felt comfortable with the lap baby thing but I did it cuz I knew they would be on my lap the whole time anyway until. When my daughter flew at 3 I did not use a carseat. It seems more comfortable for her to sit in a seat with a seatbelt and I just don’t see how a car seat would “protect” them on a plane like it does in a car.

    Hope you are having a great trip! Aloha
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  7. Nope, no carseats in the plane for us. We just did the same flight you are (on) and Carter had his own seat, and Lilah sat in my lap. But when we go back to CA in Dec, I am pushing for Lilah to have her own seat. She is getting to big to hold for 6 hours in a small seat. Jesse has a view on the whole carseat in a plane thing, but I wont go there. =)

  8. Funny you ask…just got back Sunday afternoon from traveling – my son is only 4 months but I just had him on my lap – I couldn’t see paying $300 for a plane ticket for him, but I did debate this in my mind. I felt he would be safer in his carseat on the plane but again just couldn’t pay the money for a 4 month old to have his own seat. He did wonderful, slept the whole time. If we travel again in the future I would do it the same, he will be a lap child as long as we can do it.

  9. No car seat here. When we traveled with Kaydee at 1 1/2 she was a lap child. I guess I just don’t really see the point to a car seat. I mean if the plane crashes…will the car seat really make a difference? Plus she had fun hopping between me and dad.
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