Just another day in paradise….Southern California Paradise, that is…

Imagine this…
I’m lying on a gently rocking sail boat. The sun is washing over me. I’ve got one arm thrown over my eyes to avoid the sun and a smile on my face. A gentle breeze comes every now and then offering just enough relief to keep me cool but not offer a chill. Reggae is spilling out from the speakers above me, filling my ears and making my foot move to the beat uncontrollably, I love me some good reggae. Did I mention I am smiling? Yes I am oozing with glee over just how relaxed and just plain happy I am at this very moment. It’s about 4 p.m. and we’ve just pulled back into the slip after a mini cruise around Newport Harbor…it was the perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise…California Paradise, that is.

But how did I get there…let me take you through my second day of our trip…it was fabulous!

We took the kids to the park to get some of their energy out and while there we called Grandma C to let her know that we had made it to California and told her that we were at the park. All of a sudden, who should appear, but Grandma C! Cameron flew off the swing like Superman and Leah leaped to give Grandma a hug. After a mini game of soccer Grandma suggested that we leave the kids with her and enjoy a date day. No complaints by us, I packed the kids up and away they went with Grandma.

Greg and I headed to Dana Point harbor for one of my fave things, calamari steak from Harpoon Henry’s. I used to work here in high school, but before that I’d come to the harbor when I was in elementary school almost every single weekend with my best friend. We’d roller skate all over the place while her parents hung out at Proud Mary’s. Ah the memories… But back to my calamari steak…we sat at the bar so we were able to take advantage of their happy hour which starts at 11:30 A.M….how’s that?! Happy Hour at 11:30 A.M.! So we got 50% off everything…including my glass of pinot grigio…add to that a shrimp cocktail and I was in heaven!

After our bellies were full and my head a little light from the wine (yes I am a light weight, thank you very much!), we headed up the coast for more of our ride down memory lane…

First up was a surf check at Creek (Salt Creek Beach Park). Greg and I spent our entire high school days at this beach. We were beach bums. He surfing, me laying out. It was just what you did as a teenager growing up in Dana Point. This was our old stomping grounds.

Next stop was Laguna Beach. Greg grew up in Laguna Beach and we had many a day and night spent here when we were younger. We also got married in Laguna, the perfect spot to say “I do!” We checked the waves here too and just took in the gorgeous scenery. The weather here in Southern Cal is hot right now but at the beach with the light breeze, I’d say it just might be the absolute perfect temperature. Paradise, anyone?

Next stop was Newport to meet my brother’s new sailboat. And what a beauty it is! I grew up around sailboats. Our parents would take us out on the weekends so we all grew a great love and deep appreciation for the sea. And there’s just something about being on a boat, even if just in the harbor that’s so freeing and makes you want to bust out a Jimmy Buffet song.

We took a quick jaunt around the Newport Harbor taking in all the magnificent houses that line the docks and oohing and ahhing over the gigantic boats that were parked on the sea.  Then we headed in and that is where I laid my head down and had “the moment”. You know, those moments where you take a mental picture in your head and close your eyes as if they were shutters to that mental camera, trying to permanently remember just how happy you are at that very moment. Yeah, I had one of those.

We had a marvelous day in So Cal. It was quintessential South Orange County. We counted Mercedes…this is the land of Mercedes and BMWs and Audis, oh my! South OC is much different now than when I grew up here. The people are different. It’s like Hollywood of the coast but what remains the same is the magic of the ocean that lies to the West, the gorgeous palm trees that line the roads and the absolute beauty of being with family.

Yes, it’s was just another day in paradise…and boy do I feel blessed!

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  1. Have never been to California – thanks for sharing! I get to live vicariously. Glad you had a wonderful time back in your old stomping grounds with the fam. I could never be away from the ocean either. My niece just moved to SF, so maybe someday!
    .-= Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents´s last blog ..3 WAHM Tips: Set Daily Goals and Loosen the Reins =-.

  2. Wow! It sounds like paradise but then you’ll be going back to paradise. Boy, you have a great life.

  3. I STILL live here(in south orange county)!!!! and I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Shan! Oh I hear ya lady…this is not the OC I remember (I had cows in my backyard growing up…now it’s covered by a strip mall with every single car that cost over $50K in the parking lot), however I can appreciate it and take it all in like I do a good gossip mag ;)

    We moved to Maui from North County San Diego, after living there for about 10 years) – that is more my cup of tea. But it’s nice to come back here and enjoy OC as a tourist. It’s been fun. Tonight we’re heading to an Angels game! Angels vs Oakland A’s baby…should be fun!

    We will be here for two weeks. =)

  5. I grew up in South OC, too! LOL I used to work for a property management company right next to the Rusty Pelican on PCH at Newport Harbor.

    I miss being near the beach and being able to go at a moment’s notice, but I do not miss all the fakey plastic, psuedo rich snobs in that area. i remember when it was just a laid back cool place to be. Now, not so much. That’s why we go To Seal Beach when we need our fix. That area is still a true beach community.

    OI am so glad you are having a fun time here in my neck of the woods, Sarah. How long will you be here?
    .-= Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..Socialism Alert!! Can We Say INDOCTRINATION Class? School Children Made To Sing Songs To The "Dear Leader". =-.

  6. I love the kids have grandparents! It makes it so easy to have fun with your husband and not feel guilty about it.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..The Miscarriage – Part 2: Waiting to Move On =-.

  7. Glad you’re having such an amazing time! Have fun!
    .-= Kasey@All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Pledge To Devote Time With Frigidaire =-.

  8. We lived in CA for several years and I miss it so much. Have a great time!
    .-= Sandy M´s last blog ..Girl? Boy? =-.

  9. Uh, SO wonderful. We live in FL…. there are never waves and the coastline does not look so amazing {without a mountain in the background}.

    Sounds like an amazing trip and a great recharge to life!

    Stay safe and happy!
    .-= Leane´s last blog ..{Free Sample} NEW Total Blueberry Pomegranante Cereal and Dunkin Donuts Coffee =-.

  10. Stacia, those were all taken with my iphone, nothin fancy but does the trick.

    La, can’t wait until you re here!!! We’re taking out the boat all of us when you get here!! Can’t wait!!

  11. LOVE the pix. Love the tales of being home. Can’t wait to be there next week. Yay!!!

  12. I miss cali!! You are going to make me cry with your beautiful pics! Its funny how we are living in paradise, yet come from another form of paradise. =) What camera are you using?? Love the shots you are taking mama! xoxo

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