Homesickness, being settled, and a boy discovering and falling for some Hawaii waves

SANY0341It’s only natural that I am a tad homesick at the moment.  This is normal, usual, par for the course after a trip back to your home town where you are surrounded by loving friends and family and being in ultra familiar surroundings. Right?

Yes I’ve been a tad down since returning back to Maui and it’s taken just a bit to get my island feet back steady on the rock.  In these times I start to question, “How long should we stay here?” I start to get antsy and think to myself, and aloud to my hubby…”What about moving to… (enter a number of places here, including back to San Diego, to France, or to the Mountains to give snow life a try…hey we could take bets as to how long this beach chick could last in the snow…it may be fun!).  

I sometimes feel that I’ve gotten stumped in my growth. Like, we met our goal, we made it to Hawaii, now what’s next?  But I forget that we wanted to LIVE in Hawaii, not just move to Hawaii.  

So here’s to living, exploring and LOVING Hawaii.

And to a young boy falling madly deeply in love with the water and the waves. Yes, I’d say he’s ALL theirs…

(listen to the music if you can…it makes it)


  1. Let me just tell you, the blue sky and sunshine…makes me want to be there instead of gray and cold Michigan ANY DAY! I don’t have any words of wisdom except think of it this way. How many people who dream of living in a place as beautiful as Hawaii, actually make it there? YOU made it there! I’ve only ever seen it in pictures and videos but you get to live it. And I live vicariously through you. I bet in a couple weeks you will feel better.

  2. I know what ya mean , when I return home I always have a hard time getting my grove back. I miss the ocean , now I have the snow ! I love the snow and the mountains but I love the ocean and my family too. I loved the video .
    .-= Lisa@gardenofmany´s last blog ..Wordless Winter Wednesday =-.

  3. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to live there! I’m so jealous! Sure, you have to work and everything but isn’t it like a permanent vacation?! *sigh* Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit ya there! Just beautiful! And your son is SUPER cute….dude! ;)
    .-= stefanie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  4. And,…..makin’ me miss you all the more. Totally, the lyrics say it all.

  5. This is fabulous! Gives me chills and tears of joy and that of a very proud Tutu to see this little grommet-turn-surfer dude! Go Cam! So glad to see him loving the waves (like his Daddy) Here’s to Cam and Lee-lee both finding their own “Endless Summer” life. And, yes – looks like the “I’m okay” fav saying has grown into “I got it!” Priceless in so many ways! Loved the music too – made Papa Kimo and this Nana Tutu spontaneously smile! Go Cam! (can we say
    tandem surfing – Bro and little sis maybe?)

    Thanks so much for this one! xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Love, Love, Love the video!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes (of joy) seeing him blossom into a little surfer dude:-) and then remembering your pregnancy and the whole time you were referring to him in your belly as “our little surfer”. LOVE IT SASS!!! and the Jason Mraz song!!!!! tooooooooo awesome!

  7. It’s normal to feel homesick, but I think if you ever left Hawaii for good you’d kick yourself =).

    As they say…Lucky you live Hawaii =)

  8. That is awesome to embrace where you are. I find that I need to do that more often. I’m not fond of WA, but I need to embrace it and have a great time here with the kids. There is so much to do here.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Random Tuesday: I went to print my coupons and my printer is out of ink =-.

  9. Sarah, seriously can he be any sweeter? That made me cry! That song does it to me everytime. I am seriously going to miss living on this island. Maybe one day we will be back. But like you, I am homesick.

  10. How incredibly adorable! And add me to the ‘wish I lived there’ list.. looks gorgeous there :) EVERYDAY! ;)
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Buzzing Saturday … @BuzzGirls #fb =-.

  11. Awe, thanks everyone!! And Renee, you summed it up perfectly!!

    My fave part is “I’ve got it” too…makes me smile every time!!

  12. I love it! Esp. at the end….’I got it!’…..He is on his way to being a true Surfer! I can’t wait to paddle out with our son! I miss surfing! Beautiful surroundings and a really great post, thanks for sharing OhanaMama!!!
    .-= Leane´s last blog ..Hair Care tips for swimmers =-.

  13. One of the things that makes me not want to move, is that homesick feeling. We live where I grew up, and it’s nice to be surrounded by familure people and places. Then I remember, Steve and I fell in love and got married because of the adventures we wanted to have together. You can always go home for a visit, but if you don’t live in Hawaii, or travel the world, or start a new company, or eat a bizarre dinner, or… your stories won’t be quite as exciting if you live life in your comfort zone.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Gratitude 10.12.09 =-.

  14. Awwwww!!! That was awesome! I esp love the way near the end that he looks back at the camera and says “Got it” as he goes to take the next wave. xoxoxox Love you C!!!! Miss you guys. I can’t wait to share this with W. He keeps asking about his “big boy” and wants to know where he went. When I answer “He went home to Hawaii” all I get is a sad, “oh, ok. But when I see him again?”
    Hugs! Love you!

  15. this is your daily i hate you message. LOL!

    No, i loved this video. FABULOUS!

    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Charlottes Halloween Costume =-.


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