Where did she come from? My Princess Leah

Light eyes, light hair, milky skin and to me, her mama, absolutely GORGEOUS!

Where did she come from?

Her lightness+my dark hair and olive skin coupled with my uber young looking face…I bet strangers think I am the young nanny to this beautiful blondie.  

My husband and I joke that perhaps they made a mistake at the hospital….It sure is amazing what genes come through in our children.  Huh?

Do your kids look like you?  


  1. She’s so pretty. xoxoox I see you in Leah, definitely. Greg too, but Leah’s got some Nana Gray in her too and that’s from you.
    Winston is the polar opposite of both me and his dad. White blond hair and blue-grey eyes, while we have dark hair and dark eyes. Genetics are wild. We too joke that he was switched at the hospital. But then we see photos of us as children and the resemblance is uncanny – esp if the photo is black and white and we didn’t have much hair (lol). Winston’s got our features, just more salt than pepper.
    And he looks SOOOO much like his Papa Kimo when he was little, it’s a trip.

  2. She is VERY cute. I think she looks a lot like your hubby… at least in the face. It’s funny how our kids don’t look like us sometime.
    .-= Emily Roemmich´s last blog ..Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms: Bacon Tomato Mini Cups =-.

  3. I always thought your kids had similarities while pulling things from each of you. Gorgeous kiddos came from gorgeous mom and dad!

  4. My kiddos look exactly like each other but not so much like my husband and I.
    I am with you in the hair department, I have dark hair and both my kids have light brown hair. Got to love genetics! But they are all cuties!
    .-= Lena´s last blog ..Post from the past: 7 Simple Tips for Packing a Waste-free Lunch from Fabkins =-.

  5. She is beautiful. I am in this situation too. My first son has very dark hair and eyes like me. Our second son has very blond hair and piercing blue eyes like his dad. I have been asked if I am the nanny before. Heres my Thursday post http://postpartumillness.com/node/166
    .-= Lucy´s last blog ..Small Talk Six: Gimme Some Sugar! =-.

  6. Wow she is beautiful!

    My son looked just like my husband when he was first born. But now he is the sptting image of me in looks AND personality.

    I was however surprised to see in the hospital that his hair went from blonde to red.

    Both my husband and I are mixed and have pretty tan skin and dark hair. But our Phoenix is very light and has red hair!
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Bloggerazi- Rebekah =-.

  7. I agree with Courtney, I think your beautiful daughter looks a lot like her beautiful mama!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..What a Week! =-.

  8. Meant to say- you both are gorgeous but certainly the coloring is nothing alike.
    .-= Dddiva´s last blog ..Win Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection ARV $38 =-.

  9. It’s so funny how it works- all 4 girls look so different but everyone who just meets them can tell they are sisters (they think we all are and I don’t tell them different).
    Ian looks NOTHING like any of us.
    .-= Dddiva´s last blog ..Win Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection ARV $38 =-.

  10. What a cutie! My youngest daughter resembles me and my son resembles my husband. We both kinda have “mini-me”s.
    .-= Stefani´s last blog ..Want A Super Natural Home? =-.

  11. Isn’t she beautiful?

    Depending on who you ask, depends on who my daughter looks like. Some people are all, “Oh she looks like exactly like you, Renee.” And others are like, “She looks just like Steve.”

    Steve and I think she looks a lot like his Mom.

    No matter who she looks like, we all think she’s quite cute!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Neighboring Sex Offenders =-.

  12. Think Venice and Trieste – Northern Italia and Slovenia. Beautiful region, beautiful people.

  13. I don’t know what you are talking about…look at the picture of you under your about me and then look at the one of your daughter…go back and forth and you’ll see the resemblance. It’s uncanny!
    .-= Courtney Velasquez (@theappleofmyeye)´s last blog ..At Home with Joshua Bell =-.

  14. I think it’s such an unspoken “thing” that makes both of your children look so much like you and Greg!! It’s not a feature that you can point out, but (and excuse the cliche) an Aura about them. When I see pics of Cam, I say, “Yes, that is Greg’s son”. But right before I finish saying that, I think….”hmmm, no way, that is Sarah all the way!?” I start to confuse myself! Then I look at Leah and I see a light version of Greg, but she has your “Look” coming thru her eyes! It’s so amazing and I still go back and forth with KoKo and who she looks like. I think I need to start with dying my hair back to my natural color and maybe I can think more clearly :p I love it when she makes the exact same face as me or reacts to something the way I would! It’s nothing short of a miracle. We can’t wait for another one…who knows, maybe the recessive Czech and Scottish will come out in him/her like Leah!!! Either way, I will be forever amazed.
    Nice topic, thanks for sharing :)

  15. Oh My… What a beauty! LOVE THIS PIC! I see both of you in her… The genes are crazy though:-) Blonde and blue eyed??? it’s the Scottish and French coming out.

  16. Yep, my children, esp our two daughters resemble me – and my mother too. It’s crazy, Our son has my darker hair and eyes but the shape of his face is all from my husband. Our son definitely got the best from both of us as he has always been extremely handsome. Our eldest, a girl resembles more of my mother I think than me at my daughter’s present age. Very attractive, and dramatically almost hypnotically beautiful. As I age, I now am seeing more and more of my aged mother when I look in the mirror. I can’t really complain as my mother aged very well so guess I am lucky. Just freaks me out sometimes how much I am looking like her. Our youngest, a girl, has always been a bit of a composite of both my husband and myself, as a child, lighter brown almost blonde hair of my husband but with more of my younger face – only she is a much richer and more classically beautiful (much like her daughter too – little Leah). It’s so magical (a miracle) how the genes pop up and mix together. And it is so much fun to watch the outcome!

  17. What a gorgeous picture! Did you ask her to place her hands like this or just Leah being coy-Leah? Her eyes are fabulous. I do see more of you in this picture and see past generations of your relatives in Leah a lot. You wouldn’t see them so much in her because you were too little then to recall now. But, I’ve always believed if you can make yourself look closely at a small child’s face (the eyes, the shape of the jawline, their mouth) you may be able to occasionally get glimpses of how they’ll look as a young adult…I love it whenever I catch a glimpse, esp. of my own children when small, but now also with my grandchildren. As if God is granting me a brief look into the future. It is Very cool. In this particularly beautiful photo of our “Wahine Princess” – I can see just how breathtakingly beautiful a young woman Leah will be (both inside and out). It’s all in the eyes, those deep blue pools reflective of the sincerity of her soul.

    Truly, I see both their Mommy and Daddy in both Cam and Leah…… you (and we all) are truly blessed!

  18. She is a beautiful baby girl, no doubt. It’s funny how our kids look when they’re little. I never thought Ella looked much like me, but now she seems to be looking more and more like me everyday.
    .-= Kasey@All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Day 3: Project Home Organization =-.

  19. I think Keeg looks like his daddy and loch resembles me and his daddy. Loch tans way too easily and has too much hair to be only Kev’s genes. LOL. But most people think they both look like Kev and I get nada. Wah.

  20. Really?! I do see Greg in her a lot sometimes but not me at all. And Cam to me, looks like me. Cam’s teacher said that he and Leah look so similar and I was like “Wha??”

    I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she’s older…will she get brown hair?

    Isn’t it funny that you and I got one blonde and one brunette? C&Ls…they rock ;)

  21. I think Cam and Leah look alike in some pics, I see you and Greg in Leah for sure! Everyone says Carter and Lilah both look like me. Poor Jesse. =) Even Jesse calls Lilah my little mini me.

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