My Old Sheets

A silly post about…my old sheets…if you can relate, please leave me a comment so I don’t feel as freaky as I do over loving these sheets so much. Thanks.

My Old Sheets

I just spent some time perusing Target online for some new bedding.  I do this a lot but never buy a thing. I just can’t find anything I like as much as the sheet set that I bought over 5 years ago…from Target. (of course)  

This favorite sheet set of mine was a bed in a bag, floral, with a tropical feel.  The colors are muted, with simple lines and they are soft. So soft, and cool.  I LOVE these sheets.  (that’s Leah on the best damn sheets ever in the photo above) 

They have been with me for a long long time. I remember my mom once said to me “You like these sheets, huh?” She new I had a love for my old sheets.  She had seen them on our bed for the past 3 years.  And while I traded them out, while I washed them, and gave them maybe a week’s break or two, they always made it back on our bed.  Always.

And my mother in law, I believe, also knew how much I loved these sheets.  Before I had to go to Oahu for preterm labor with Leah and before she came to stay with my husband and son,  there had been a tiny tear in the top sheet.  When I returned the tear was sewn. Mended with love.  I never said a thing but I sure did notice it.  (thank you Monique)

These sheets came with a comforter that layed on our bed back in California.  We’d be all toasty underneath it during the super cold winters…our house didn’t have a working heater and it was freezing!   I remember our dog, Buddy laying on top of the comforter at our feet every night.  The comforter later became Buddy’s bed after he had been exiled to the floor once we had Cameron.  Yes, we’ve had these sheets longer than we’ve had our almost 5 year old son.

So, I think it’s time for  new bedding.  Yet why can’t I find anything that can stand up to my aging sheets?  

Sheets that I’ve had before I had my children.  That have been washed a zillion times.  That have had milk spilled on them, milk leaked on them, probably a pee or two from one of my kids soaked through them, and that have a tell tale sign of love, and age, a scar where they’ve been mended?  

These sheets bring me back to all the times past.  They are so much more that just sheets.  They offer me security and warmth, in every way.

So here I lay on my old sheets.  

While looking for new sheets.

And now I am feeling guilty that I am looking for my new favorite sheets while with my old sheets….

oh forget it…I’m going to bed…

…in my old sheets.

Nighty night.


  1. I just turned my old sheets from my bed as a child, the sheets I birthed all nine of my children on, the sheets from my honeymoon night and a few other odd and ends into a quilt. Just 8″ squares sewn together, but it is SO cozy and sweet. How blessed you are to have a mil that would come help and mend your sheet! WOW! That picture is just amazing!
    I’d like your sheets too.

  2. I love my sheets. I keep the same ones forever before switching to new ones. My last ones were torn and had holes before we retired them. I wish I would have had them repaired. I didn’t even think of it. Right now we have some nice ones from Target that I love. I don’t even give them a break…I wash and put right back on the bed!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Tips For The Flu Season =-.

  3. LOL, Stacia, that’s funny! Plus, I bet it helped you feel a tiny part at home. Are you back in CA now? We need to catch up!

  4. I am the same way! In Hawaii we had to buy sheets for the beds at the house, and I bought the same sheets I have on the bed in Ca. Funny how that works!

  5. You can always “hold on” to old sheets, shirts, dresses, baby blankets etc. by making a patch work quilt or just toss pillow cover out of them. Doesn’t even have to be a big quilt, just a mini one of about 12″ x 14″ (or slightly bigger) suitable for framing within a shadow-type box frame or even a regular matted-type frame – you will making a piece of modern art for your wall – it could be just hand-sewn patches even with ragged edges and you frame it inside a glass covered wall frame and hang it on your bedroom wall, your child’s wall or in the hallway – almost anywhere and you will be saving pieces of your life to view and be with you daily. Of course, the best ultimate choice would be to make it a quilt for your bed from all these patches – sewn in many various patterns (check out quilt patterns on line) or as a toss pillow envelope type cover creating a special pillow for your bedroom chair or on your bed. Come to NanaTutu for solutions to forever keep a legacy of your life!

  6. OMG Renee, TOTALLY! I’ll buy a new suit but wear the same one over and over and over. Tried and true, my old suit does me well :)


  7. I have the same problem. It’s so hard for me to commit to new sheets, new bathing suits, new paint colors. Sure I might buy a new bathing suit, but I still wear the same one that I’ve had forever.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Falling in and out for Fall =-.

  8. Ehhh keep the old sheets…they’re meaningful to you. I on the other hand have yet to find the perfect bedding. We seem to go through a new set every other year.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Sam’s Club Live Giveaway (Closed) =-.

  9. Look on eBay. I know you bought them 5 years ago, but you might be able to find another set if you’re lucky. New of course! That will be the tricky part.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Sisters (Julie, Summer and Coral) =-.

  10. just came across your blog while searching for something online… and can TOTALLY relate to your love of those sheets. When my husband and I got married almost 6 years ago, we purchased the exact same bed in a bag set from Target. Those are probably the softest, most welcoming sheets we’ve ever owned. Sadly, last year, we had to retire them. To many holes in both the top and bottom sheet to keep around. We’re still using the comforter, while looking for a new one that might compare to this one. We just love them. Good luck in your search…

  11. I have a set of Grandma Mimi sheets and I will never get rid of them. They (a) remind me of her, esp since I remember them on her bed way back when, and (b) they remind me of my time on my own in DC when I first started using them. These sheets are easily 25+ years old. But they’re hip. Swirly black and white, very mod actually. I love them. Power of the old sheets!

  12. At least your sheets are only 5 years old.. I have a set of sheets that had belonged to my Grandmother.. she had passed them to me.. I love them they are all spring floral.. so pretty… My Grandmother passed away 20 years ago… ummm does that tell you how olthe sheets are.. The bottom sheet unfortunately is no longer around. I had to trash it. But the top sheet is still being used.. I just bought a pretty yellow bottom sheet and use them as a set.
    I will be using that top sheet forever.
    I love your sheets by the way, very pretty..
    .-= Maureen´s last blog ..Meet Angies New Family Members =-.

  13. Nothing wrong with feeling this way. Once I get use to sheets I am very hesitent on getting rid of them. It is a comfort thing. Enjoy your old sheets and forget new sheets!

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