“Baby Face..You’ve got the cutest little baby face” (ME not my kids…)

I am writing this because a bloggy friend of mine recently noted how young I look in my new header.  Guess what, I look young in real life too.  She said I look 13…hmm….thanks, I think.

Now, I like my new header, I like the pic, obviously or I wouldn’t have put it up…it’s ME.  My family, friends, those that know me can see that picture and say “Hi Sarah!” Not, “wow, is THAT Sarah?!  What the hell kind of make up did she put on??” and no one will meet me at a conference and not recognize me…yes, folks, that right up there in my header is ME…Baby face and all!  And guess what, there’s not a damn thing I can do about looking young..I have been blessed like that.

Now back to my bloggy friend…she did sorta make me a tad bit self conscious over my naturally young looking mug. (enough to make me want to post about it and change my “About Me” page) She mentioned that she felt that people take someone that they think is 30 more seriously than they take someone who they believe to be 20.  They would think you are more reliable.  She said she was looking at it from a company’s perspective rather than a readers.

I get that. I see where she’s coming from.  Totally.

BUT, I do have a few differences in opinion on this – First, I write for me and for my readers, not companies.  If a company likes me, my blog and feels that my readers are their audience, then I welcome the opportunity to work with them.  But I write FOR my readers and for me.  And in turn companies like to work with me since I create a valuable relationship with my readers (see it’s a merry-go-round of sorts…but to me, it all boils down to being real to myself and to my audience).

I believe that through my writing any company can see that I am educated, an adult and if they work with me they will find that I am reliable. Secondly, the wonderful, glorious thing about writing, which is why I like to blog…the writing…is that the words are what get people.  I am totally fine if someone reads me, likes me and then says, “wow, she looks so young to have experienced all that or have that train of thought” etc etc etc.  

People at my outside job freak out when they realize I have two kids and they learn of all that I’ve done…I like to freak them out even more and when they are confused and say “wait, just how old ARE you?!” I reply with “40!”…I like to see their eyes really pop out of their head.  Damn I’d be lookin’ REALLY good if I was 40! (psst, I’ll be 32 in January…and how rude of you to ask!)

Anyhow, back to the issue at hand…yes dear readers (and companies & PR Reps) I DO look young.  It’s genetic (thank you Mom and Dad!) And I DON’T wear a lot of make up nor do I do my hair to make myself look older…time will do that all on it’s own.  More professional – I can do that really well. I did in my past life. But my blog isn’t a stuffy business site. And I live in Hawaii so you won’t see a picture of me in a suit (well, a bathing suit maybe).

So we’ve established that yes, I do indeed, look young.  I really can’t nor do I want to change that.  Sure, I used to think this was a curse when I was 16, 21, 25, heck even at 30.  But now that I am coming up to the ripe age of 32 I think my young looks are truly a blessing.  And looking young does NOT mean that I act young or lack experience, in life or in the workplace.  

You’ve heard it before…two things you should never ask about are weight and age.  I get asked about both quite frequently because people seem to think that because I am skinny, rather than overweight, or because I look young, rather than look older than my age, it’s ok to ask or to comment on it.  

If you wouldn’t ask someone who is overweight how much they weigh, don’t ask someone who is skinny…and don’t make skinny jokes, they can hurt just as much as a fat joke. (do you know how many times I’ve heard “Go eat a sandwich!”)  Same goes for age.  Sure someone may LOOK young but EVERYONE deserves respect.  

My bloggy friend didn’t mean any disrespect when she mentioned how I look like a 13 year old in my new header, but she hit a nerve.  She made me feel like I had to prove myself. Or hide myself by removing my face from my site.  But I won’t. 

My readers, YOU have gotten to know me.  You come back because you may like my writing, my story, my pictures and the cool finds I feature.  And I thank you!

My little baby face thanks you :)

(now go read my new “About Me” page so you can see my background…I am not “just a mom” I am not a 13 year old, I am Sarah, a university grad, an ex PR exec, a former sales woman, MOM and now blogger. Oh! AND I look damn good for my age ;))


  1. Good for you, Sarah! Love this post!!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Why Go Organic? =-.

  2. Hell yeah girl! Work what your mama gave ya! I STILL get carded for cigs!
    .-= Angie´s last blog ..Child Passenger Safety =-.

  3. I think you are beautiful. I get the skinny comments and they sting because dangit I worked hard to lose my 42lbs of obese me weight and lose the fat jokes and now I get the skinny girl jokes. I think people just sometimes don’t think that what they intend as a compliment or a “joke” doesn’t always come across that way.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Nothing About This Process is Cheap =-.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve had people tell me similar stuff at trade shows “they’ll take you more seriously when you look a little older” (and honestly I don’t think I look young, definitely don’t have a baby face). I’m used to it, from all my jobs to buying our first house, I’ve heard I “must be too young” to be in that position.

    But, there’s nothing you can do about other’s perspectives of you..just keep on keeping on. I’m sure you do and that’s part of why you look so young, even in your picture, you radiate happiness :-)
    .-= Amber M.´s last blog ..Happy Halloween, want to win something? =-.

  5. Sarah, I have the same problem. I’m petite and have a very young face (unless you get really close and see that my freckles have freckles aka age spots, but that’s another issue).

    I work for a large company and depending on the day, I manage between 10-100 employees that are old enough to be my mom. They may say stuff behind my back about being too young to tell them what to do, but when I’m in front of them they listen. The few people that have been disrespectful have been called out on it, so they know better.

    It’s so frustrating to hear…

    “You don’t look old enough to be a mom”
    “You’re so tiny. You could eat anything you want”
    “You’re just a kid. You have no business being out late at night” A police officer said that to me before checking my ID to see that I was too old for a mandated curfew.
    “Maybe you wouldn’t be so cold, if you would put some meat on your bones”

    We all have our insecurities. Regardless of age, shape, size, color, accent… we all need to work on respecting each other and building each other up.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Gratitude 10.27.09 =-.

  6. As someone who has always been thought to be older, I say “Good for you!” A lot of women would kill to have your looks at any age.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Kids on Age =-.

  7. Its about time we got rid of these age related stereotypes! Just how many times it needs to be proven that age has little to do with success, knowledge or maturity!!! One of the things I like about interactions on the web is that you are judged by substance of your content and not by the appeal of your looks!!

  8. I have never looked my age, I have always looked younger than I am. I get it from my mom, she is the same way. I am 30 and could totally pass for early 20 if not younger. When I was 23 and on my way to get married in CA I was sitting in the emergency row on the plane and the flight attendant was going to make me move because she thought I was under the age of 15.

  9. Thanks La…baby faces unite ;)

  10. Brava!!!!


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