She bangs, she bangs

Ok peeps, I think I am about to take the plunge!  I have grown my hair out and need a change.  BUT, I’m not going to do my usual thang and chop it all off, no I quite like my long hair right now BUT I am going to go for more of a “hair style” you could say, and I am going to cut BANGS! Eeek!

I know, I know, if you’ve ever grown out your bangs you may be yelling at me through the computer, “Don’t Do It!”  But, I am ready and there’s no stopping me! (and I already bought a bunch of bobbi pins just in case I need to pin them back for the next 6 months should I hate it…but I don’t think I will).

I’m going to go for a side swept bang, I’m hoping it’ll offer me more a style when I inevitably throw my hair back into the old standby ponytail.

So this is me now in all my glory…(taken today with makeup left over from last night…bad me!)

And this is my inspiration.  I have funky wavy hair now (having kids does really weird things to your hair!) so if I wanted to go wavy it would look like this (hopefully).

That’s another Sarah, from Hair Thursday.  I really hope I don’t seem like a stalker.  BUT, she does have long brown hair, brown eyes and her name is Sarah (all mere coincidences) and I love her hair!

Wish me luck! I will of course update you with the end result on Wednesday! Can’t wait!


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  2. I have an award for YOU at
    .-= Jessica Jones´s last blog ..Gorgeous Blogger Award! =-.

  3. Sarah, you would look beautiful bald.

    At least with the side swept bangs, if you decide you do not like it, they are pretty easy to grow out.
    .-= Stacie Haight Connerty´s last blog ..Sam’s Club Gifts Galore from Holidays Made Simple Plus a $25 Gift Card Giveaway =-.

  4. You will look great!
    .-= Gena´s last blog ..Giveaway Monday =-.

  5. Night Owl Mama says:

    Love the waves very cute I have straight hair and bangs so I’m not thrilled with that.

  6. That should look awesome.

  7. Amy, love your hair! Super cute!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..She bangs, she bangs =-.

  8. It will look GREAT! I just went the same way although I have shoulder length hair. I LOVE having bangs again but admit that when I’m working I ALWAYS keep them clipped back lol Here are my side swept bangs about a week ago :)
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Monday Mingle – November 16th =-.

  9. Susan, no way am I doing it myself! I’ve gone that route before…

    Nope I have an appointment on Wednesday afternoon :) Will update then
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..She bangs, she bangs =-.

  10. Well….do you like how it looks? You’re brave to cut your own hair. Even if it is bangs. Mine would end up looking like Eddie Munster if I cut it myslef. Post a picture of how it looks, so we can see.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Desperate Plea For Help =-.

  11. I’m excited to see the result! I must agree with Trisha that you are gorgeous so you’ll look great no matter what and with you that the other Sarah has awesome hair. So jealous!
    .-= Kate @ The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Online Tools to Help You Save Money – Guest Post =-.

  12. Ohhh..I like it! I don’t have the nerve to do it…but I know you will look great! I’ve been growing out my hair from a bad haircut MONTHS AND MONTHS ago. Can’t wait to see your new bangs!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..There’s No Better Way… =-.

  13. Ohhhh no no bangs pretty please1! You are beautiful! Don’t forget to show them off!
    .-= Kasandria Reasoner´s last blog ..Blog Services =-.

  14. I wouldnt change a thing like Trisha said, you are beautiful

  15. Wow, you look like a runway model with day old makeup? Jealous! lol I think the bangs will look nice but it looks great now too. I have side bangs and they are easy to pull bag in bobby pins as long as you keep em thin.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Walmart Beauty Review, LIVE Closed =-.

  16. rock them bangs
    .-= Kelly W´s last blog ..Quotes to Remember… 11/16/09 =-.

  17. I would love to see you in bangs!!

    You would look so great, I just know it!
    .-= Nina Say´s last blog ..What a fight! =-.

  18. You are beautiful! I happen to like bangs and I think they’ll look great on you, but even if you didnt’ change a thing, you’d be gorgeous!
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Sunday regurgitation: I like to read my walls =-.

  19. seriously sarah, you are gorgeous. Dont change a damn thing.
    .-= trisha´s last blog ..Bossy =-.

  20. OK so I checked in the mirror… and mayyyyyybe I have a sweep of a bang… mayyyyybe
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..When Do Kids Outgrow the Poop and Play Phase? =-.

  21. BANGS!!!! You are so brave. When I chopped it all off the other week, my only requirement was no bangs. I’ve not had bangs since third grade, though some could consider my short layers in front bangs. To me they are not bangs, my olive skin would breakout like a 13 year old
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..When Do Kids Outgrow the Poop and Play Phase? =-.

  22. 2 thumbs up Sass! From a former bang girl, I say GO FOR IT! I had bangs for years (Pre Ian) and I loved them!

  23. I totally tweeted a video this morning online with a video of my NEW bangs… still having second thoughts on it…
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..Monday Mingle 11/16 =-.

  24. Aww, I LOVE being an inspiration! (Even if it’s hair. hee)

    You will rock the bangs. I’ve had mine for a couple years and have never regretted it one day!

    Can’t wait to see the update!

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