Adios Thanksgiving and Aloha Christmas!

The weekend is almost over and December is almost here! I am so excited for Christmas and am begging hubby to get the tree now, but with how hot our house gets in the Hawaiian sun, we’re holding off so that the tree will last until Christmas (one year we had to get TWO trees since the first dried up…we’re trying not to go that route again). But the wait is killing me!


Our table…simple, nothing fancy and gotta love the paper napkins


We had a super relaxing, low-pro Thanksgiving.  Since we weren’t traveling to see family or friends, it could have been like any other day, so we wanted it to be fun and special.  What did we do? Well, night before, when I had to work, my husband put up our tent out on our lanai for the kids to hang out in under the stars. The tent was a great distraction on Thanksgiving day when we were trying to keep Leah from being in the kitchen.  I know, it was totally random but also totally fun!

Thanks for the grub!


The food…oh the food…it was wonderful and all came out ready at the same time – yes a miracle was had! The entire family got in on the cooking, including the kids who fought over who could stir – can you say too many cooks in the kitchen!? The turkey was probably the moistest turkey I’ve ever eaten thanks to the careful watch of my husband, who took over the turkey cooking for me, and did a fantastic job!

It was a nice day spent cooking and relaxing at home. Reading while watching the kids play on the deck.  And it ended with the kids early to bed, thank you to the tryptophan in the turkey, and my husband and I doing a high-five for a job well done.

Yes, it was a nice day with just my little family of four.

There’s something that makes the holidays magical…family

The only thing missing was our extended family back on the mainland. There was a point during dinner when the kids were over sitting in their seats and wanted to play and my husband and I wanted to hang out enjoying seconds, of both food and wine. This was when being away from our families back on the mainland really got to me.

There’s something that makes the holidays magical…family. The coming together and cooking in an overcrowded kitchen.  Laughing about stories of times past and chatting about things going on today.  Sitting together at a crowded table and breaking bread together, making memories. And when the kids get restless it’s ok, they get excused and run off to play with their cousins leaving the adults for some good convo and general hanging out.

I really missed this.

But, such is life when you move away from family.  Thank goodness for phones, text messages, and the internet to bridge the gap.


taken this morning from my deck

Aloha December!

Here in Maui we’ve got the trade winds blowing, sprinkles sprinkling and rainbows glowing…THIS is my favorite time of year in Hawaii!  Yay for December!

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  1. Living away from my family, I can totally relate to this post. It is hardest during the holidays. BUT, here’s to making new traditions with our families in our own home. There’s nothing quite like it!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Deals at Mabel’s Labels on Cyber Monday! =-.

  2. We went through two trees one year when I was growing up. We were on the way to the tree farm when we came across a tree that was already cut and laying on the side of the road. It must have fallen off of a tree truck. We took it home and set it up. Within a week, the tree was nothing but sticks. Clearly it had been lying on the side of the road for quite awhile. We had to go back to the farm for another tree.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Gratitude – 11.25.09 =-.

  3. I know the feeling. This year I had to buy two turkeys. I forgot to take the 23 lb. bird out of the freezer in time, so I went and bought another 23 lb. fresh bird (cha ching). Turkey leftovers will be taking on a new meaning at FGK for awhile. Thank heavens for the deep freezer.
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Let There Be Light =-.

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