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Some hot posts from some Haute Mamas

It's about that time...time to share with you some great posts from some of my haute mommy blogging, comment, enjoy! The Mom Buff: 16 Weeks Progress, Erin at the Mom Buzz Top Five LeapFrog Learning Toys, Cecelia at Cool Baby Kid Are Zhu Zhu Pets the new Cabbage Patch Kids? at Experimental Mommy Mommy Tantrums? Who me? by Sarah at The Ohana Mama Watch Me On The Red Carpet At The People's Choice Awards! by Lee at MySentimentExactLee Build A Bear and Stampin' Up (giveaway) … [Read more...]

This part sucks…

My parents head back to the mainland today.  Last night as I was trying to get to sleep it hit me and yes I started to tear up.  They were only here for four days, way too short, but I got used to having them around, already.  They used to live on Maui but have been back in California for over a year now. Oh how I wish we lived by one another once again...some day we will. Some day. So we're taking them to the airport in a little bit.  I know I will have two kiddos that are going be missing … [Read more...]

Date Night…

Date night.  Ah the glorious date night!  It was nice.  And it was boring.  We have become boring! We went to dinner at the place I work a couple of nights.  When working I always day dream of being the person eating there.  Ordering a bottle of wine and taking two hours to drink it. Eating all the yummy goodness they serve and chilling while listening to the wonderful music. So we went and we ordered the yummy food and a half bottle of some wine and listened to some great music. And then … [Read more...]

Breaking News! We’re having a date night!

Stop the press! Parents are on island and we are kidless...for one night! Yahoo!  Date Night! Will be back with details. PG rated details ;) (it's been over 6 months since we had a date night here on Maui! Say it with me "YAHOO!") … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution…SAVE money in 2010

It's the end of 2009 and if you are like us, your wallet might be a little, ok A LOT, lighter after the holidays. We actually didn't spend too much money on Christmas, as we didn't have a lot to spend, yes, budgeting during holidays was a must do in this house.  Christmas was light but still full of joy, love and good times. Now it's time to look ahead, and set our resolutions. And one of my major resolutions is to make and save money in 2010. Now, I'm not one to create resolutions that are … [Read more...]