I’m pregnant and due in four days…

Crazy huh?!  I know what you’re thinking, how did I hide the bump?

Well I didn’t hide my bump…nor did I know that I was pregnant (hmm, maybe I should be on the television show).

No my husband, god love him, hid it from ME!

I still can’t believe that in less than a week I will have a new baby in the house…and it has issues…like FUR.

Ok, so I’m not pregnant, we’re only getting a dog…but it’s a PUPPY DOG!!!  Did you hear that a P-U-P-P-Y!

I think I am more scared about this than I was when I was pregnant with either child.  I mean when I was pregnant I had nine months to go through the “oh sh*t, what have I done” phase and then revel in the excitement… but with this new arrival, right this very minute, I am in the “oh sh*t”  phase…and it’s happening in four days NOT nine months!

Better get it together mama….Oh and get those toys organized and teach the kids to really put their toys away…I see many many toys being chomped on by a teething puppy in the near future…that’ll teach them! Right?

Don’t get me wrong I am BEYOND excited that we are going to have a dog in the house again.  We are dog people. And I really really really want a dog. I am ready.  We had to put out chocolate lab, Buddy, down last summer and I didn’t think I would love another furbaby again (yes I am a tad dramatic)…but the time has come.

I really feel like we are done with having children and having a dog will complete our little family.  There are times at night when I am alone, everyone is asleep, the house is quiet and I really wish I had a dog to hang with me.  And let’s not forget how awesome dogs are for cleaning up food messes from 2 year olds…I joke that we should name him Dyson or Hoover.

The kids each LOVE dogs and really want one so they will be uber excited.  (no, we haven’t told them yet – it’s a surprise – I can’t WAIT to see their faces when my husband brings him home from Oahu and the kids realize that they get to KEEP HIM!).

So it’s time!  And one week I will be the new mama to a yellow Labrador retriever.  I haven’t had a puppy since I was in 6th grade. We adopted Buddy when he was about four or five years old and he was super trained – like catches a Frisbee, walks on a leash, doesn’t pee in the house..that kind of trained.

Since my husband told me, I have been scouring the Internet and YouTube about dog training.

Have any tips?  Please share! {HELP!}

I can’t wait to share pics of our new little guy…so stay tuned! Monday is the due date :)

(I am so thankful that with this new addition I didn’t have to endure any morning sickness, the paranoia of stretch marks, getting my hoo-hah cut or go through breast engorgement…for that, I TRULY thank my husband!)


  1. Yea, you got me too. I was getting nervous. I came over from Maternal Spark. Congrats on the puppy, I guess. I have no advice, sorry, ’cause I’ve never gotten a puppy.

  2. good luck with a PUPPY! the kids are going to LOVE it
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  3. OMG! Totally thought you were serious! LOL! It has happened before ya know! Can’t wait to see pics of your fur baby! Congrats!

  4. oh I know! I can come down and train him for you to practice for us getting a puppy! yeah that’s it! heheh
    Seriously, since we had to put our Rudy down in October we have all looked at each other and said we need another!! I have been listening to Cesar Millan’s books and have his new puppy book on reserve waiting impatiently for the library to call! I highly recommend his books and look forward to doing alot of things differently this time around!!
    Hope it goes well walk that baby dog ALOT!!

  5. I don’t have any tips since I’ve never owned a dog, but congrats on your new puppy! :)
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  6. We ended up shipping our labby off to boot camp, four weeks we were without him but when he came back he was heeling, waiting at the door, taking ‘gently’ etc. It was well worth the “far too much” we paid for his training but then again we had a lot of dominance issues and things we weren’t exactly prepared to deal with ourselves. Incidentally I will never get another puppy again LOL We’re a 2yrs+ family only now! Good luck!
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  7. Too funny!

  8. Oh tips. Hmmm…
    I agree with the crate in the beginning.
    Take them out to pee every hour at first. Or more. LOL. It’s a lot like potty training a kid.
    Lots of small meals throughout the day.
    Lots of love and kisses. LOL.
    .-= erin´s last blog ..Monitor Screen Wipes =-.

  9. Exciting! We got a puppy on a whim (sigh) in September. I love it to pieces, but the day after I got it I had so much anxiety. Like WHAT DID I DO???? We already have an 8 year old dog, and like you said, I haven’t had a puppy in FOREVER. She’s chewed a lot. (My Christmas Lights and my books.) She had a few accidents on rugs. Sigh. But she is so freakin’ cute and sweet and SMART. I adore her. I know you’ll adore your new baby too.

    And she has brought new life to my 8 year old dog and compassion to my children. So it’s pretty much win-win for everyone, except my Christmas Lights. LOL.
    .-= erin´s last blog ..Monitor Screen Wipes =-.

  10. Buy a krate. It will become your friend for house trianing and when you are gone. We have the small version of marley. In the month we went without a krate we had about 800 in damages and what not. This including hiring a steam clean company to get rid of urine smell

    urine gone is great for cleaning and then spray with no go all found at pet smart. the no go is a deturinent. spray where ever you dont want puppy to go. it is not toxic and safe for dogs and kids

    good luck
    .-= sarah @bakenate´s last blog ..Forgiveness =-.

  11. Getting a puppy is scary! We got one this summer after my daughter begged for one for months and months. They are a lot of work, but totally worth it. Faythe’s advice is really good and a lot of what I would tell you. I did a TON of researched and watched every Cesar Millan video and read every book. HE IS AWESOME! Our puppy loves her crate and hangs out there all the time when she needs a break or when we do! haha! We just tell her bed, and off she goes! It’s a life saver with kids around when you can’t watch your new “baby”. Don’t feel bad for putting her in the crate, it’s really for her safety too. Just be consistent with everything! She really is like a new baby – they thrive on consistency!
    Can’t wait to see new pics of your new family member!!
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  12. Oh a puppy! How exciting for your family.
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  13. Oh shit, you’re screwed!

    No, I’m just half way kidding. I think that we are getting a dog in the spring regardless of how much my husband complains about it.

    He’s being a badass about the whole idea saying that the dog will have to sleep outside and he’s not going to walk him etc… Yeah right! I know that he’ll fall in love.

    I will look forward to following the stories about your sweet new addition.

  14. dogs and kids are awesome together.
    it’ll be fine!! the first few weeks are hard only because every single time that dog looks at you, you need to take it outside to go potty. but really? those weeks go by quickly and then you have a furry little feller that gets up on the counters and eats all your girl scout cookies. oh wait, sorry. i was having a flashback about my dog.
    good luck!! you’re going to love it. :)
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..What To Expect When After You’re Done Expecting, The Hormonal Years =-.

  15. Aww, a new Fur -baby! We have pups & kittens, and both since birth ( surprise!!) my last 3 dogs were Yorkies.. so I am now partial to small… tiny poops are easy to clean up, or they just disolve & fly away.. LOL
    the best thing I can recommend is to crate train… most people think it is mean… but done right, they actually like their own space… with the Yorkies, I used a box too big for them to jump out of, but not too big for playing, so when it was bedtime, they went to bed too, after a trip outside, I always had a old shirt or socks that someone in the house ( & the pup really loves, or the main trainer, which was me) had worn for a day in the crate, with an old towel.. so it was comfy & warm, and smelled familiar ( hubby could also ask for a small piece of fabric from the breeder to take home).. I would put the box by the bed so as soon as I got up, I would take the dog out to potty & praise of course… They normally will not pee in their bed, unless they have room to avoid it, or can not hold it that long yet) if they made a lot of noise in the night I could reach over & they could see I was still there & tell them to sshhushh… & ignore them.. with a big dog, I don’t know if you will have room in your bedroom, but I did do it with a larger dog & kept her in the kitchen. Praise & a quick no, and a pull to the collar when naughty, grab them quick if caught going potty inside, say no, and then say outside & stand with them & watch them go & praise… after potty training & they were used to the leash, I never needed a crate again, unless for long trips.
    there are lots of books I am sure… You could watch Ceasar Millan on animal planet, I think he has books, but I don’t know about puppys?
    have fun & enjoy…
    holler if you need help… I cyber send you a hug!
    .-= Faythe @GMT´s last blog ..Cyber Monday Madness! =-.

  16. LOL At least the labor won’t hurt like the others! :-)
    .-= eve @ letters to breathe´s last blog ..You Are Toxic =-.

  17. Congrats on your upcoming fur baby! I bet you’ll have loads of fun and I can’t wait for all the cute puppy pics!

  18. OMG Cat…now I’m even mroe scared! (wait, maybe he’ll chew on our couches so I can get new ones :) )

    Christy, OMG, that’s a funny story – I mean it’s not, but is. OMG!

    I have one too…The first day we got Buddy we took him to the beach which had a million stairs to get to the sand. He saw the sand and ran so fast he literally flew off of probably 5-10 stairs into the sand. The very first day we got him, we thought we killed him…or he killed himself. Thank god he was ok!

    I will be keeping this one safe and sound :) (i hope!)

  19. YAY for a puppy! Congrats!
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  20. Oh man I have no advice for puppies but patience LOL! And congrats I love my some puppies minus the chewing, pooping, peeing etc!!! :P
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  21. Congrats!! We LOVE our dog Ashes!! Here is a tip that will save you thousands. Don’t let your dog jump off of high surfaces if he is a puppy. Here our story (sorry for the long saga)– I wanted a frou frou $2,000 dog that would fit in a purse. My DH says no those are too expensive. He did lots of research and decided that we would get a rat terrier. I have bad pet allergies and this type of dog is supposed to be good for allergies. Plus it was important that we have a smart dog per DH and ratties are supposed to be an intelligent breed (but what do I know I have never owned a dog before.) Anyway–trying to make a long story short. Two days after we had him I sent DD off to school and when she came home I had to tell her our newest addition broke his leg (in two places) and Mommy had to take him to the hospital where he was scheduled for surgery the next day. So don’t let your dog jump!! Ours jumped from the couch to the floor and broke his leg. He has had two surgeries. Now I have a $2,000 rat terrier. The last surgery was outpatient only so it was less expensive. And another piece of advice is to get pet insurance before you bring him home. We didn’t even know about pet insurance. But we can’t get it because Ashes is uninsurable now that he has had a surgery. I can’t wait to see the pics of your newest baby.

  22. How exciting! Lab puppies are so darn cute too. My girls want one so badly!

    If only they’d poop and pee on command. In one spot in the back yard, far far far away from me. I just can’t do doggy poo or pee.
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..How to accept a gift without losing a testicle or two =-.

  23. Oh fun! I can’t to meet your little furball. I’m sure you’ll be a great dog mama and the new addition will add lots of fun and love to your family. Congrats! :)
    .-= Kate @ The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Sassy Developmental Toys Review =-.

  24. OMG you totally freaked me out for a minute!!! Congrats on the puppy, can’t wait for pics!
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  25. Good luck! We are soooo not pet people here, so I have no clue what to do with a puppy.

  26. Congratulations! We have been back and forth on the idea of a puppy for a year or more, still no final decision yet. I’ll live vicariously through you!

  27. How exciting!

    We have a yellow lab too and she’s the sweetest thing. Well except for the two holes she chewed in the walls and the flooring she chewed a hole in.

  28. you got me!! I was like what?!?!?! LOL

  29. Gena, you need to help me! Like what the hell do I need? I know bottles diapers, that kind of stuff for a baby but for a DOG? what do I do?? Help!

  30. Good luck Sarah! LOL We have two right now and my DH likes to show up with a dog every now and then. Drives me bonkers! I told him NO MORE.
    .-= Gena´s last blog ..Trisha Haas’ Top Ten List =-.

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