Adventures in Co-Sleeping….Oh What a Night

We’ve added a new little one to our my co-sleeping adventure.  He’s furry and has to go OUTSIDE to pee and poop NUMEROUS times in the middle of the night. (thank GOD we live in a warm climate location….getting a puppy in the winter for Christmas is CRAZY…but Thank GOD we live in Hawaii, although to my now Hawaiian sun kissed skin it is chilly to me at 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. and 5 a.m….)

So my husband and I have been switching off puppy patrol.  He’d take one night, I’d take another.  But many nights I also have to go comfort a child that cries out for me and then I end up falling asleep in Cam’s bed and then hubby has to take puppy patrol and then he gets no sleep and then he’s a MAJOR GROUCH (wimp). And bad moods are as contagious as the H1N1 in this house and our house is way too small to have numerous grouches so….

I did what any mom would do…I MOMMY’d UP!  Because us mom, we rock like that and kick ass.  We can have interrupted sleep and get up 5 times a night and somehow we make it work…most of the time.  I tell you, we’re freaks of nature, God’s gift to the world, we have something special ladies.

So last night, it was Friday, Cameron wanted to sleep out on the couch with me (the couch has become the bed for whoever has puppy patrol…it’s quite comfortable (when you have the longer end…see below) so don’t feel too bad for me).  I let Cam have a sleep out with me and he went off to sleep fairly quickly and then I sat and watched “Say Yes to the Dress” and random infomercials until midnight (I totally want the Tobi Steamer for our clothes now, I am so sold. SO sold!).

I got a couple of hours of shut eye and then it was on.  Puppy patrol.  Then it was daughter patrol. I went and tucked her back in.  Found her, her stuffed puppy (the LOVE of her LIFE!) and got her back to sleep.  I gave puppy some water, a chewy and I headed back to sleep.  For ten minutes, until the puppy HAD to go out AGAIN.

“OMG, pup, do it all at once, be efficient! For God’s sake!”

Then at 5 a.m. as I was trying my hardest to fall back into slumber land when I heard a tiny voice down the hall.



It was Leah.  She was awake.  I mean wide-open-as-though-it-was-10 a.m. AWAKE.  I took her out to the couch with me.

So here I was with Cameron snoozing happily on one section of our corner couch and I on the other. I was on the shorter end…mind you.  So, from my knees to my toes, my legs were hanging over the arm of the couch. And now I had Leah too.

I had to lay on my side, with my ass literally hanging off the couch, I mean not an ounce of it was on the couch, people.  Not an ounce.  My feet were curled up now, as I tried to spoon my little one and get something that resembled rest.  To get comfy I threw my arm over Leah to hold her (and to hold on for dear life, since a LARGE portion of me was NOT actually ON the couch).  I wasn’t sure if my arm was too heavy so I took it back.

But no sooner, did little Leah grab my arm and place it back over her.  She then gave it a rub and couple of sweet pats.  Just like a little mama. So sweet.  So so sweet.

Reassurance, love, and cuddles with my little girl…it was an awesome moment.

And that right there.  That rub of my arm.  That pat to say “I love you”. That made this crazy co-sleeping situation all the better and all worth it and one I wouldn’t have had if my dear husband HAD had the balls to get up with the dog and still put on a smiling face and fake it the next morning….like so many of us moms do. I can admit to window shopping for Futon Creations but don’t tell me husband!

Oh what a night. A very crazy, busy, crowded and FULL OF LOVE night.

Now, I’m off to get me some coffee….

disclosure…the Tobi steamer people did not pay me for placement…although I’d totally be up for trying that baby, if they’d like. And yes, there may be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in this post. Don’t kill me. I’ll try and find them after I have consumed copious amounts of java and  the sun is up…it’s still dark here, as I sit with my daughter on one side of me, awake and watching t.v., my son on the other side, still snoozing away (oh to be HIM!) and the roosters just starting to crow…


  1. The things we moms do to keep a happy household. I hope Santa brings you some time off this year. *hint to the hubby* Totally cute story about sleeping on the couch with the kids though. Makes me miss our big corner sectional (but not the short side).
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Secret Elf =-.

  2. So what kind of dog is he? Poi? congratulations on your new edition to your family.Hope you post some pictures.Please get “Parvo’ shot for your dog. I lived in Hawaii for over 12 years and had a couple of friends loose their dog because they didn’t get that shot.

  3. Ugh, you poor thing. Our labradoodle is 5 months old and finally sleeping through the night!! You’ll be there before you know it. Try taking away food and water at 6pm. That should help a little. We have 3 doggies and 2 kiddos. Not much sleep around here!! Not sure what I was thinking getting a new pup :)
    I LOVE your blog! I’m a California girl and LOVE Hawaii!! We try to visit once a year, sadly this year is out. We would love to relocate, but I am too chicken to leave family behind. I really admire that you guys actually made the move…what great memories you are making there :) My blog is private, but I’d be happy to send you an invite if you want. Hope you get some sleep :)

  4. Sarah – Sookie is now … 4 months maybe? She lasts all night. I got exhausted with her wanting to go out. Eventually I decided it must just be her thinking she is allowed out all hours – kinda like a CIO kind of thing. I also took her out of the crate last month. LOL. She’s been good. She found her spot to sleep – under the Christmas Tree. Wont she be surprised next month when it goes Buh-by! And we STOP giving her water at night. Like 7 pm is their last drink. They go out to pee at 10 pm. She lasts until I get up around 7.
    .-= erin´s last blog ..What’s Buzzworthy: Elf YourSelf & Leave Your Buzzworthy Link =-.

  5. Hi, Sarah!

    I agree about the crate training. I’m owned by Labradors and my first boy was trained in about a month. Keep Duke crated, and let him earn his freedom – which means no roaming about the house until he’s trained. Take him outside to potty before any activity – if anyone wants to play with him, fine, let him out first. Let him out again when playtime is over, then return him to his crate. Make him understand that the crate is HIS area. Before he eats, do the same – outside to potty before a meal, and again after, then return to crate. You have to be vigilant, but it does pay off. Labs are a smart breed (smarter than we, sometimes, I think) and they catch on to the whole housebreaking thing rather quickly.

    By any chance, is he a Black Sands puppy from Jackie on Oahu?

  6. When we had puppies, we used to put a gate up between our bed and the wall and give them just a tiny little area next to the bed. It seemed like they didn’t have to “go out” as much when they were laying right next to us.

    At least they potty train quicker and easier than kids LOL
    .-= Kim @ What’s That Smell?´s last blog ..Tasty holiday ideas from Sara Lee & Hillshire Farm + a $500 Walmart gift card contest =-.

  7. Oh Sarah! Sounds like you’ve got the fort covered, but, I love those reassuring pats from my almost 3 year old. :) Hope you manage a nap today!!
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Omg The cute. =-.

  8. Yeah, having a puppy is just like a new born. They can only hold pee for as long as their age.

    1 month = 1 hour
    4 months = 4 hours
    etc, etc.

    Our Shelbi is 7 months and still has to go after about 5 hours.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Kodak ESP 9 AIO Printer Review =-.

  9. Crate training totally works! You poor thing – drink loads of coffee and hopefully you’ll get some sleep tonight!!!! :)
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Puzzler World (Nintendo DS) Review =-.

  10. He is in a crate-like thing but he has to pee so often we still need to get him. He’s already trained to go by the door to go out but when in the crate he whines to go out. He’s really good but isn’t this just how it is with puppies? They have to pee a lot? (they have tiny bladders, right?)

    Or did I TOTALLY get wrong information? And if I did, I am coming to hunt those people down who told me that! LOL

    Off to go see what the great Cesar, dog whisperer says about this…hmmm…I think I’ve been DUKE’d! (get it, instead of duped…ok, I’m delirious!)

  11. OH MY! What a night! Put that puppy in a crate for the night and get some sleep in your room with the door closed. She’ll be fine!

    Just like our kids, the more you go in and get her out, the more she’ll want to. I would be exhausted! Hope you get some rest today!
    .-= Kasey@All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Beef Stew With Mushrooms =-.

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