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Nascar Victory Lane from Darda Toys is a Hit with My Boys

I received The Darda Victory Lane race track to review before the holidays and I'll tell you it's become one of my son's AND my husband's favorite toys!  I especially love it because it takes absolutely no batteries and is 100% kid (or Dad) powered.  You simply pull back the car and watch it go! And it doesn't just putter it goes FAST! Also I plan to buy a remote control car for my son, this will be every cooler! I found RC Rank best guide, they review best remote control cars. Set up was a … [Read more...]

Top 10 reasons we drove through that fast food joint…

Fast food.  Drive thrus. They are the devil.  BUT, they can also be godsends.  Not only to moms, but especially to moms.  I am not a fast food nazi although I know that there are much smarter, better, healthier choices to fill our bellies and our children's bellies with. But sometimes, a mom's gotta do what a moms gotta do. Top 10 reasons we drove through that fast food joint... 1. Still in your pajamas.  With slippers on feet. This has been my reality.  I had to take my … [Read more...]

Aloha Friday! “Cannot Get my Head out of the Bathroom” Edition

Yes, yes, my mind is still in the loo. I know, I talked about bathrooms here and here. So why not round out the week with more bathroom talk during this week's Aloha Friday? Don't worry, nothing about urine or toilets will be brought up... Ok, so let's get the party started!  It's Aloha Friday, No Work Til Monday.  Time to take it easy and just post a super simple question.  Then you answer it in the comments.  You can keep the aloha going with posting your own question on your blog.  If you … [Read more...]

When life imitates the blog

Usually it's the other way around.  Life happens, I write about it. Easy. But sometimes it's backwards. Like today. My blog is not about using the restroom or hovering but I have to continue the conversation from Sunday. The poll results were very eye opening, by the way.  Wow! Bare bum ladies are all over the place! And as some said, hovering leads to urine all over the place. And as I learned today.  That's true. All hoverers should be warned. This could happen to … [Read more...]

Random Sunday Poll: Bathroom Talk…To Hover or Not to Hover

This is for the ladies (which are most of my readers). Let's talk bathroom talk. Ok, us ladies have it hard when it comes to going to the bathroom in a public restroom.  Hovering, teetering, up on our toes, with pants or skirts hiked up so as to not get any bathroom gunk on ourselves. It can be a workout! It's a tough, precarious situation, heading to the bathroom in a stall that's shared. Personally I'm a triple maybe quadruple user of the seat covers. There's nothing worse than … [Read more...]