I’m SHORT…so of course I should be the 30-something E.L.F. model!

Come on…it’s PERFECT!  Short mom of two, in her thirties (that’s like 100 in model years) with a long standing school-girl dream of becoming a model, if even for a day, gets chosen to represent the 30-somethings as the e.l.f make up model. Oh and the shoot would take place in New York City…That’s one of my BIGGEST dreams…getting to NYC! Before I got married I almost went to a fashion school in NYC, I was this close and then I got engaged…and the rest is history.

In case you don’t remember, this e.l.f. contest has been on my mind for a while.  You can catch up here.

I’ve waited and waited and waited. Somewhat patiently. Somewhat impatiently.

I actually tweeted the Director of Marketing at e.l.f., Ted Rubin on Tuesday to get an update (yeah, how cool is that, that you can tweet the Chief Marketing Officer from e.l.f.! And he’s super nice and has fantastic inspirational tweets all day…and no, this is not me sucking up, just being honest (ok, there was a tad bit of sucking up right there.)

Here’s how that went down…

Picture 116

Picture 115

So I waited. And then I forgot about it, for the night, and THEN, I got this email yesterday….

Hello Sarah Burns,

You have been placed “On Hold” for the Face of e.l.f. Casting with ExploreModeling.com! This means that you are being considered for final selection.

The “On Hold” models can be viewed here:

And there I was squeeling, jumping and dancing in my living room, my husband thinking I won the lottery, me feeling like I had.

I was instantly taken back to when I was in 9th grade and my mom sent in my pictures to the Liza Gibbons Show (remember that show?). Anyhow, they were doing a “real girls become models” show and I had been chosen as a finalist.  I was ecstatic…my little 5 foot 2 inch self was standing as tall as Cindy Crawford, oh how I loved Cindy.

And then I never got a call or heard from the Liza show again.  BUMMER.

But, I had been chosen as a possibility and that little teeny tiny possibility, was super cool to me.

And here I am again, 17 years wiser, a mom to two kids but I still felt like that little high school chick when I received that email stating I made the cut from 11K people to 200+ people! WOOHOO!

I know it’s cliche but I already feel like a winner.  It’s exciting.  Most of the other participants ARE models with their comp cards, polaroids and portfolios.  Me, I have ShakeItPhotos on my iPhone, my own arm to take a pic and my portfolio includes breastfeeding pics, co-sleeping pics, and kids with messy faces in it.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if a shorty, a 30- something, Mom of two, made it as an e.l.f model!?  I think so too! I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I think you should win because you are beautiful inside and out. I really mean that too, I’m not just saying it to sound lame. LOL

    .-= Lee´s last blog ..This Was My Day After Enduring A Great Loss. =-.

  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a natural beauty and always have been. I also voted for you (of course) and have my fingers and my toes crossed for you – wow, you already did win by making this incredibly cut to the 200 on hold – hoping you get it! Regardless though, you are our “beautiful face of 2010” already!

    Keep us posted…..

  4. Sarah, this is so exciting for you! I’m excited for you!
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Mom’s B.V. Babies Blizzarded in, in B.V Again =-.

  5. Sarah,
    I remember voting numerous times!!! You deserve to win cause you are a natural beauty. Please keep us posted:-) LUCK, LUCK, LUCK!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Using “lists” within Facebook =-.

  6. That would be cool! You are so cute. Good luck!

  7. Tamaar B. says:

    I voted for you everyday and sure hope you are the BIG winner :)

  8. That is soo great! Congratulations!! (& I agree, Ted is wonderful!)
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Smooth Away =-.


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