American Baby Magazine Wants Your Summer Safety Stories!

This is from my friend Ellen who writes for American Baby Magazine, please contact her should you have any anecdotes, at!  You may see your name in print in the magazine!

She’s looking for “your best summer safety trick/strategy for water safety, sun safety, yard safety, food safety, park/playground safety.” Read below to find out more!

I’m doing a story on summer safety and first aid, and looking for moms with kids 2 and under to share some quick anecdotes/experiences/challenges in trying to keep their young children safe in summer. We will be covering water safety, bugs(Have you ever wondered ‘Does alcohol kill bed bugs? – find out if it really works’), sun, plants (like poison ivy), the park/playground ; and the back yard (grills, lawnmowers, etc…).

I’m not looking for horror stories (we really want to put a positive spin on the importance of summer safety), but I’m interested in hearing about:

** a time your child had a close call, but you were prepared.

**a close call that surprised you…maybe a hazard you didn’t think about or expect

**Your tips for keeping kids safe in summer
— Maybe how you keep curious kids from touching bees or spiders, or poison ivy

–How you get a wiggly toddler to wear sunscreen

–Tricks for keeping toddlers and babies safe at the pool or beach

I WILL be able to use your name if I mention you. Feel free to pass along to your friends!

If you have a story to share, please email me ASAP at

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