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I may be taking a teeny tiny break from big posts, but of course,  I can’t stay completely away so you may be seeing my life, as told in photos.  And remember, you can always check out what’s up with me at my 365 project.

I have turned into my mother…not such a bad thing, I’d say…

This picture was from Sunday when we went to eat at The Gazebo in Napili.  It reminds me so much of my mama when she was my age…maybe it’s the retro inspired dress, and big glasses or the curly haired cutie to my left (just like my sister when she was young) but it made me take a double take. I can only hope I age as well as my mom has.


Diana camera

And while we’re talking about photos, I am in love with the Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera
…it’s so flippin cool! I may have to get myself one of these babies. Does anyone have one? Let me know how you like it.  I love the effects the photos have.

Until tomorrow, Happy Hump Day!


  1. You are too kind darlin’! Will put Kimo on finding that pic of your sister and me on the suspension bridge outside Vancouver when she was 18 mos old – yep the big glasses bring it all back – “deja vu all over again”.

    I see my life in re-runs in both you and your big sister and it’s like going back to the future when I see my own mother’s reflection (your grandma) in the mirror everyday! We could all have done much worse in the genes we’ve been given.

  2. That is a cool camera. I just upgraded my camera. And I love that pic of you. I need one of your mom with your sis for comparison.

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