New pic on my 365 Project: Jaws Breaks on Maui


(play along, that’s my best Jaws soundtrack reenactment)

I wouldn’t be caught dead in these monstrous waves at Jaws, as I would surely DIE! But it was exciting to watch the pros go at it, being towed in by one jet ski and rescued from the rocks by another. It was truly ah-mazing!

Jaws Maui

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  1. Sarah,

    I love the movie “Step Into Liquid” and they show Jaws on there – the surfers are dropped in by helicopter! So, so cool.

    I think there’s a Hawaiian name for it, isn’t there? Pe’ahi?

    I live vicariously through you. :D

    .-= Heather Allard´s last blog ..5 People To Consider When Packaging Your Product =-.

  2. This break doesn’t happen all the time either. This was a huge deal that is was breaking. And no one but the pros were out! It was so awesome seeing how small the guys were in the wave, really let us know how small we all are in this big world!

  3. Amazing picture.

    When I went to Hawaii we went to the North Shore of Oahu. It was flat as a lake. I was totally disappointed. I think I even threw a temper fit of sorts. “WHERE ARE THE WAVES? I DON’T SEE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS…”

    A few days later, we went back to the North Shore to rinse off because we were covered in mosquito bites from walking in the tropical forest. Buddy, those waves would have swallowed me whole. The waves were so big, and the surf was so powerful, I wasn’t even comfortable putting my feet in. I was amazed by how many surfers were braving the waves and how many children were playing at the edge of the water while their parents watched.
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