Random Sunday Poll: Bathroom Talk…To Hover or Not to Hover

This is for the ladies (which are most of my readers). Let’s talk bathroom talk.

Ok, us ladies have it hard when it comes to going to the bathroom in a public restroom.  Hovering, teetering, up on our toes, with pants or skirts hiked up so as to not get any bathroom gunk on ourselves. It can be a workout!

It’s a tough, precarious situation, heading to the bathroom in a stall that’s shared.

Personally I’m a triple maybe quadruple user of the seat covers. There’s nothing worse than putting down a seat cover and sitting on it and feeling wetness come through.  Can you say SKEEVES ME OUT?! ICK!

Do your women friends a favor ladies and if you dribble, wipe it up.  And try to get all personal hygiene items IN the trash.

Come on, we’re in this bathroom hovering, teetering and wobbling together! Do your part!

And now, take a fun poll :)

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  1. No more hoovering for me
    I have found a nice way of using the public toilet in peace! finally. just use Butt-tox portable antibactial toilet seat sanitizer. Be kind to your behind. spray wipe and seat. never been happier!

  2. We need to define public restroom because that totally changes everything.

    If it’s a nice establishment with toilet paper and it’s clean, then I have no problem plopping myself on the eat. Plus, there is no way I can hover my two year old over the toilet.

    HOWEVER, if it is a scary bathroom, I do not pee. If I HAVE to pee, then I hover and layer on the seat covers. If Moanna has to pee, I layer the seat and spray her down with disinfectant when we leave.
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Haïti Aide =-.

  3. I despise hoverers. They are the reason there is always pee on the seats. There is no reason to hover anyways. You can’t catch anything from a toilet seat! And there are fewer germs on the seat than there are on the faucet, door handle, etc. To counter the yuck factor, just wipe it down and put down TP or a seat cover.

  4. Cover and sit! I will avoid public restrooms at all costs too, but sometimes ya gotta go!!

  5. This is an interesting topic you bring up. Ok, I’m a hoverer, but before you blame me for getting pee everywhere, I actually wipe the seat when I’m done (& wash my hands well)! I consider the hover a good way to get a little thigh workout in. I know, sounds silly, but with minimal time to workout, I get all the little ones in I can (like always taking the stairs!!). I hate to break it to everyone, but the seat covers do not work. I had a microbiology lab and we used toilet paper to show how many sheets you would need to actually protect you from the bacteria (it was a lot) & why waste that much paper (eco-friendly) when you can hover or like Lee said, just sit down. Funny thing is, most public restrooms are cleaner than our own homes! Believe it or not! They actually get wiped down at least once a day.

  6. I thankfully have a huge bladder and I can hold it. On those occasions I can’t I use multiple seat covers and try not to get any yuck on me. Oh if the bathroom is filthy forget it. I would like to add to your list… FLUSH THE TOILET!!!

    My favorite potty quote:
    If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat.
    .-= Sheilacakes´s last blog ..Lets Grow: Let’s Lend A Helping Hand DVD Review and Giveaway! =-.

  7. Even though all the scientists say that public and private toilet seats are often cleaner than your kitchen sink, I still put at least TWO seat covers on before I will sit on one. Unfortunately, I have been in many public restrooms that do not have any seat covers at all! Yes, I’m talking to YOU Target. So I just cover the seat with layers of toilet paper.
    .-= Shan @Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In NYC!! =-.

  8. Soooooo…I try to avoid public restrooms. Granted, there are times when I can’t and those are the days that I carefully examine the seat. If ANYTHING is on the seat I go to the next stall until I find a clean one and I sit. Chances are, if I’m using a public restroom it’s b/c I really gotta go and I don’t have time to mess with the seat covers. And I’m too short to hover. If I hovered I’d pee all over my pants.

  9. I’m with Lee! You hover-ers are the ones that get all the pee on the seat, if everyone sat we’d be fine!

    I actually have never really understood why people are so skeeved, its just the back of your legs touching the surface. (I do wipe the seat first tho, agree the wetness is BARF!) Clearly I am not a germaphobe though!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..What Waiting In The Wrong Line at CVS Taught Me About Online Customer Service =-.

  10. I hover. All the way. and then when my 3 year old asks me what I’m doing, I quickly try to distract her… Which is no easy feat. Mommy? You peeing? Yes. Lauren, I’m peeing. Oh “good job, Mommy!” Uh, thanks. I’m sure the rest of the women in the bathroom are having a good chuckle oh and let’s not talk about trying to deter her from touching the sanitary napkin disposal. yuck.
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  11. I do a quick check and wipe off any droplets I see before I use multiple seat covers (or multi-layers of tp) and then sit. I’ve hovered before and fallen. That’s never pretty.

    I wish we had toilets like in Japan – flat on the floor. You squat facing the plumping, which you can hold on to if needed. I can handle the squat, especially with some support, much better than the hover.

  12. Ah! Lee and this is why I do this poll…I know you aren’t the only one. :)

  13. Yall can judge me as much as you want, but I just sit down. I do a quick wipe off of the seat first, then sit. I figure 98% of you girly girls are hovering anyway. I’m too short to hover, my feet don’t touch the floor half the time. LOL. I’ve yet to die from any nasty as of yet. Fingers crossed.

    .-= Lee´s last blog ..Uh Lee, Why Is There A Tripod In Your Bedroom? =-.

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