Top 10 reasons we drove through that fast food joint…

starbucks and bank drive thru

my ultimate: a bank drive thru + starbucks drive thru

Fast food.  Drive thrus. They are the devil.  BUT, they can also be godsends.  Not only to moms, but especially to moms.  I am not a fast food nazi although I know that there are much smarter, better, healthier choices to fill our bellies and our children’s bellies with. But sometimes, a mom’s gotta do what a moms gotta do.

Top 10 reasons we drove through that fast food joint…

1. Still in your pajamas.  With slippers on feet. This has been my reality.  I had to take my up-all-night-crying-child for a sunrise drive to get her to sleep.  A certain golden arched establishment does make one of the best breakfast sandwiches.  Come on, you know it.

2. No bra. You made it out of those pjs but it’s late in the day and mama needed to release the hounds.  Aching back,aching shoulders and a tad too tight around, yes you are braless. Thank GOD the person in the window at that drive through can’t see.

3. Your child is crying and you need milk. STAT! Oh, and throw in a toy for good measure.  Thank you and goodbye.

4. You have a sleeping child in the back seat. No way are you waking him or her, and Mama needs a latte.  We don’t have one on Maui, but back on the mainland, I’ve been known to drive waaaaay out of way to find a Starbucks drive through.  And yes it was worth it. A sleeping child in the back, a latte in my hand and The Bangles playing Manic Monday on the radio…that rocks!

5. You’re PMSing. Period. (no pun intended)

6. It’s raining. And you dread gathering up your two kids and yourself and walking in torrential downpour.  So you risk only your arm instead. beep-beep.

7. No make-up. Or worse, yesterdays make-up, smeared and it’s Noon.  Pop on sun glasses and drive on thru that fast food joint mama.  No need to lift those shades and expose the raccoon eyes of sleepless mommy nights.

8. In-n-Out. Wham bam thank you m’am. Life is fast…and so is a fast food drive thru.  On nights when you’ve got practices to go to and places to be, the almighty neon drive thru sign can be your beacon to appease the masses.

9. You, I mean your kids, have collected almost every single one of the Speed Racer toys.  Except that last one.  I do it all for the toys…all for the toys.

10. No shoes. In a dash to get out of the house and go hunt down dinner, at 6 p.m., you forget your shoes and have to go the fast food, drive thru route. (psst, this can be done intentionally or unintentionally, I’ve seen it played out both ways. wink wink.)

And there you have it!  It’s all for good reason.  We’re not bad mothers, we’re smart, quick on our feet decision makers.

Other places that I love that offer drive thrus…

Walgreens…you rock!

I mentioned Starbucks…you rock…but I want in West Maui

Car washes….these are the bomb. Most kids like them. But some get really freaked out…beware. You could be stuck for 5 minutes with a crying toddler and absolutely no way out.

Banks. A drive up teller or ATM is the best thing since sliced bread.  Seriously.

I’d love to see…

A drive up sushi joint. Fresh sushi on the spot!

A drive through video rental kiosk

A drive through smoothie shack

And a place that just sells, milk, diapers and wipes.  I think they’d rake it in.


  1. There used to a drive thru Genki sushi on Oahu! When Genki first arrived in Hawaii, their first location was where a Burger King used to be in a busy area with no street parking. You had to call ahead to use the drive thru but once you got there you could pick up your order via the drive thru.

    Genki was my german shepherd’s first “practice being nice to strangers” experience. We would go through the drive thru and I’d train him to keep a cool head in the passenger seat. He’d then get a biscuit outta my pocket and I’d head home with trays of sushi.

    I was very sad when they relocated to another location with no drive thru.

  2. annesamoilov says:

    @TheOhanaMama I love my drive thru Starbucks too…but if it had a bank I’d be in heaven!

  3. @TheOhanaMama YES!!! I’d love a drive thru for milk n diapers. Would make life SO much easier. :)

  4. You and I are kindreds! I managed to find the very few SB’s drive thrus on the island of Oahu….in my PJ’s, day-old make-up. ;-) Oh how I miss those tradewinds and rain vs snow. UGH. Home sickness.

  5. @TheOhanaMama Oahu has a few select Starbuck’s drive-thru locations – I found them all. ;-)

  6. LOVE this post because it’s so true! I am usually a case of yesterday’s make-up…gross! I also had my first crying baby in a carwash experience last week. My son (the older one) had been sick all week and we were stuck inside. So, I decided on a field trip to the carwash. My 1 y/o wasn’t liking it so much!

  7. Hilarious! Love the pajamas/no makeup (might be a tad guilty of that one! :-)
    .-= debra muccio´s last blog ..Pottery Barn Kids: Free Valentine’s Workshop =-.

  8. You’re a mompraneur (However you spell it) Start a drive thru store!! I HATE grocery shopping (especially running in for 1 item) with 3 kids!

    I know there’s My Gofer but I haven’t really checked it out yet.
    .-= Paula´s last blog ..Thirsty Thursday – Berry Blue Milk =-.

  9. A sandwich drive thru would be awesome too! I am trying to break the ol’ drive thru habit, but its hard! my downfalls are Starbucks and In-n-Out, both of which I had today.

  10. “release the hounds” – that made me laugh!

    I’d love to see a drive through at Wegmans … man, I hate getting out of the car in a snowstorm just so I can get milk or paper towels or something!
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Our ceilings need to be potty trained =-.

  11. LOL…as i was reading this I was nodding my head going, “yup. been there. yup, do it all the time.” Oh and I think you should market that last idea…YOU would make bank!
    .-= Miss Blondie´s last blog ..High School Reunion =-.

  12. Ha, you’re cute! I limit my fast food to 2-3 times a year, so basically when I can’t avoid it, lol. Have you seen Food Inc.? It’s a horror documentary on fast food and big food companies in general. This leads to packing my own pb&js when I plan on going out with kids on errands. Anyways, I’d love to see a sushi, smoothie, and mommy/baby essentials drive thrus. Oh yes, I would!:)

  13. I agree with the diaper/wipes drive through- Great idea!! Can I get Pampers in a size 4 with a side of wipes???

  14. Excellent list! I’d add that every store needs to have a drive-thru option. Especially Target (sorry, I know you don’t have one). I adore drive-thrus of all kinds in the winter. To not have to get out of the car myself, let along get my toddler out of the car in the cold, windy, snowy climates is a blessing.

  15. I love that last idea – diapers, wipes and must-haves for baby and moms.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Organic Insecticide: Environmentally Safe! Win! =-.

  16. This is brilliant! Except for #8 (we don’t have In-n-Out here), I’ve used every single one of your reasons to go through the drive-thru!
    .-= Elizabeth ´s last blog ..Things I’m Thinking About Today – 1/28 =-.

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