Top Five Favorite Vlogging Moms

Here are my Top FIVE Fave Mom Vloggers…I know that are many many many more, so if you are a vlogging mom, leave me a link in the comments so that we can all go check you out!

In no particular order…

1. Trisha of MomDot…this vlogging mom not only chats it up on camera but she makes full-blown music videos.  And her husband takes part too, from his own music videos to interviews between the two high school sweethearts.  Go check her, if you haven’t already, she ROCKS IT!

2. The Mama Mary Show...this women makes me laugh out loud every Monday on her Momsense Monday videos.  She’s funny.  Really really funny!  Be sure to check in with her every Monday for a new Momsense vid and start your week of right! This week she has a video of her husband’s Valentine’s rap to her…damn, that’s one talented couple over there!

3. Hoo-Dee-Hoo…Meredith is awesome She shares great finds, fun tips and her backdrop (her home) is gorgeous!  Watching Meredith is like chatting with a girlfriend, albeit it’s one-sided, but she’s a cool chick that I don’t mind just listening to and watching what she has to share.

4. Cool Mom…Daphne, a mom on momversation, has her own vlogging site, Cool Mom.  I LOVE her videos. They are quick, funny and usually on topic.  She’s sorta a Hollywood insider…you might see her sometimes doing commentary in the tabloid mags…and she’s one FUNNY chick! Check her out!

5. Momversation…the entire crew.  I know, I know, I write about them a lot.  But I love what they’ve got going on…my fave are the funny topics that usually get me to laugh out loud and I often can relate to at least one of their viewpoints, which makes me feel “normal”.  The editing is great, the women are even better and when I’m in it…it’s a HOME RUN baby! (come on, I HAD to go there! wink)

Wanna be a vlogging mama? Here are five vlogging tips…

1. Be entertaining or on topic..we can’t all be funny but we all have an interesting tid bit to share. Take a topic that you see  being tossed around on Twitter in the blogosphere and tell us YOUR point of view…more times than not, others think the same way…and if they don’t then you’ve got a good conversation starter!  Make it fun by taping it in a random spot, say….in the bathroom (sometimes it’s the only place to get some peace and quiet, right?)!

2. K.I.S.S.…Keep It Short Sweetheart…sometimes a quick vlog can be sooooooo much better than a long one.  When I first started vlogging, my videos were long. Too long. Shorter ones can be more entertaining and easier for your readers/viewers to enjoy in today’s busy busy world.

3. Be real…You DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALL PRETTY.  Make it real. No make up? No worries! (see my quick vlog above for a prime example)

4. Look to the light…try not to video with light behind you.  You will be lost on a black hole and no one can see you.  Natural light is best, just sit by a window and let the light shine on you.

5. JUST DO IT! Scared, embarrassed, shy…just do it.  Have fun, talk like you are talking to a friend and go for it!

I can’t wait to learn about more vlogging moms, be sure to share your link with me if you’ve gone video style.

Oh and HAVE FUN!


  1. I love vlogging! I don’t do it enough though, but its fun. I love Trisha’s vlogs too and i’ll have to check out the other ones.

  2. Okay Sarah, I was a little crushed that I didn’t make your list but my gal Meredith hit the #3 spot and since I consider her the “salt” to my peppa – it’s all good! And girrrl if that’s your “no makeup” look – ahem, let’s just say life’s not fair. You r gorgeous – you should have your own show in Hawaii!!

  3. You totally rock, Ohana Mama! Thank you so much for the props! I am very appreciative for the vote of confidence. I posted that vid of my hubby since I just couldn’t bare to see my mug up there today. :-) Wish you lived in SD so we could enjoy the beach and coronas together. And congrats on the $500 bucks. Office pools are the only thing I miss about corporate America, that and re-capping Idol and Bachelor with all the girls around the coffee pot. Cheers to you!!!
    .-= Mama Mary´s last blog ..time to re-visit the art of love letter rapping =-.

  4. Wowzer my beautiful Hawaiian friend, a big Midwest THANK YOU! for puttin’ me on this list.
    I truly hope we do get to have a one-on-one girlfriend chat in person someday real soon. Maybe I need to do a vlogging series on cool moms who get laid a lot and come interview you!
    Thanks again girl!

  5. first of all, i refuse to look at your other post about hanging out at the pool cause its freezing here and that pisses me off.

    But thankyou so much for the shoutout. One of my NY resolutions is more Vlogs honestly. I just got a microphone this weekend so i can record my own spoof music. LOL!

    .-= trisha´s last blog ..325 Day Blog. Day 1. =-.


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