Cool Finds! iPhone App: QuadCamera

My iphone is my camera.  Yes I have other “real” cameras but they require memory cards and recharging of batteries and well, neither is ever ready when I want to take pics.  My iphone, it’s always by my side. I ♥ my iPhone.

So naturally I am always on the look out for cool apps to take cool pics.  I already shared ShakeItPhoto, it’s the bomb. And now I’ve found QuadCamera.  It’s so fun! It takes a series of pics, super fast so you can get action shots and then they pop up in a cool sequence.  The following were all taken using QuadCamera.  They offer four different layouts, six color choices (vivid, dull, grayscale, bright, hi contrast and no effect) and you can tweet or email the pic out right from the app.  Oooh, the fun!

Oh!  And it will also set your pics into motion so you see a mini movie.  It rocks.  It’s cheap. Buy it for $1.99

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