A Tsunami of Blessings

What I learned yesterday, as we braced for and thankfully escaped a tsunami…

♥ I learned that my husband is our super hero – short of ripping off his shirt and showing an “S” on his chest, he jumped to action at 2 a.m. in the morning, got us all of our supplies and made a plan for us to evacuate.

♥ I learned that my children are so very brave…even with sirens ringing that resembled that of a bomb warning, they looked to us for guidance and trusted that we would keep them safe.  And we did.

♥ I learned that social media is truly a community…the folks on twitter, facebook and through my blog were so thoughtful with prayers and emails making sure I was ok. I received emails from readers of my blog that have never commented but they did take the time yesterday to let me know that they are readers and were thinking and praying for us.  Thank you!

♥ I learned that Hawaii and the people who live and visit here are awesome.  It was miraculous how everyone evacuated safely.  Stood in long lines in grocery stores and gas stations all with smiles and waves for each other.

♥ I learned that the mere threat of a natural disaster makes us all so thankful for everything. I had to work last night and the managers started our night with everyone going around in a circle saying what we were thankful for. This was all very very real for all of us.

♥ I learned I am truly blessed.  I feel so very blessed to have a family (both my immediate family and my family back on the mainland) that came together so strong during a rather stressful time. I feel so blessed for the wonderful community that I am part of, both online and in Hawaii. And I feel so blessed that we were fortunate to learn the valuable lesson of how to handle a natural disaster all without a natural disaster happening. (that’s pretty rare)

A huge thank you to those that emailed me, sent me texts, tweeted with me and called me.  The prayers and good thoughts worked! Phew!


  1. I love it when people can go to a place of gratitude and see the positive in things that can be threatening and difficult.

    You rock
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Diagnosis: Terrible Twos, or Something Else? =-.

  2. I am so glad you guys are all safe!

  3. NanaTutu says:

    Yes, the true spirit of Aloha was witnessed on Saturday, both by you in the islands and across the internet community that is Ohana Mama.

  4. NanaTutu says:

    Amen. I believe all the good kharma of the positive thoughts and prayers for you and all of those in the islands, left us all blessed Saturday and spared from harm. Now, it’s time to help those less fortunate suffering in Chile.

  5. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how you were. I’m so glad it all turned out ok!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..An interview with…Moi ! =-.

  6. I’m so happy that everyone is safe and a disaster did not happen. It is wonderful when a community pulls together!
    .-= Lorri Jeanne´s last blog ..Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey =-.

  7. I am so glad you are all safe! I was worried about you and following your tweets and CNN to see how it all played out!
    .-= Kasey @ All Things Mamma´s last blog ..Grilled Salmon In Winter – What??!! =-.

  8. Like others, you were the first I thought of when I heard of the tsunami threat. I’m so glad you are okay and that you were able to rally and evacuate safely. You really learn a lot about yourself, your family and your community in an emergency. Glad you learned all of those things rock!
    .-= Kate @ The Shopping Mama´s last blog ..Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller Review =-.

  9. I was completely impressed by how everyone on the islands pulled together during the crisis. Quite the display of aloha, and we saw it all online.
    .-= Peter Liu´s last blog ..Tsunami Headed To Hawaii =-.

  10. So glad you are ok my sister was calling all her friends in Lahaina and was really worried!

  11. It was all pretty amazing wasn’t it! Makes me want to move to Hawaii even more!

  12. I don`t know you but Im so glad you`re okay!

  13. When my husband first told me, I immediately thought of you. I couldn’t believe a Tsunami would hit Hawaii! I am so glad your hubby was taking charge and that everything turned out okay. :hugs:
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..All Baby Star Totes: $29.99 =-.

  14. Oh Sarah I had no idea. I’m so happy to hear that it didn’t come your way and you all are safe. See what I miss when I go MIA for a while ! It is great that you had all the support that you did. It had to be very scary!

  15. Great post Sarah! So true. Such blessings we learned and experienced yesterday :)
    .-= A Maui Blog´s last blog ..Weekly Winner: No Big Tsunami =-.

  16. So happy you are safe. Wonderful post!
    .-= Irene´s last blog ..Save Money This Weekend : 10 Things You Don’t Need To Buy! =-.

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