Hey Mike Rowe, Have I got A Dirty Job For You!

My 2 year old daughter is potty training and it’s not going as easy as I thought it would. Whoever says girls are easier has not met my daughter.

Leah has all the signs that she’s ready…she was interested in the potty, using it from time to time on her own and she holds her pee and doesn’t want to go in her diaper.  BUT, and herein lies the problem, she also doesn’t want to go on the toilet anymore. She’ll be crossed legged, doing the potty dance but won’t go to the bathroom.  So then I take her and sit her on it and she screams, cries, then pees, then smiles.  She’s a manic depressant potty trainer.

So the toilet gets a bit of a cold shoulder from her, her diaper gets too much love and not enough action, and her adorable, cute princess underwear has been getting the brunt of her accidents. Lucky me.

Somewhere between taking a pair of urine soak underwear off my little princess, then trying to take off her BM soiled elmo panties (boy is that tough!) and then using a plunger on a clogged toilet, I realized that this would be the perfect next episode of Mike Rowes, Dirty Jobs.

Mike, you are welcome any time. And good luck dear Sir!

No, not really.

But YOU, Moms! Help me!  Have you gone through this?  We can’t revert back to diapers because she will hold it forever and I don’t want her getting a UTI (urinary tract infection). So please share with me your wise potty training tips!  Anything and everything!

Oh and please send “diaper be gone” vibes my way! Thanks!


  1. M&M rewards worked well for my little brothers, at first when they just sat on the toilet and then when they started to use it. We also used ping pong balls in the toilet for them to aim at but that probably wouldn’t have the same effect for little girls LOL
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  2. I love that show and yes, he should spend a day or two in the life of a potty training mama! Does she have a little potty? We made a big deal out of going to buy a 2nd potty (we already had one) We told her it was a special day, we took her to two stores and let her look at all the options. We took them down from the shelves and let her sit on them. Then we let her pick one. She was excited to use it and would watch me dump it into the big toilet. I’d let her flush it away and she would say “Bye bye pee pee!” I think it helped. But what do I know? She still is having issues with #2!
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    • @Heather (formerly Maternal Spark), Yeah she has a rad potty – the boon one. I am going to make it pretty and add some toys to the sides compartments.

      Number 2 was SOOOOOO hard for Cam. It was traumatic! hugs and thanks for the advice!

  3. We did a lot of bare bottom time at home at that stage. I have 2 boys so no girl experience here, but I always envied my friends with daughters since dresses and skirts are so convenient. With the wind blowing on their bottoms, they’re less likely to just go and seem to make a beeline for the potty.

    We kept several little potties around the house (gotta love the IKEA ones if you can import them!) and for the most part left the kids alone and didn’t put any pressure on them. If there was an accident, we’d say “Ooops! Let’s get a towel and clean this up” and let them help.

    Out and about was actually easier- if I just acted like I had to go, suddenly everyone was interested in using the toilet because it was different. I knew it was time to toss the diapers when we spent an entire weekend on the go and didn’t have a single wet diaper.

    After we got my youngest (2.5) out of diapers, we did go through a period where bribery was the easiest solution. One plain M&M if he made it to the potty and went (he was doing the drama thing too). We only had to do that for a few weeks to get him back on track.

    And interestingly enough, he’s the only one at daycare who’s 100% out of diapers, and he’s the only boy! We do have the occasional accident at home since he gets so busy he doesn’t want to stop playing, but overall he’s done an amazing job considering we got rid of diapers on his 2nd birthday (for reference, we started bare bottom time at 14 months).

    • @Lisa, Yeah we may go diaper/undie free soon. But with a little girl, I just don’t like the idea of her being uncovered. It’s different than boys who’s plumbing is on the outside, if ya know what I mean.

      We’re in the bribery phase, praying that works ;)

  4. Ok, I got nothing. No advice. Just commiseration. We are right there. Right. There.

    The low point for me was one time when I thought we caught the imminent poop before we got to the potty. The undies were empty, right? Yeah, they sure were. Hurrah! Um no. The undies were empty because the poop escaped!! It was found later. Yeah. Much later. On the carpet and on the plastic toy. The plastic toy which mysteriously disappeared after that.

    I just keep telling myself that W won’t go to kindergarten in diapers. Right? RIGHT? Hugs. xoxox

    • @Lara, ICK! Lost poop is the worst!

      I have 6 months until preschool then she’s gotta be diaper free. crossing fingers, toes, eyes, you name it!

  5. Haha not yet but I’m sure I will! My little one is almost 5 months old.

    On another note…I did have a blow out yesterday. lol. She tooted and it literally blew out the side of her diaper!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Weigh-In – Week 9 =-.

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