Life of a SuperMom

It is amazing how quickly mothers can throw off their business suit, cocktail dress, or PJs to put on that SuperMom uniform.

Amazing, I say.

Last night (or this morning, it’s 3:45 a.m. Hawaii time as I write this) I heard it.

The Gag.

It was coming from my two year old daughter in her bed…right next to me.  Yes, I had already been summoned by her around midnight, with a yell for “mommy” and a “I be with you, Mama?” as I checked on her. How could a mom, a very tired, mom resist?

There we slept, with bed rails and all, when I heard it.

The Gag.

And then a little voice, “Throw up mama”

I sprung into action. Sleepy dust be gone. Contacts, that were left in, be damned and I whisked her up into my arms.

Throw up on ME, not your new quilt.  That’s all I was thinking.

We made it to the bathroom and whamo. Upchuck.

This is the second time this week that my little one has had an upset stomach that resulted in my springing to SuperMom action and then spending two hours awake on the couch, barf bucket at our feet, a PBS kids show on the tube and either my iphone or laptop under my fingers.

Here we sit. All is calm for now. Hoping it will stay that way but just in case, my SuperMom uniform is peeking out from under my PJs, ready at a moments notice.

Yes this is the life of a SuperMom.

(I am not sure what is up with my little one. It’s either the pizza or the gummy vitamins. Or perhaps the combination.)

When was the last time that you had to rip off your day clothes for the blue SuperMom uniform?


  1. It is AMAZING how vomit will do that to a Mama. The first time I ever REALLY felt like a mom? When my daughter puked and my FIRST reaction was to catch it with my hand.
    Only moms are THAT brave. :)

  2. I have been in that very same situation many times. And I too think about having them throw up on me before the bed. But I’ve also sprung into action changing sheets at 3am. I feel for ya mama. I hope she’s doing better.

  3. Oh man there is nothing worse than hearing the sounds of barf in the night!! I’m glad she’s on the mend and maybe try her vitamins with dinner so they can mingle with her other food :)
    .-= Heather (formerly Maternal Spark)´s last blog ..Calgary Events – A Day out with Thomas at Heritage Park =-.

  4. Coming home from the office, to my then baby… undressing as I walked through the door. Off with the jacket that would keep me from hugging him comfortably, off with the high heels that ould keep me from running, off with the belt that might scratch him…

  5. I could totally relate to your post this morning. My son has had the stomach flu since Friday. No barfing but the smellier output from the other end about every hour it seems like. Oh well, lots of cuddling has been in order. He won’t want so many hugs or want to sleep with me when he’s older.
    .-= Katrina´s last blog ..Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant in Cypress Village Station =-.

    • @Katrina, Oh no! I hope your son is feeling better.

      When I got sick a couple of months ago, who did I call? My mama of course! Hoping my kids never grow out of it (a mom can wish, right?) ;)

  6. Sarah, I can completely relate to your ‘Super Mom’ dual identity. Having a 2 year old at home, who most of the time is an angel, really tests your patience/mind. I really can’t remember what is like to NOT be a parent (and the journey has barely begun!), but I look forward to continuing to share into your thoughts/ideas on your blog.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Hooray for Super Moms! Yes, I too just last night was super mom. I made the mistake of commenting to my 2yr. old’s “teacher” that we had been healthy for quite some time. She informed me that a few kids had a fever earlier in the week. I thought to myself AND said aloud: “wow, how awesome Nate hasn’t gotten sick!” Oh silly me! Yesterday afternoon he came down with a fever and all he wanted was to be held. We were up every 2 hours rotating between the rocking chair and the bed. All he wanted was his mommy! He was feverish and not feeling well, but I suppose the upside is, I did get a lot of snuggle time :)

    • @Lisa Hazard, Snuggles are the best, even if they are sick snuggles. That’s how I know my kids are better, they start to, again, push me away…motherhood…it’s so bittersweet!

      Hope Nate is better soon! xoxo

  8. Could be a bug? Either way, little ones and puke is not fun. Upchuck and away.


    Okay, sorry. I do feel your pain. I had to deal with pukies no too long ago. Keegan and I were both leaning in the toilet at the same time … and then 2 days later it was Lochlan. And two days later it was Kevin. Blegh.

    We were doing A LOT of laundry.

    • @Erin, That was our house a while back…first Leah, then me, then Cam then Greg. Never done so much laundry or disinfecting!

      Little miss is all betta and isn’t allowed the gummy vitamins, seems they don’t agree with her (or my sleep ;) )

  9. Oh those nights are no fun. But quiet cuddle time is nice when they are sick and all they want is their mom. :-) Hope she feels better soon
    .-= Mama Mary´s last blog ..let’s help a mama out =-.

  10. hope your little on is better!

  11. I feel for you. Nothing like puke to bring you to your feet. That, and the scream/cry that only means one thing “I’m hurt.”
    .-= Renee´s last blog ..Sounds and Smells of a Spring Sunday =-.

  12. Hang in there Sarah! I know the feeling ALL TOO WELL. There was a year where at least one of my kids was sick all the time. I used to just leave the barf bucket in their bedroom. (Still do sometimes when one doesn’t feel good.) There’s nothing like being woke up in the middle of the night by the barf alarm.

    My thoughts are with you, hope your little one feels better soon and you get some sleep. :)

    • @Kimi, Thanks Kimi! She’s all better beside a terrible case of the whines (I think she’s tired from the two hour puke party (haha) we had last night. I really think it’s the vitamin right before bedtime. Vitamins make me barf too so it makes sense.

      But that Barf alarm sure gets you right up! lol

      My husband woke up with the kids this morning and let me sleep for another hour (god love him!). So I am ready for a good Hawaii day! (hopefully sans barf)

  13. Nanatutu says:

    I think while you are pregnant you maybe start growing this internal radar – once you are a Mom you never sleep again completely you always have one ear open just a bit, listening for the bliss of silence and just the breathing of your child(ren) but ALWAYS on the ready to jump into action – it’s instinctual radar – you almost feel it just before or as it begins to happen, you KNOW. It never goes away – you still get that feeling of trepidation once and awhile when your child is in college, in a foreign country on studies abroad, and occasionally when they are parents and living far away from you. Your gut radar never ever really shuts down, you just have to turn up the volume on it sometimes. It is fabulous being a MOM. (but remember, watch out for cyptonite and take your vitamins!)

  14. Aww, I think it’s instinct too. I know whenever something’s wrong with my little one nothing else seems to matter!
    .-= Margarita´s last blog ..The little things =-.


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