Today I fell in love with being a Mom all over again

Cam's 1st score

Today was my son’s first ever tee ball game and it made me fall in love with being a mommy all over again.

It’s moments like today that I pictured in my head during those 10 months I was pregnant with Cameron.  When I saw him take his first steps, it was moments like this that flashed in my head, that one day I’d be on the sidelines cheering him on at a sporting event.

The only difference? Today was better than I could have ever imagined.

Seeing the team come together for one common goal…to have fun, was awesome. Yes, perhaps some also wanted to win, although I don’t think score was being kept by anyone.  We were all so excited, the kids, the parents, it was the most jovial and fun afternoon I have had in a long time.

Like out of a movie, you had 5 year old kids that were way into it, with serious faces and determination in their eyes.  Others were in another world, perhaps thinking about what was for dinner or space invaders, who knows. And more than a couple decided they’d just sit down in the outfield, take a load off and take in the game, who cared if a ball made it their way.

At one point, instead of running from second base to third base, Cameron took off, straight out to outfield, I thought he was going to run home, which is over 5 miles away.  We wrangled him back in and he made it to third and eventually home.  It was those funny, amusing and just so damn cute moments that made today one of the best days ever.

Throughout my mommy career I have had little moments  that especially stand out in my memory.  I remember when Cam was just about 3 months old and I had him laying down on a blanket on his bedroom floor with the sun shining in on him from the window.  Together we laid, he staring at the ceiling and searching the room for shadows and me staring right at him, taking it all in.  I remember consciously thinking, “I LOVE being a mom.”

Today, 5 years later, as I watched him swing, run, and show a modest smile as he ran to home base, it was another page that I’m earmarking in this journey of motherhood. I know that I’ll go back to today and replay it over and remember exactly what I was thinking…

“I LOVE being a mom.”

Thanks Cameron for making life so much fun.  Good game kid. Good game.

Psst, help me out here…if your kids do baseball or another sport and you have to bring snack, what do you bring? I went towards the healthy end of the spectrum and brought granola bars and orange slices. The other team brought pizza and ding dongs. Yes, I was that mom…

No fun at all.


  1. Wow, are you kidding me? That is the most beautiful tee ball game I have ever seen lol. I wish it was like that in Nebraska!

  2. I can totally relate to this post. There are just overwhelming moments where I love being a mom.

    Ok, so I am well versed on the whole bring a snack thing since Jason has been doing organized sports since he was three. (He’s 8 now) I try to be as health conscience as possible myself. I do the flavored water capri suns and granola bars usually, too. Or the individual bags of goldfish or some crackery thing.

    Luckily, baseball is ending soon and we are moving onto ice hockey and they don’t bother with snacks in that one! WooHoo!
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  3. It definitely makes me look forward to my son’s future. Right now he’s in the middle of his terrible twos (and he’s good at that… terribly good) and I can’t wait for the next phase. Anything!

    • @Maui Realtor, I hate to say it but the next phase is terrible threes…they don’t talk about those much…but they are REAL! The kiddos can just talk better so it’s a whole different kind of terrible. lol

      And when they are five…it’s almost like dealing with a teenager!

      BUT, I am sure your little one is 5 times more wonderful than terrible…thank goodness that’s usually how it works out! (but dang, those terrible two moments sure can test a parent out! Hang in there! :) )

  4. No snack ideas. But that picture you took with the mountains in the background is amazing. And my nephew is one of the kids picking flowers out in the field. LOL.

  5. Eww, pizza and ding dongs after a game… yuck! That would totally make me nauseous!! Love the oranges and granola bars!

    • @Launa,

      that’s what I thought too – too heavy of a snack. Game ended at 6 though – so they essentially brought dinner for everyone. I brought a snack for the kids on their way home ;)


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